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Training Thursday – Summertime Extravaganza!

June 27 @ 19:30 - 22:30

Everyone’s welcome to this training!

Training Mission: CA Random WX

Time: 0745
Weather: OVC 6200′ Ceiling, 050/12, 29.72

As per Authentication SOP

Planned Training:

1. All Fixed Wing

Practice basic mission and ATC procedures. Practice time on target strike.

* Pilots will form 2-ships executing basic strikes against armored vehicles (BMP-2) at known locations.
* Flights will be assigned one line in the target matrix, specifying things like takeoff time, TOT and so on.
* Light strike loadout, for instance 1 x XT, 2 x Mk82, Tpod, 2 x 9X or similar. Flight leads are free to decide the details.
* Target WP needs to be manually programmed. Hold WP is already set to WP3.
* Flights will take off, enter the hold, push and strike at the correct time, then turn left southbound and return to Kutaisi via Lanchkuti Transition.

* There will be no threat, except from the BMP-2 guns.
* Focus on accurate and precise flying and communication. Getting all the basics nicely executed (airport comms, formation, check-in with accurate bullseye call, nice overhead break etc).

We will collectively gather points, obviously aiming for a score as high as possible.

* Each flight managing good comms and flying until Exit N – 3 points
* Each flight checkin in correctly, including bullseye call – 3 points
* Each aircraft hitting target within +/- 10 seconds of TOT – 3 points
* Each aircraft hitting target within +/- 20 seconds of TOT – 2 points
* Each aircraft hitting target within +/- 30 seconds of TOT – 1 points
* Each aircraft performing a somewhat clean OHB – 1 point

As a side-competition, we will also see which aircraft type provides the highest (average, maybe?) score. 🙂


June 27
19:30 - 22:30





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1. Bankler F/A-18C 2. Blichten AWACS 3. Hofftari A-10C II eller F-16C 4. Sive F-16C 5. Kingtiger45 OH-58D 6. Baconbomb F14 rio/pilot 7. leka F18 8. SirToadie ATC 9. pahi F-16C 10. CoNa AJS 37 11. Puppysworth OH-58D 12. frefeh f18 eller viggen
13. Iquences AJS-37 eller F-4 14. Moose F/A-18C 15. AgentLego F/A-18C 16. Bouncer F/A-18C / Phantom 17. Hult87 FA18 18. Jasnisse AJS37 19. Flaxx83 Ground 20. Urist AJS37 / AWACS 21. Troll F4E (risk för no go pga jobb) 22. Ulvar F/A-18 23. keiserkosti AJS37 24. Enska F/A-18C
Attendance: 24 / ∞

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