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Training Thursday – Mission Procedures

2022-01-20 @ 19:30 - 22:30


Aircraft: Any jet (Viper, Hornet, Viggen, Tomcat, Warthog etc)

Support roles: ATC (gnd, tower), AWACS (critical for exercise)

This evening we’ll focus on the basics, allowing ourself to scrutinze how well we excecute the common administrative tasks during missions. There will be no enemy threat, so we can afford to put that extra effort into correct comms and good flying. Everyone’s welcome!

Read before: http://wiki.masterarms.se/index.php/Mission_Procedures


Adder11 Paawman
Adder21 Cab

Beaver21 Bouncer
Beaver22 Giant

Camel31 Bankler
Camel32 Skogen

Devil11 Jasnisse
Devil12 Vennyyo

Zodiak51 Chris
Zodiak52 Teo

Enfield41 Leka

Cheetah41 WeX
Cheetah42 Bambi

Quarterback81 Moof
Quarterback82 Troll

Echo21 Johnpapa
Echo22 Agaton
Echo23 Vulture

Empress31 Sierra
Empress32 Shiggan

Epic41 Dallan
Epic42 Mags

Hawg71 DeadGun
Hawg72 Kingtiger

Ironside81 Bubin
Ironside82 JackFlash

Fenris61 Goofy
Fenris62 Glaucus
Fenris63 Nasty
Fenris64 Danne

Shark31 Insop

AWACS (Stingray) Apollo
ATC Justin Case
ATC Hasse

Bullseye: WP3

1 Hold (Alpha/Bravo/Charlie)
2 Target
3 Bullseye


Getting really comfortable with the basics, turning the administrative steps such as check in, authentication, push time and such into trivial tasks, we free capacity that can be used for tactical challenges during a mission.

Concise and to-the-point radio comms enable us to be faster, limit misunderstandings, and generally will increase professionalism, which in turn provides confidence, making us perform better and behave/sound more realistic.


Each participant should fly 1 or 2 laps in the strike mission route.

Giving our beginner pilots mission experience flying as wingmen to experienced pilots.

Giving our intermediate pilots the opportunity to fly as leads, with experienced pilots mentoring them.

Comms should be good, and faithful to the SOP described in the Wiki. We should correct improper comms, in order to polish our skills.


Each flight will be a two-ship (some exceptions might happen). Any A/G weapon is allowed. But please keep it simple. Don’t experiment with weapon you’re not comfortable with.

After taking off from Kutaisi, you should check in with Stingray (AWACS), performing correct comms, including bullseye alpha check and so on. You will be authenticated by RAMROD as well. Stingray will then provide a holding altitude and a push time.

Hold at the assigned altitude at WP 1. Viggen hold at Alpha, Ka-50 at Charlie, everyone else at Bravo. Push at the appropriate time. Strike a target near WP2 5 minutes after the push time.

Return to Kutaisi for landing or touch-and-go (if you have weapons left and want another lap).



19:30 - 22:30





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1. Bankler F/A-18C 2. Troll F14 3. Troll F14 /Av8B 4. Skogen F/A-18C 5. MooF Om jag hinner hem flygs Av8b 6. JackFlash A-10 7. Justin Case ATC 8. DeadGun_SWE A-10C II 9. Vennyyo F/A-18C 10. Goofy AJS37 11. Danne AJS37 (lägger dottern vid den tiden, kan bli lite sen eller avbruten) 12. Bubin A-10C II 13. insop Ka-50 14. Agaton F-16C 15. Glaucus AJS37 16. Paawman F/A-18C 17. Bouncer F/A-18C 18. Sierra1a F-16C
19. Giant F/A-18C, kan bli sen 20. Ghost F/A-18C Ej självklart att jag hinner. 21. Apollo12 AWACS 22. Jasnisse F/A-18C 23. Teobald F/A-18C 24. Hasse ATC gnd/twr 25. Mags F-16C 26. Dallan F-16C 27. Shiggan F-16C 28. Bambi F14 29. Lt_Nasty AJS på Goofys vinge 30. Chris F/A-18C 31. Kingtiger45 A-10C II 32. WeX F14 33. Vulture F16 me agaton 34. johnpapa F16 35. leka F/A-18C 36. Lillfilly F/A-18C, kommer sent
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