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Träningstisdag – Radarledd intercept

2023-10-24 @ 19:30 - 22:00

Everyone’s welcome to this training!

Training Mission: Intercept excercise

Planned Training:

Tonight we’ll practice intercepts! This is a joint practice for the ones flying and the ones leading the intercepts. We’ll need more AWACS controllers than usual, so please sign up for that if you’re interested!
There’ll be two parts to this training:
1. Intercepting a bogey approaching at high speed aiming to shoot it down
2. Intercepting a bogey at a random heading aiming to join up on it in a formation for visual identification

You’ll start cold on Akrotiri, Cyprus. Start up your aircraft and taxi to the runway as soon as you’re ready. You’ll be ordered to scramble and once airborne check in with AWACS for the first high-speed intercept. Once the first intercept is completed, return to a tanker (if possible and needed) or hold at a point designated by AWACS. AWACS will call you once it’s your turn for part two. When you’re done with part 2, you will be sent back to land, or, time permitting, you will be vectored for a third intercept.

General rules:
– All jet-powerd aircraft are allowed. RADAR-guided missiles are helpful but not required.
– AIM-120 & AIM-54 are not permitted
– Each group will consist of 2 people, FL and wingman. Each group decides who among them will be the shooter, and who will visually identify.
– Each group should consist of two of the same aircraft. If any aircraft has an odd number of people, you’ll either be matched with another aircraft or you’ll go solo

Part 1:
– Take off from Akrotiri and check in with AWACS
– AWACS will guide you during the intercept. Do not deviate from the instructions AWACS gives you
– Prepare your weapons and sensors, and lock on to the target as soon as you can
– Once the target is within 5 nautical miles, call JUDY. You are now in control of the intercept and may change course as needed. After calling JUDY, you are also cleared to engage the bandit.
– If the intercept is succesful, AWACS will guide you to a tanker or holding point.
– If the intercept is a failure, do not try to chase the bandit. AWACS will direct you to a tanker or a holding point, and if there’s time you will get another attempt. The bandit will be flying fast and the window for a succesful missile launch will be narrow. This will be difficult.

Part 2:
– AWACS will direct you from the holding point for the next intercept.
– AWACS will lead an intercept aiming to join up with the bogey. Your task will be to approach, identify the bogey visually, report the type of aircraft to AWACS and be prepared to shoot it down if ordered. It’s recommended that a shooter is designated in advance. This aircraft remains a few NM behind the bogey while the other aircraft closes in for the identification.
– You may call JUDY once you are established trailing the bogey, with either sensor and/or visual contact.
– Once completed, AWACS will send you for RTB or, time permitting, to a holding for another attempt.

Expect Runway 28


AWACS: Knugen
AWACS: Apollo
AWACS: SirToadie
AWACS: Moldy
AWACS: Goofy
AWACS: Cis-man


Blichten & Leka
Bankler & Colakaktus
Bouncer & Fretz

Mags & SiveFa
Pahi & Drone67
Ovidius & Sandpatch
Sierra & ?

Nillefix|Troll & Yaotl|Deadgun

Iquences & Ironsavior

1. F/A-18C
– Interceptövning

2. F-16C
– Interceptövning

3. F-14B
– Interceptövning

4. AJS 37
– Interceptövning

5. A-10C II

6. AH-64D

– Interceptövning


19:30 - 22:00
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1. Knugen AWACS 2. Apollo12 AWACS 3. Blichten F/A-18C eller AWACS 4. DeadGun_SWE F-15E WSO / F-14B RIO 5. Mink AWACS 6. Nillefix F-15E pilot/F-14 pilot 7. SirToadie ATC / AWACS 8. Drone67 F16 Viper 9. Colakaktus F/A-18C 10. Sierra1a F-16C 11. sandpatch F16 12. Chewie M2000C 13. cis-man AWACS 14. Colakaktus F/A-18C 15. Goofy Hotel-AWACS
16. Troll Rjal rookie 17. Tony Mirage F-1 (semi) intelligent target 18. Moldy AWACS, F16 vid behov 19. Mags F16C 20. Iquences AJS-37 21. OviDiuS F-16C 22. leka F18 23. pahi F-16C 24. Fretz F/A-18C 25. Sierra1a F-16C 26. Bouncer F/A-18C 27. Bankler F/A-18C 28. SiveFa F-16C 29. Yaotl F-14B Pilot 30. ironsavior AJS wingman
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