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Training Tuesday Carrier Qualification

2022-08-09 @ 19:30 - 22:30

Time for Carrier Qual Summerburst 2022! Get your shiny anchor or prove that you are still a true carrier jockey!

Pilots register with CQ and type of aircraft. LSO register with preferred time of duty. In case of tremendous popularity the quals will be divided into two time-slots, first time-slot with only rookies flying single-ships and a second time-slot with old pirates flying in 2-ship or 4-ship formations.

Comms: LSO is monitoring Ch 1

Training specific procedures: Due to a non pre-briefed stack pilots declare when changing altitude and commencing.  When bolter climb to 400′ and turn right to exit pattern. Rejoin stack for a new attempt. Bolter pattern will be flown only i case of fuel emergency. Do not forget your ball call!

Of course there is room for other training events on the server, feel free to organize yourselves.


AJS 37

ARAK practice for Viggen pilots, see the manual chapter 7, page 289 for the basics. We gather on Discord 19:30, register with AJS37 as module. We will fly in parallell with the CQ on the primary server,


19:30 - 22:30
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