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Training Thursday

2022-09-01 @ 19:30 - 22:30

Everyone’s welcome to this training!

Planned Training:

1. F/A-18C

Formation rejoins (no prerequisites)

Please watch:

We will organize into 2-ships and practice quick rejoins.


* Lead flies 300 kts and maintains a left hand turn (recommend using auto-throttle and Barometic Alt hold A/P)
* Wingman flies INTO lead’s turning circle, in any way he/she enjoys
* Wingman positions himself on lead’s 8 o’clock, and tries to keep lead on his own 2 o’clock
* Wingman matches lead’speed (or 10-20 kts more than lead)
* Wingman flies around 1000 feet below, to maintain visual even if he needs to increase the turn
* Rejoin should happen automatically because of the smaller turning circle
* Wingman crosses under, and forms up on the right side

2. F-16C


3. AH-64D


4. A-10C

Own convoy transporting equipment from Damascus to Beirut just got ambushed near Rayak.

Locate and protect own convoy until QRU reaches the area.

Additional Training Suggestions:

* Practice things in the syllabus for your main aircraft
* Tanker intercepts and rejoins Jax Tutorial
* Tac turns Wiki
* CASE 1 recovery Wiki
* Overhead break Wiki
* Time-on-target

Sign up, then organize yourselves into flights to practice relevant stuff!


19:30 - 22:30
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Currently Registered (21)

1. DeadGun_SWE A-10C II / AH-64 2. insop AH-64D 3. Baconbomb A10/KA50/Spitfire 4. pahi F-16C 5. Ulvar F-16C 6. Kingtiger45 A-10C II 7. Bankler F/A-18C 8. Blichten F/A-18C 9. Fretz F/A-18C 10. Apollo12 ATC och sen nån proppis 11. Arrow F/A-18C
12. WeX F/A-18C eller F14 13. GearBryllz Ajs 37 / F16 14. Hardo F/A-18C 15. Urist AJS37 sen ankomst 16. Troll F14 / AH64 17. Skogen F/A-18C 18. Neweka F/A-18C 19. BigSwede A-10C II 20. Creedarn Fa18 rejoins 21. leka F/A-18C
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