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Training Tuesday

2022-07-19 @ 19:30 - 22:30

Everyone’s welcome on this Training Tuesday!

Planned Training:

1. F/A-18C:

This exercise’s focus is time and fuel planning. The participants should pay close attention to the time, using planning and correct speed to be on time.
The flights will be provided schedules containing some already set non-flexible times, as well as some points where they are expected to estimate a time point on their own, during the briefing.

For extra Tuesday training coziness factor, we will start from Kutaisi. However, we will land on the carrier, in order to maintain CASE 1 currency.

9X – 38 120C XT ATFLIR 83 – 9X

Each flight is to, top off, then hold at Bullseye and push on a specific time, then drop a GBU-38 from 20-30k’ on WP1 on a specific TOT. Then continue towards WP3 (IP, start NOE flying), and WP4, performing a pop-up bombing attack on the large terminal building at WP4. Finally another AAR before RTB towards mother (F/A-18) or Kutaisi (F-16)

Kutaisi -> Tanker Arco1: 40 nm
WP2 -> WP1: 65nm
WP1 -> WP4: 150nm
Tanker Arco1 (101X) -> Mother: ~100nm

Schedule times are relative times from takeoff. They will be updated when we know the in game time for the event.

00:00 Takeoff (Kutaisi)
..... AAR
..... AAR complete
..... WP2 Hold
00:32 Push
00:40 WP1 TOT (GBU-38)
00:55 WP3 IP
00:59 WP4 TOT (Mk-83 on main terminal)
..... AAR
..... AAR complete
01:20 Marshal checkin (CVN-72)
01:40 Charlie

2. A-10C II and AH-64D:

This evening we will focus on Fire Support Coordination Measure’s (FSCM) and Airspace Coordination Measure’s (ACM) which are used to facilitate the integration of joint fires.

3. F-16C:

4. F-14A/B:

5. AJS 37:

6. AV-8B:


Other Training Suggestions:

* Practice things in the syllabus for your main aircraft
* Tanker intercepts and rejoins Jax Tutorial
* Tac turns Wiki
* CASE 1 recovery Wiki
* Overhead break Wiki
* Time-on-target

Sign up, then organize yourselves into flights to practice relevant stuff!


19:30 - 22:30



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7. Bankler F/A-18C 8. frefeh F/A-18C 9. Arrow F/A-18C om jag hinner 10. STRAFFAN F/A-18C 11. Bouncer FA-18C 12. leka F18
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