Operation Scrambled legs

On September 28th, the pilots of MASTER ARMS decided to start Operation Scrambled legs. The goal of the operation is to increase the pilot's stamina and ensure that the handful of men who graduate can withstand extreme the g-forces of their office chairs. Operation scrambled legs is a four-week operation where the participating pilots will […]

JATCO 2022

JAX's Advanced Tactical Competition 2022. Show me what you are made of! Utbildning och anmälan görs här: https://forms.gle/KxLtmDwvpBT2W7tU7 Training material: Art of the kill - YouTube Dogfighting: Awesome 2 vs 1 tactic! - YouTube Dogfighting: DON'T DO THIS! - YouTube Formation Rejoin in the DCS F-16C - YouTube Advanced Tactical Training Mission Guide - YouTube […]