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ATC/AWACS training

2022-09-27 @ 19:30 - 22:00

Everyone’s welcome to this training!

Basic AWACS and ATC training. We welcome both candidates for the ATC/AWACS course, but we also need aircraft in the air, so that the candidates have pilots to talk to and control. So plan you training flight, sign up, and join us on Kutaisi this Tuesday evening.


19:30 - 22:00
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Agaton F-16C Apollo12 ATC (ansluter sent) Arrow F/A-18C Baconbomb ATC/AWACS träning Bankler F/A-18C / F-5E (ansluter sent) Bankler F/A-18C BigSwede ATC/AWACS träning Bouncer F/A-18C DeadGun_SWE A-10C II / AH-64D frefeh F/A-18c Fretz F/A-18C Giant F/A-18C Glaucus AJS37 HKJ F-16C
Jaeger F/A-18C Johnny F/A-18C Knugen ATC Nikkar_73 F/A-18C pahi F-16 PuNcH Hornet (efter kl21) Puppysworth Ka-50, allmän radio övning Qvintus AJS37 Spaningsruta och sjömil Rakamora F16 STRAFFAN F/A-18C Sunny F/A-18C Troll Någon fantastisk flygande maskin Ulvar ATC/AWACS träning (Har licens för LotAtc) Urist LotATC
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