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Rookie Mini-Mission: Black Market

2021-12-29 @ 20:00 - 22:00

Intelligence has picked up the time and place of an illegal arms market to be hosted by unscrupulous villain Rado Kuka. The market will take place in Caucasus mountains on the Abkhazian-Russian border. Requests to both Russia and Abkhazia to intervene with the illegal market have been met with nothing but silence. As a result Strike Package Zeus is in the planning to once and for all end Mr Kuka’s shady business.

Order of events:
1) All flights establish hold over WP1
2) Echo4 pushes with trailing high cover by Adder1
3) Beaver2 and Camel3 push

Target Area North N 43° 33′ 55″ E 40° 57′ 58″ 4458ft / 37 T FJ 58800 25470
Target Area South N 43° 33′ 47″ E 40° 58′ 00″ 4490ft / 37 T FJ 58834 25226
SA-6 Site N 43° 34′ 26″ E 40° 57′ 32″ 4387ft / 37 T FJ 58181 26431
Still unreliable intelligence on possible SA-2/3 site
Bullseye WP2

Tower Ch 7
Zeus Package Ch 5
Int. Guard UHF 243.00

Air threats:
Mercenary F-16C.

Ground threats:
SA-6, SA-2/3, AAA, manpads.

Adder1 CAP (Hold FL26)
11 Bubin
12 Spider
13 Leka
14 JackFlash

1) Establish air superiority. 2) CAP hold/Grinder 20nm southeast of Target Area South to provide cover for all air-to-ground flights.

3x XT, 5x 120C, 2x 9X, ATFLIR

Beaver2 Strike (Hold FL23)
21 Sunny
22 BestIrlCat

1) Strike parked helicopters and light armor in Target Area North.

3x XT, 2x GBU-16, 1x 120C, 2x 9X, ATFLIR

Camel3 Strike (Hold FL24)
31 Johnny (Package Lead Titan)
32 Magnum

3x XT, 2x GBU-16, 1x 120C, 2x 9X, ATFLIR

1) Strike tanks and light armor in Target Area South.

Echo4 SEAD (Hold FL25)
41 Adrian
42 Moldy
43 Bucketeye
44 Blindo

1) Suppress enemy air defenses in advance of strike flights arrivals. 2) Establish SEAD hold 15nm southeast of Target Area South to suppress emerging surface-to-air threats.

FL decides SEAD appropriate loadout.

Other flights to be formed on demand.

Satellite footage of the Arms Market’s Target Area North and Target Area South:


20:00 - 22:00
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