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Operation Breaching-Tower

July 18 @ 19:30 - 22:00

Operation Breaching-Tower

2 x AJS37 Viggen, 3 x F-4 Phantom, 4 x OH-58 Kiowa

1 x Mission Commander / Intelligence analysts


The primary objective of Operation Breaching-Tower is to conduct a precision strike on Krymsk Airforce Base. The mission will target and neutralize enemy bombers, transport planes, helicopters, and SAM defenses identified during Operation Watchtower. The successful completion of this mission is critical to gaining air superiority in the region and disrupting enemy logistics and combat capabilities.

Intelligence Summary:

  • Enemy Aircraft Positions: Detailed locations of enemy bombers, transport planes, and helicopters have been provided based on the reconnaissance data from Operation Watchtower.
  • SAM Threats: SA-6 and SA-10 SAM sites have been identified within a 10 km radius of Krymsk Airforce Base.
  • AAA Threats: Radar-guided AAA positions located at Krymsk Airforce Base.
  • Manpads: Expected presence at cities and bases near the airforce base.
  • Enemy Air Threats: No active enemy air threats detected.


  1. Strike Aircraft:
    • Equipped with precision-guided munitions (PGMs) for targeted strikes.
    • Electronic warfare capabilities to counter enemy radar and communications.
  2. SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) Aircraft:
    • Armed with anti-radiation missiles and electronic warfare systems to neutralize SAM sites and radar-guided AAA.
  3. Support Aircraft:
    • AWACS for real-time surveillance and command and control.
  4. Escort Fighters:
    • Provide air cover and ensure the safety of strike and SEAD aircraft.

Mission Phases:

  1. Pre-Mission Preparation:
    • Detailed briefing of pilots and crews on mission objectives, routes, target priorities, and ROE.
    • Verification and calibration of weapons and electronic warfare systems.
    • Coordination with AWACS and tanker support for seamless operational integration.
  2. Ingress:
    • Strike and SEAD aircraft will approach Krymsk Airforce Base using low-altitude flight paths to minimize detection.
    • Escort fighters will maintain air superiority and protect the main strike package from any unexpected threats.
  3. Target Engagement:
    • Primary Targets: Execute precision strikes on identified enemy bombers, transport planes, and helicopters.
    • Secondary Targets: Engage and neutralize SA-6 and SA-10 SAM sites, radar-guided AAA, and any identified Manpad positions.
    • Use electronic warfare measures to jam enemy communications and radar.
  4. Egress:
    • After target engagement, all aircraft will exit the area using pre-planned routes to avoid remaining enemy defenses.
    • Maintain readiness to deploy countermeasures if engaged by residual threats.
  5. Post-Mission:
    • Rendezvous with tankers for refueling if necessary.
    • Return to base and commence debriefing immediately upon landing.

Rules of Engagement (ROE):

  • Engage only verified military targets to minimize collateral damage and civilian casualties.
  • Utilize precision-guided munitions to ensure target accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Engage enemy air defenses only if they pose an immediate threat to mission success or aircraft safety.


  • Enemy Air Defense Activation: SEAD aircraft to prioritize and neutralize active SAM sites and AAA.
  • Unexpected Enemy Air Threats: Escort fighters to engage and neutralize any unforeseen air threats.
  • Technical Failures: Abort the mission if critical systems fail and return to base. Report immediately for reassessment and re-planning.
  • Weather: Continuously monitor weather conditions. Adjust or abort the mission if conditions exceed operational limits.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Destruction of enemy bombers, transport planes, and helicopters at Krymsk Airforce Base.
  • Neutralization of SA-6 and SA-10 SAM sites and radar-guided AAA.
  • Disruption of enemy logistics and reduction of their operational air capabilities.
  • Enhanced air superiority in the operational area.

Command and Control:

  • Mission control will be based at [Insert Base Name], providing real-time updates and coordination.
  • AWACS will support with real-time surveillance and command and control capabilities.
  • Report all significant contacts and mission progress to the mission commander immediately.


  • All units will debrief immediately upon return to base, providing detailed reports and sensor data.
  • Intelligence analysts will review the mission data to assess damage and confirm target neutralization.

Closing Remarks:

This mission is crucial to our operational objectives. Ensure all preparations are thorough, and maintain strict adherence to the ROE. The success of Operation Breaching-Tower will significantly degrade enemy capabilities and provide us with a strategic advantage.

Good luck and Godspeed.


July 18
19:30 - 22:00





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