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Rotor Wednesday

2023-06-21 @ 21:00 - 22:15

Welcome to an evening of tactical PvP.

RSVP: YY MM DD – 21:00
Activity: Mission – PvP CAP, CAS
Theatre: Syria
Modules: AH-64, Ka-50_III, SA342, Mi-8, Mi-24, UH-1H, Combined Arms, Any fixed wings for SEAD or support.
Prerequisites: None

Rules MA Rotor Wednesday:
1. No proxy fuse weapons.
2. Set F10 map to fog of war.
3. Ground units that take control over the enemy FARP or make it neutral wins the battle for their coalition.
4. Do not shoot at or shoot from helicopters on a FARP, instead fly away from the FARP as soon as possible.

5. Spawn in every ground unit you’re supposed to at the start of the mission at your FARP.
6. Only one set of AAA per 10 players per coalition is allowed.

7. Attack helicopters cannot spawn in armor.
8. Transport and light helicopters can spawn in their scouts when landing in a built-up area or a forest instead of having to spawn them at mission start at the FARP. This is to simulate them rearming troops that were lurking in the area from before. It is not allowed to spawn in the scouts from closer than 7 km from the enemy FARP.

If you don’t have Combined Arms from before, now is the time to try it out using the trial period.


21:00 - 22:15
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1. insop SA342L eller Ka-50_III 2. Fille Huey
3. Puppysworth Sa342L alt Mi-8 4. Blichten F/A-18C SEAD / CAS
Attendance: 4 / ∞

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