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Operation Straight Flush

June 8 @ 19:30 - 21:00

RSVP: 2023 06 08 – 19:30 (please sign-up asap though, as it makes things easier to plan)
Activity: Mission: Stop the enemy’s advance and prepare further steps for a counteroffensive
Theatre: Marianas
Modules: F/A-18C, F-14B, F-16, AJS 37, A-10C, AH-64
Prerequisites: None


F/A-18C CAP ARCTIC11 (400): Leka ARCTIC12 (401): Bouncer ARCTIC13 (402): Frefeh ARCTIC14 (403):

F/A-18C Anti-Ship + Backup CAP BENDER21 (404): Blichten BENDER22 (405): Straffan BENDER23 (406): Badger BENDER24 (407): Jazz

F/A-18C Anti-Ship + Backup CAP CRIMSON31 (410): CRIMSON32 (411): CRIMSON33 (412): CRIMSON34 (413):

F/A-18C CAP DUSTY41 (300): DUSTY42 (301): DUSTY43 (302): DUSTY44 (303):

F-14B CAP ELVIS51 (100): ELVIS52 (101): ELVIS53 (102): ELVIS54 (102):

AJS 37 Anti-Ship FENRIS61: Urist FENRIS62: Aniron FENRIS63: cis-man FENRIS64:

AJS 37 Strike GRIM71: GRIM72: GRIM73: GRIM74:

A-10C Air Interdiction HAWG81: Capone HAWG82: BigSwede HAWG83: HAWG84:

F-16C CAP / A-FAC / ELINT (package lead) INDY91: Moldy INDY92: INDY93: INDY94:

F-16C SEAD JESTER11: Mags JESTER12: Pahi JESTER13: Qvintus JESTER14:

F/A-18C FAC-A KRAKEN21 (304): KRAKEN22 (305): KRAKEN23 (306): KRAKEN24 (307):

F/A-18C CAP LION31 (310): LION32 (311): LION33 (312): LION34 (313):

F-14B CAP MUSTANG61 (104): MUSTANG62 (105): MUSTANG63 (106): MUSTANG64 (107):

UH-1H Transport (not planned) NITRO51: NITRO52: NITRO53: NITRO54:

AH-64D Air Interdiction RAGE91: Jinx / Troll RAGE92: BFQ / JackFlash RAGE93: RAGE94:

AH-64D Air Interdiction SALTY11: SALTY12: SALTY13: SALTY14:

Ka-50 Air Interdiction (not planned) ORCA61: ORCA62: ORCA63: ORCA64:

A-10C Air Interdiction PIG71: PIG72: PIG73: PIG74:

M-2000C CAP (not available) QUEBEC81: QUEBEC82: QUEBEC83: QUEBEC84:




Airport Ground: Tower: Control:

Carrier Marshal: Tower: LSO:


1.1 Overview

Chinese and Russian forces have taken Saipan and Tinian Island in total surprise. We lost contact with Rota just the evening before a severe storm arrived which hindered sat recon. The same evening, we repelled an air strike on Guam. Due to the bad weather in the recent days, we have little to no intel about enemy naval activity. The weather has cleared up to some degree, but we do not have accurate satellite intel yet. Electronic recon shows the signature of a type 52C destroyer northwest of Guam that should not be there. The emission disappears again, and then lits up again for a short period of time, but it is moving towards Rota or Saipan. The enemy is likely to attack again and we have reports about chinese J-11 and JF-17 in the area. We suspect an enemy carrier somewhere far north.
Furthermore, we have indications that there are several SAMs (at least one SA-10) active on Saipan or Tinian. Rota shows SA-15 and SA-19. Air command wants the short range AD on Rota taken out and we absolutely need intel about Saipan to prepare further actions.
There are some indications that enemy units are proceeding towards the small village Songsong at the southwestern tip of the island.
Under the night, we got several reports about military equipment getting ready for marching southbound. We do not want to give the enemy more time to regroup.

1.2 Area of operations

North and northwest of Guam.

1.3 Time and weather

* July 21 – 2016
* 06:00 local time
* Scattered (8200′-15000′)
* Wind 320 / 10
* QNH 2972

1.4 Air threats

J-11, Su-33, JF-17

The enemy is suspected to have a carrier air group operating in the area. As Saipan fell into enemy hands, JF-17 and J-11 are to be expected. Also, a bomber strike from the mainland to prepare further advance is possible. The enemy is limited in numbers due to recent engagements, but not in terms of quality.

1.5 Ground threats

Multiple SAM systems, from older soviet types to SA-10. Expect 2S6 Tunguska (SA-19) and SA-15 on Rota, probably moving towards the southern tip to strengthen the defense line towards Guam and / or secure the small village in preparation for a final punch towards Guam.

1.6 Friendly forces

N/A, we are the only blue forces in the AO.

1.7 Civilian/3rd part

None. Weapons free on anything without a positive IFF reply.


1. Cover Guam.
2. Find the enemy convoy.
3. Clear Rota island as far as possible. Look for enemy landing ships in the area, sink them if present.


3.1 Commander’s intent

The mission consists of two packages with independent goals. The goal on Rota is to degrade enemy forces on Rota to avoid further enemy progression and prepare a counteroffensive towards Saipan.
To achieve this goal, we want to take out the convoy that is expected to be north of Guam with resupplies.

A secondary goal is gathering intel of the situation in Saipan, especially about the type and position of enemy air defenses.

3.2 Packages

The mission contains 2 packages, callsign NEPTUNE and UNDERTAKER.
NEPTUNE consists of:
– FENRIS 6: Recon / Anti-Ship
– GRIM 7: Recon / Anti-Ship
– ARCTIC 1: CAP / Escort, Package lead
– BENDER 2: Anti- Ship

– INDY 9, CAP / ELINT, Package lead
– HAWG 8
AH-64: RAGE 9

3.3 Order of events

3.3.1 Offensive actions
This operation consists of two main actions:
– Reduction of enemy forces on Rota.
UNDERTAKER package will push on Rota to clear out as many enemy forces as possible.
The SEAD flight will go first and take out as many SA-15 and SA-19 as possible. After that, HAWG and RAGE will push with HAWG being second and Rage being third. INDY will support with finding enemy AD with HTS and provide backup CAP. If mission allows, INDY will test air defenses on Saipan by pushing and noting radar types and approximate position.
Common takeoff time is 0620.

– Find the enemy ships north of Guam, sink as many as possible.
We have a flight of B-52s that have enough Harpoons to saturate the 52Cs air defense. The B-52s will wait for an accurate position to launch their Harpoons, so after there is radar contact or we get fired on and can tell the approximate position, they will launch their missiles. After the Buffs are done, NEPTUNE package will push on the convoy to do BDA and finish any leftovers. It is absolutely necessary to wait until the BUFF harpoons strike the convoy before firing own missiles to allow the 52C to empty their vertical launcher system which can’t be reloaded on the sea and this is expected to take it out of business one way or another.
All pure CAP flights are also organized in NEPTUNE package.

3.3.2. Defensive actions
Protect our last remaining island and the carrier group at all costs.

3.4 Rules of engagement

As per SPINS

Only guided weapons and no clusterbombs are to be used near civil structures. Defensive actions have priority, we need to protect Guam and our carrier group.

3.5 Acceptable level of risk

ALR: MEDIUM, as we need to save resources, and low for the ELINT mission on Saipan.
As per SPINS

3.6 Flight tasking
3.6.1 Package NEPTUNE (Lead: ARCTIC11)


ARCTIC1 * Depart * Move towards CAP area * Secure air superiority while main package is engaging enemy ships. * Responsible for coordination between B-52 flight and main package.

Loadout: FL decides

Waypoints: 1. BULLSEYE 2. CAP POINT 1 3. CAP POINT 2

ELVIS5 * Depart * Move towards CAP area * Secure air superiority while main package is engaging enemy ships.

Loadout: FL decides

Waypoints: 1. BULLSEYE 2. CAP POINT 1 3. CAP POINT 2

BENDER2 * Depart * Move suspected convoy area AFTER ARCTIC 1 and begin searching * Attack convoy once the B-52’s HARPOON are on target.

Loadout: FL decides

Waypoints: 1. BULLSEYE 2. Probable enemy convoy position

FENRIS6 + GRIM7 * Depart * Move suspected convoy area AFTER ARCTIC 1 and begin searching * Attack convoy once the B-52’s HARPOON are on target.

Loadout: FL decides

Waypoints: 1. BULLSEYE 2. Probable enemy convoy position

NOTE! GRIM 7 might be shifted to Rota in case of enemy ships on the shore of Rota.

3.6.2 Package UNDERTAKER (Lead: INDY91)


JESTER1 * Depart * Move to Rota Island and hunt down mobile air defenses * Work together with HAWG 8 and RAGE 9 to take out as many air defense units as possible prior to the CAS action

Loadout: FL decides

Waypoints: 1. BULLSEYE 2. Rota

INDY9 * Depart * Establish CAP over Rota * Package lead and backup for JESTER 1 to hunt down mobile SAM systems * Record any AD activity near Saipan, gather as much intel as possible

Loadout: FL decides

Waypoints: 1. BULLSEYE 2. CAP Position 1 3. CAP Position 2

HAWG8 * Depart * Move towards Rota after JESTER 1 has disabled the short range SAMs OR their position is known so they can be taken down.

Loadout: FL decides

Waypoints: 1. Bullseys 2. Rota 3-11. Road towards Songsong

RAGE9 Depart 08:34 Coordinate engagements with HAWG8

Loadout: FL decides

Waypoints: 1. Ingress 2. Rota Airfield 3-11. Road towards Songsong


4.1 Airfield operations

* Andersen AfB
* TCN: 54X
* Active runway: 06

all flights existing in template- only for copying


4.2 Carrier operations

* CASE 1
* BRC: 264
* Departure time: 06:20
* Departure sequence: ARCTIC1, ELVIS5
* Charlie time: 08:00

As per Carrier Ops SPINS

4.3 Tankers

As per Aerial Refueling SOP


5.1 Commander

* Mission commander is STINGRAY
* Mission commander deputy is ARCTIC11
* Package WOLFPACK lead is ARCTIC11

5.2 Frequencies

As per Comms SOP

5.3 Authentication

As per Authentication SOP

5.4 Freq flow (Airfield flights)

7, 9, 3/5, 7
Remain on Tower (ch 7) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical (ch 3) or CAP A (ch 5). Use Tower (ch 7) for recovery.

5.5 Freq flow (Carrier flights)

1, 9, 3/5, 16, 1
Remain on Tower (ch 1) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical (ch 3) or CAP A (ch 5). Use Marshal (ch 16) and Tower (ch 1) for recovery.

5.6 Brevity

* TANGOUNIFORM – Mission declared successful
* NIGHTFALL – Abort mission
* RUBBER DUCKY- Ship Convoy located
* PLUG PULLED – Type 52C out of action (if any)
* GREAT FLUSH – No enemy ship left
* COFFIN – SA15 taken down
* 6FEETUNDER – SA19 taken down

5.7 Bullseye

N 42 15.00′ E 42 03.00′


Map of the area of operations:

Enemy convoy with SA-19 and several APC (screen capture from some tiktok account, geolocated before it got deleted):



June 8
19:30 - 21:00
Event Category:





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