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Training Tuesday: Structured 2-ship ground attack procedures

2022-03-29 @ 19:30 - 22:00

Everyone’s welcome!

Those who desire to do so, will study and practice various techniques for achieving safe, deconflicted 2-ship attacks on ground targets using dumb munitions. We will start by, together, studying a document that contains several recommended techniques. Then we will form 2-ship groups and practice, primarily at R99 – the abandoned “kryssbana” airfield near Kobuleti.

Consider this a workshop rather than a teacher/students session. Expect 30 minutes briefing/study, 15 minutes of group organization and 1 hour flight training. The goal of this workshop is to increase awareness of the 2-ship ground attack techniques out there, and gain a better understanding of their respective advantages and challenges.

  1. Take off as 2-ship.
  2. Check in on package ch3.
  3. Check on radio if any friendlies operating/hot at R99. If so, hold 10-15 NM from R99. (5 NM for helicopters)
  4. Run in toward target and and execute pre-briefed chosen technque.
  5. Egress. Do not linger in R99. Report “Callsign, Off target” so that the next group can attack.
  6. If time and munitions allow, repeat from step 3.
  • LAHD – low angle high drag
  • HADB – high altitude dive bomb
  • LALD – low angle low drag
  • DBdive bomb
  • LABlow angle bomb
  • LADD – low altitude drogue delivery
  • LRDT – ?


If you don’t want to participiate in this workshop, you are welcome to do other training on the server. But we ask that the abandoned airfield at R99 be reserved for those participating in the excercise.



19:30 - 22:00



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