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Second Roki Incident

2021-11-11 @ 19:30 - 22:30

11 November 2021 – 12:00 (please sign-up asap though, as it makes things easier to plan)
Mission – Strike Package including Strike, Air Interdiction, SEAD, Fighter Sweep, CAP
Version / Modules / Capabilities:
Open Beta /
BLUFOR A-10C, AJS 37, F/A-18C, F-14B, F-16C / AWACS, Mission Command
Good knowledge of the aircraft systems (rookie slots available!)

ARCTIC11 (400): Pling
ARCTIC12 (401): Lillfilly
ARCTIC13 (402):
ARCTIC14 (403):

F/A-18C CAS/Strike
BENDER21 (404): JackFlash
BENDER22 (405): Ulvar40
BENDER23 (406):
BENDER24 (407):

CRIMSON31 (410): WeX
CRIMSON32 (411): Johnny
CRIMSON33 (412):
CRIMSON34 (413):

DUSTY41 (300): Jasnisse
DUSTY42 (301): Chris
DUSTY43 (302):
DUSTY44 (303):

F-14B Fighter Sweep, CAP
ELVIS51 (100): Shiggan/JustinCase
ELVIS52 (101): Översten/BFQ
ELVIS53 (102): Bambi/Bucketeye
ELVIS54 (102): Troll/

AJS 37 Strike
FENRIS61: Qvintus
FENRIS62: Scaniax
FENRIS63: Lt_Nasty

AJS 37 Strike
GANDALF71: Goofy79
GANDALF72: House
GANDALF73: Ironsavior
GANDALF74: Lassekongo

A-10C Strike, Air Interdiction
HAWG81: Wallgren
HAWG82: Baconbomb

F-16C Fighter Sweep, CAP
INDY91: Agaton
INDY92: Maximushenke

JESTER11: Mags
JESTER12: Hellquist
JESTER13: Vulture

AWACS/Mission Command
MAKO BLUE (Mission Commander): Apollo


Kutaisi Airbase

Marshal: Bankler
LSO: Bankler

1: Jinx

On September 3, NATO satellites spotted significant numbers of tanks, other armored vehicles, and trucks emerging from the Roki tunnel into South Ossetia. Formal western complaints were addressed with “those forces are South Ossetian returning from the exercise Operatsiya Gopnik. Additional diplomatic complaints, strengthened by UN observers on the ground, saying that the numbers returning exceed the numbers that went into Russia three weeks earlier, by at least twenty-fold, and that still wet paint cover Russian markings, have been met with silence.

Between September 3 and September 7, South Ossetian forces mobilized at the south and east South Ossetian borders, to push into Georgian territory on the night towards September 8. The aggression was met with little resistance except for Georgian forces blowing up the Verkhny Lars border crossing rendering it temporarily impassible. On September 8 and 9, completely disregarding the world community’s complaints, South Ossetian forces continued their advance towards the southeast E60 and E117 road crossing. In a press conference on September 10 in Tskhinvali, South Ossetian president claimed that South Ossetian forces had reclaimed lawful territory citing Russian historian Igor Khuy’s highly disputed book The Undisclosed History of the Caucasus. The claim was immediately recognized by Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru, and Syria while being condemned by the rest of the world.

In the early morning of September 12, state-controlled South Ossetian and Russian television outlets showed pictures of burning armored wreckages and interviews with top Ossetian officials claiming that South Ossetian forces west of E117 had been shelled by Georgian artillery and commenced a rightful counterattack in self-defense. Satellite footage, ground assets as well as western journalists report fighting around the E60/E117 Bridge and Pompeus Bridge just west of Tbilisi, in a South Ossetian attempt to cross the river Kura, to presumably reach the Georgian capital. These attacks have been supported by the recently established South Ossetian Air Force operating out of Beslan Airbase in Russia on a questionable 25-year agreement.

* South Ossetian forces are engaging Georgian forces west of river Kura in the western outskirts of Tbilisi.
* Armored columns are still entering Rokistskali valley via the Roki tunnel.
* Russian/South Ossetian heavy equipment is repairing the Verkhny Lars border crossing on the Georgian side of the border. A significant amount of armor and trucks are standing by on the Russian side.

Time and weather:
* September 13 – 2015
* 0630 local time
* FEW/SCT 7/8 BASE 12000′
* CASE 1 conditions
* FORCE QNH 2992 / 1013

Package mission:
* Attack South Ossetian forces in Georgian territory to stop advance towards Tbilisi
* Destroy the Roki tunnel opening in South Ossetia
* Destroy attempts to repair the Verkhny Lars border crossing
* Protect strike and air interdiction flights from surface-to-air threats and air-to-air threats

The tactical idea is a swift alpha strike in order to minimize Russian capability to react, plan, respond and execute events on the tactical, strategical, and political/diplomatic arena. This basically means that the entire package attack together at a given time, with fighter flights and SEAD flights in front, where fighter sweep, SEAD, strike, air interdiction, and CAP activities are performed in parallel, rather than a methodic step-by-step approach (air superiority, complete DEAD, etc). In order to succeed, AWACS and Mission Command must bring their A-game to the table.

Order of events overview:
1) Package flights depart CVN-72 and Kutaisi respectively to immediately proceed with assigned tasking
2) BDA
3) RTB

Order of events details:

Maximum effect, in time, with minimum losses. Our intent is to shock the adversary with a full-on, combined air operation. To achieve this we must be alert to changes and adapt to whatever we meet.

Check-in Ch 9 to be handed over to either package Ch 3 or CAP A/B accordingly by STINGRAY.
– FENRIS6/GANDALF7 monitor Special 3/package at all times.
– FENRIS6 and GANDALF7 engage their initial targets while CREED and MR T are still active.
– INDY9 departs on HDG 150.
– JESTER1 and CRIMSON3 attack CREED and MR T respectively from SSW, ASAP.
– DUSTY4 flies immediately to tanker ARCO.
– ARCTIC1 and BENDER2 fly economically towards CP RINGSIDE, to be ready for speed/time-over-CP changes. Intent to be handed over ASAP to STALKER. Always monitor Ch 3 for threat calls.
– CAP flights will be directed by STINGRAY. Expect WEST or EAST lane


* Bullseye: WP1 – N 42 25.000 E 43 4.000
* Air threats: Between 6-12 South Ossetian Mig-29A operating out of Beslan Airbase, Russia
* Ground threats: SA-3, SA-6, AAA, Manpads (SA-10 at Beslan, Russia)
* Joker: 7000 lbs
* Bingo: 5000 lbs
* Brevity Codes:
– Abort mission code: GONGGONG
– Mission target achieved: ADRIAN
– South Ossetia military HQ destroyed: KNOCKOUT
– Roki tunnel south entrance destroyed: BALBOA
– Verkhny-Lars: Georgian border crossing station destroyed: DUKE VICTOR LIMA
– Verkhny-Lars: Khde Bridge destroyed: DUKE KILO
– Verkhny-Lars: Terek Bridge destroyed: DUKE TANGO
– South Ossetian advance towards Tbilisi halted: UPPERCUT
– SA-3: MR-T
– SA-10: DRAGO

* CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln
* TCN: 72X
* ICLS: 1
* BRC: 301
* CASE 1 departure and recovery
* Hornet Tank: 2000
* Tomcat Tank: 2000
* Minimum Fuel: T + 2**
* Charlie time 08:50
* All aircraft expected to check in for recovery 08:30-08:40
* Recovery Stack: Arctic1 2000′, Bender2 2000′, Crimson3 3000′, Dusty4 3000′, Elvis5 4000′

**During Case 1, every go-around is estimated to 500 lbs, and you need to carry fuel for 2 go-arounds. This means that when showing up in the groove for the first time, you need to have 3000 lbs. After 2 go-arounds, you need to hit the tanker.

* ARCTIC1: 06:56
* BENDER2: 06:58
* CRIMSON3: 06:54
* DUSTY4: 07:00
* ELVIS5: 06:52
* FENRIS6: 06:52
* GANDALF7: 06:53
* HAWG8: 07:00
* INDY9: 06:50
* JESTER1: 06:55

* ARCTIC1: 2x XT (DBL-UGLY), 2x 9X, 1x 120C, 2x 65E, 2x GBU-12, ATFLIR
* BENDER2: 2x XT (DBL-UGLY), 2x 9X, 1x 120C, 2x 65E, 2x GBU-12, ATFLIR
* CRIMSON3: 2x XT (DBL-UGLY), 2x HARM, 3x/1x 120C, 0x/2x GBU-12, ATFLIR
* DUSTY4: 3x XT, 2x 9X, 5x 120C, ATFLIR
* ELVIS5: 2x XT, 4x 54A, 2x 7MH, 2x 9M
* FENRIS6: FL decides. Loading on ramp.
* GANDALF7: FL decides. Loading on ramp.
* HAWG8: FL decides. Loading on ramp.
* INDY9: 2x XT, 5x 120C, 1x 9X, TGP
* JESTER1: 2x XT, 3x 120C, 1x 9X, 2x/1x HARM, 0x/1x MavG/2x GBU-12/38, TGP

* WEAPONS FREE on all enemy ground units in South Ossetia and Georgia
* WEAPONS FREE on aircraft declared hostile in South Ossetian and Georgian airspace
* Do not kill any units in Russian territory or airspace. RETURN FIRE ONLY!

Common Comms: (See separate AJS 37 presets below)
* Ch 1 Carrier Tower: 305.00
* Ch 2 Carrier Tower (AI): 264.00
* Ch 3 Package: 265.00
* Ch 4 Carrier Red Crown: 256.00
* Ch 5 CAP A: 254.00
* Ch 6 Ground: 250.00
* Ch 7 Tower: 270.00
* Ch 8 Control: 257.00
* Ch 9 AWACS Check In: 255.00
* Ch 10 CAP B: 262.00
* Ch 11 Mission Specific: 259.00
* Ch 12 Mission Specific: 268.00
* Ch 13 Mission Specific: 269.00
* Ch 14 Navy Main Tanker (AI): 260.00
* Ch 15 Carrier Approach A: 263.00
* Ch 16 Carrier Marshal: 261.00
* Ch 17 Carrier Approach B: 267.00
* Ch 18 AWACS (AI): 251.00
* Ch 19 Carrier Overhead Tankers (AI): 253.00
* Ch 20 Air Force Main Tanker (AI): 266.00

AJS 37:
* (Manual) Ground: 250.00
* S1 Tower: 270.00
* S2 Control: 257.00
* S3 Package: 265.00
* E AWACS Check In: 255.00
* F Mission Specific: 259.00
* G Mission Specific: 268.00
* H Guard: 243.00

* Kutaisi Airbase 44X
* UNION 72X, CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln
* ARCO 101X, KC-135MPRS at 18.000′
* TEXACO 102X, KC-135 at 16.000′
* SHELL 103X, KC-135MPRS at 8.000′

CombatFlite file:

Detailed Taskings:

* Provide CAS to Georgian Forces in contact with South Ossetian armor around the E60/117 Highway Bridge north-west of Tbilisi

Reference attachment L for CAS Instructions.

WP2 CP Ringside
WP3 Pompeus Bridge over river Kura (ground combat area west of Tbilisi)
WP4 E60/E117 Highway Bridge over river Kura (ground combat area west of Tbilisi)

* Provide support to Georgian forces in contact with South Ossetian armor north west of Tbilisi

Reference attachment L for CAS Instructions.

WP2 CP Ringside
WP3 Pompeus Bridge over river Kura (ground combat area west of Tbilisi)
WP4 E60/E117 Highway Bridge over river Kura (ground combat area west of Tbilisi)

Primary mission:
* DEAD on SA-3 installation west of Tbilisi (destroy radar units).
* Non-lethal SEAD on SA-10 installation north of Beslan, Russia.

Secondary mission:

WP2 SA-3
WP3 SA-10 (Beslan, Russia)

* Fighter sweep

WP2-WP6 Approximate South Ossetian-Russian border extended to the Verkhny Lars border crossing to the west

* Fighter sweep

WP2-WP3 Very approximate South Ossetian-Russian border extended to the Verkhny Lars border crossing to the west

Fenris6 will fly two sorties with the following missions:
* Mission 1st sortie: Strike AAA clusters in Rokistskali valley to clear the way for Gandalf7
* Mission 2nd sortie: Strike the Georgian side of the Verkhny Lars border crossing

WP2 Southern AAA cluster in Rokistskali valley
WP3 Northern AAA cluster in Rokistskali valley
WP4 Georgian border checkpoint of the Verkhny Lars border crossing

Gandalf7 will fly two sorties with the following missions:
* Mission 1st sortie: Strike Roki tunnel entrance in Rokistskali valley
* Mission 2nd sortie: Strike the bridges over rivers Terek and Khde respectively, south of the Verkhny Lars border crossing

WP2 Roki tunnel entrance
WP3 Bridge over river Terek south of Verkhny Lars border crossing
WP4 Bridge over river Khde south of Verkhny Lars border crossing

Primary mission:
* Strike South Ossetia Military HQ in Tskhinvali

Secondary mission:
* Air interdiction in Rokistskali valley

WP2 South Ossetia Military HQ in Tskhinvali
WP3 South Rokistskali valley
WP4 North Rokistskali valley

* Fighter sweep

WP2-WP6 Approximate South Ossetian-Russian border extended to the Verkhny Lars border crossing to the west

Primary mission:
* DEAD on SA-6 installation in close proximity to Tschivaldi (destroy radar units).
* Non-lethal SEAD on SA-10 installation north of Beslan, Russia.

Secondary mission:

WP2 SA-6
WP3 SA-10 (Beslan, Russia)

The Georgian Defence Force has made contact and managed to halt the advance of a smaller probing South Ossetian mechanised force on the western outskirts of Tblisi. GDF currently has them pinned down. REDFOR reinforcements are expected imminently as additional SO armor has been spotted driving southbound on E117 / E60 towards Tbilisi, less than an hour away from the front line. GDF defences are not likely to hold when REDFOR reinforcements arrive. The Georgian president has authorized the destruction of Pompeus and E60/E117 Highway Bridge, but it was made very clear that this is a LAST RESORT, only to be used to stop south ossetian advance towars Tbilisi if they break the GDF defenders


A: CombatFlite overview

B: South Ossetia Military HQ in Tskhinvali marked with (A).

C: Verkhny Lars border crossing. No man’s land (A), Georgian border checkpoint (B), Bridge of Khde (C). Bridge over Terek further south.

Roki tunnel south entreance
D: Roki tunnel south entrance.

Recon image of southern AAA installation
E: Rokistskali valley – South AAA site.
E.a:  Recon report: “Manned vehicle checkpoint, two ZSU trucks identified in close proximity, along with some unarmed vehicles. Valley makes a left turn just before the checkpoint. Suggest making the left turn wide, keeping to the right of the valley. This should provide you enough time to see the target, but don’t get comfortable, it will happen fast.”

H: Rokistskali valley – North AAA site.
H.a: Recon report: “Looks like some sort of large commanders tent. A few truck sized vehicles are visible in close vicinity to the tent.   Probably a triple-a site tasked to defend the valley opening towards Roki tunnel from air attacks. They have good sightlines into the valleys from their position, impossible to pass by unnoticed..”

I: Rokistskali valley – North AAA site
I.a Recon report: “Managed to get close during night time, hard to make out the force composition.. Estimating around 2-4 dedicated AAA vehicles, plus logistics.

J: Ground combat area west of Tbilisi. E60/E117 Highway Bridge with visible heavy fighting to the north. Pompeus Bridge in the south-west.

K: Suggested flight path for Fenris6 and Gandalf7 first sortie. Red line is path towards target. Blue line is egress path.

L: CAS Instructions

M: Newspaper front page from September 4.

N: Recent newspaper front page from September 12.


19:30 - 22:30



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