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Propellersöndag v.12

2023-03-26 @ 19:30 - 21:00

Tid: 26 03 23 – 19:30 (Sista tid för anmälan: 26 03 23 – 19:30)
Aktivitet: Uppdrag
Plats: Syrien (Tunisien)
Typ: Spit, P-47, P-51.
Syrien, WWII Assets Pack.

The North African campaign is coming to an end. The enemy is now only occupying northern Tunisia. Still, we must not let them grab hold. During yesterday’s offensive, our ground forces managed to push the hun up, over, and into the valley running from Kirikhan to Nurdagi. Now we want to limit their ability to resupply and therefore drive them further back.

Spitfire pilots, get ready for some rhubarb action low in the southern part of the valley. Targets may be, transport convoys, logistics outposts, and defensive positions. Weapons are completely free in the valley, but remember our troops in the hills to the west. So keep clear of them.

Gomer flight, your primary target is an improvised logistics/railroad station located somewhere along the railroad running north. If ammunition is left after a potential attack you may join the Spitfires in the search for targets of opportunity, if that is the case search north along the railroad, it is known to be used on the daily.

Stangs are tasked with air patrol NW of the valley, along the mountains. We believe the hun might try to fend off our offensive using airpower as their army is struggling.

Ch A, Airfield radio
Ch B, Tactical
Ch C and D, not defined

RTB 2045 Swedish time.

Patin 1, Spitfire
1-1 Ironsavior
1-2 Bouncer

Patin 2, Spitfire
1-1 Fille
1-2 Fretz
1-3 Lillfilly

Gomer 3, P-47
3-1 Apollo
3-2 Troll
3-3 Bambi

Victory 5, P-51
5-1 Jinx
5-2 Mink
5-3 GlueStick
5-4 Leka



19:30 - 21:00
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7. Mink P-51 8. ironsavior Spitfire 9. GlueStick P-51 10. Troll P51 P47 11. Bambi 47
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