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Training Tuesday (CASE 1 Cyclic Ops)

2021-11-16 @ 19:30 - 22:30

For our Navy pilots and RIOs, this night we’ll focus on CASE 1 recoveries. Not so much about ball flying and individual performance, but on the whole. How we work as a group when returning to the carrier, how to read what’s happening without the need to talk over the radio, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

In parallel, there will be a normal open flying Training Tuesday, with activity at Kutaisi. However, for everyone who sometimes fly Hornets or Tomcats, and has a basic understanding of CASE 1 procedures, I kindly ask you to join the exercise.

Everyone’s welcome! Sign up, then organize yourselves into flights to practice relevant stuff!

Suggestions for pilots not participating in the CASE 1 practice:
* Practice things in the syllabus for your main aircraft
* Tanker intercepts and rejoins Jax Tutorial
* Tac turns Wiki
* Overhead break Wiki
* Time-on-target


Required reading: http://wiki.masterarms.se/index.php/CASE_1

* Before we start each round, each flight will get a stack altitude, and we will decide on a charlie time (10-15 minutes after the start of the round).
* Everyone will start airborne, approx 60 nm from the carrier.
* Get the flight organized, forming up, performing HAIL-R and checking in with Marshal and so on, following our usual CASE 1 procedures.
* Continue and perform the full CASE 1 recovery.
* Be advised that we will keep comms to an absolute minimum. No flight check-in on Tower channel. No calls except for ball calls and safety-of-flight or other really important calls.
* The goal is that the first flight should show up in the groove at Charlie time +/- 15 seconds.
* When you have landed, park in such a way that you deconflict from aircraft that trap and need to get off the runway. Use the bow of the ship (blocking cat 1), as well as the stern to the left and right of the runway (Patio, Junkyard, Elevator 3 and 4, Finger).
* When everybody is down, we’ll take a short debriefing, possibly watching the Tacview, and then restart the exercise, trying to learn from our mistakes and improve.


(Stack 2k’)
Adder11: Punch 300
Adder12: Voyager 301

Beaver21: Jackflash 304
Beaver22: Nikkar 305

(Stack 3k’)
Camel31: Johnny 310
Camel32: Creedarn 311

Devil11: Pling 410
Devil12: Giant 411

Chevy11: 200
Chevy11: 201

(Stack 4k’)
Gypsy61: JustinCase 504
Gypsy62: LasseKongo 505

Cheetah41: Bambi 500
Cheetah42: Kite 501

(Stack 5k’)
Pontiac61: Shiggan 100
Pontiac62: Troll 101


19:30 - 22:30





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