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Training Tuesday

2022-11-08 @ 19:30 - 22:30

Everyone’s welcome to this training!

Planned Training:

Night AAR exercise for A-10C, AV-8B, F/A-18C, F-14B, F-16C

Tanker Track Kilo KC-135MPRS A18 ARCO1 101X Ch 14
Tanker Track Lima KC-135MPRS A20 ARCO5 105X Ch 12
Tanker Track Mike KC-135 A16 TEXACO2 102X Ch 20
Tanker Track November KC-135 A14 TEXACO4 104X Ch 11

Departure: RWY 07 068 10DME/10000ft 300kts or below, sensor trail
Approach: RWY 07 ILS/TCN via 068 12DME/3000ft 300kts or below and 068 6DME/1600ft, sensor trail

9/11-2022 kl 1930
METAR UGKO 081920Z 07706KT FEW/SCT 8/10 SCT 23/24 Q2990/1013 NOSIG=

Additional Training Suggestions:

* Practice things in the syllabus for your main aircraft
* Tanker intercepts and rejoins Jax Tutorial
* Tac turns Wiki
* CASE 1 recovery Wiki
* Overhead break Wiki
* Time-on-target

Sign up, then organize yourselves into flights to practice relevant stuff!


19:30 - 22:30



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