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Rotor Wednesday

2023-06-07 @ 21:00 - 22:15

Welcome to an evening of tactical PvP.
Please remember to set your F10 View Option to either Fog of War or Allies Only before joining.

RSVP: YY MM DD – 21:00
Activity: Mission – PvP CAP, CAS
Theatre: Caucasus
Modules: AH-64, Ka-50_III, SA342, Mi-8, Mi-24, UH-1H, Combined Arms, Any fixed wings for SEAD or support.
Prerequisites: None

If you don’t have Combined Arms from before, now is the time to try it out using the trial period.


21:00 - 22:15
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Currently Registered (17)

1. insop Ka-50_III or SA342 2. Troll Mi24 Ah64 3. Puppysworth Sa-342 / Mi-8 4. BFQ Ah-64, Mi-24 5. Fille Huey 6. STRAFFAN Huey 7. leka Ah-64 8. Jinx SA-342 / Mi-24 9. Shiggan Ah-64 Pilot /Ka-50
10. Arrow AH-64D (helst som pilot) 11. Blichten Combined Arms PITA 12. Urist SA342 / M2000C 13. Vulture Ka-50, SA-342 eller CA 14. BigSwede Combined Arms 15. Bouncer Mi-24 16. sandpatch F16 eller combined arms 17. JackFlash Ka-50
Attendance: 17 / ∞

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