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Battle of Goudi bridge

2023-04-12 @ 19:30 - 21:00


Briefing – Battle of Goudi bridge

Red forces are advancing south from the town of Polis towards the bridge just south of the town Goudi (North Bridge) .  Blue objective is to stop the enemy advance and prevent them from crossing the north bridge (study kneeboard maps) .  It is likely the defense will fail due to superior enemy numbers including MBT´s. Blue forces have only light armored vehicles and a single Bradley with ATGM at disposal.  Should the enemy cross the bridge next objective is to defend the south bridge located 450m from the North bridge. The terrain will force the enemy vehicles to advance slowly on the road in this area

We have limited recon available.  A company of T72 and IFV´s heading south have been observed on the road near the town of Polis along with mobile heavy artillery and AA units. A SA 8 vehicle has also been observed.  We have no SEAD strike groups available. The hilly terain will provide cover for low flying aircraft, however it is recommended to seek and destroy the SA 8 to enable freedom of movement on the battlefield. Forward deployed JTAC may be helpful to located the SAM threat.

Reinforcements are on the way on the MSR from the south, the force is limited in numbers and AH 64 flights need to decimate the enemy to ensure victory. ETA of reinforcements is approximately one hour.

A field hospital/FARP has been set up 6km to the south of bullseye (Northern bridge) in the town of Yioloy.  Nitro 5 and Yoda 7 is tasked with medivac, expect heavy casualties, and synchronize with Rage 9 for fire support (Ah 64 flight). Rage 9 is likely to be busy attacking enemy armor so expect limited support. Field hospital /FARP has an active ADF beacon to assist in navigation on 420 khz.

A SEAL team may be deployed to destroy south bridge nr 2 located a further 1000m south. This is a last resort decision if the enemy does not seem to be stoppable.  Huey flights Nitro 5 and Yoda 7 will be available to transport the SEAL team in this event. The SEAL team will only be available after the enemy has taken control of the North bridge and will be deployed at the feildhospital/FARP for helicopter embarkment.

Update* Airborne ranger team is on standby near the fieldhosptital/FARP. They are located 100m west of the field hospital tents and LZ is on the road next to them to not overcrowd the field hospital limited LZ. They will seek and destroy enemy infantry and should be deployed only on flight commands order.  They have no anti armor capability so should only be deployed against enemy infantry.

Update*  A JTAC group is located at field hospital/FARP.  Huey should pick them up and disembark according to knee board map. Disembark just south of the hill, in cover from enemy fire. A helicopter has crashed in the area and is on fire, use this as landmark.  The JTAC will move by foot to a position on top of the hill and try to locate and lase AA units and SAM. JTAC has a laser range of around 5km, wait for condition 2. If not in laser range just contact again later, when in range they will lase.   Communicate with JTAC via radio menu. JTAC is on FM 30 MHZ.

Mission goals

  • Primary objective – Prevent red forces from crossing the northern bridge, locate and destroy enemy artillery and air defenses. Huey flights to deploy JTAC group at frontline and run medivac.
  • Secondary objective –  In the case the enemy gains control of the bridges stall the advance until our reinforcements have arrived. In last resort blow up south bridge nr2 using the SEAL team to prevent further enemy advancement.


Additional information

Kneeboards will be included in mission.

Available aircraft

4 slots of AH 64 D
2 slots of Huey uh-1 in separate flights
2 slots of A 10

Flights organized as per standard SOP:

Start time 06.30 local time
Weather calm



Guide to CSAR missions. 

Use the radio menu and chose f10 other then CSAR mission and list active missions.  When you get close they will pop smoke and they will be located near the front line. If you hover above the injured winching will start, takes 20 seconds.  You can also land nearby and they will automatically be picked up. Return the injured to the field hospital, if you are to slow he may bleed out, check status on injured in CSAR menu.
In the event of a blue player ejecting you may see a CSAR mission to pick up the pilot if he survived, prioritise this before any other injured.  The ADF beacons does not seem  to work (please try though)  so you will have to work on distance and course to find


19:30 - 21:00
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