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4-Ship BVR training!

2021-06-15 @ 19:30 - 23:00

Re-run of previous 4-Ship BVR training! 19:30-23:00

More info will follow…

Suitable for modules with A2A as primary function, Viper, Hornet, Tomcat etc.

Focus on Flight Leads responsibilities during the engagement:

1. Game Plan (formation, separation, sanitation)

2. Engagement Control (what happens after first crank? Abort-order to wingmen getting to close. Vector wingmen to bait or protect)

3. Weapon and fuel overview (brevity: Flight say State! 3, 4+1, fuel 6,5 = Number 3 in flight has 4 radar missile, 1 heat seeker and 6,500 lbs of fuel)


Wingman focus:

1. Fly the ordered formation and maintain correct lateral and longitudinal separation by use of reference heading, yardstick and data-link.

2. Long range (30-55 nm) FOX-3 shots using the JBAMP technique (High Speed, High Altitude, High Attitude)

3. Respect MAR, Minimum Abort Range, stay outside of 20 nm from Hostiles!


Communication Focus:

ABORT west


FOX-3 southern 2-ship

PITBULL northern group

(missile) TRASHED closest bandit


Say STATE (Flight Nr, Radar+Heat Seeker, Fuel + damage if any)




19:30 - 23:00
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