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Rotor Wednesday

2023-11-15 @ 21:00 - 22:15

RSVP: 23 11 15 – 21:00
Activity: Mission – PvP CAP, CAS, SEAD
Theatre: Sinai (or Syria, Caucasus, Falkland)
Modules: AH-64, Ka-50_III, SA342, Mi-8, Mi-24, UH-1H, Combined Arms, Any fixed wings for SEAD or support.
Prerequisites: None

This event aim to hit a sweet spot between a combat training mission and THT. The time assigned this event is limited as to not be at the expense of either training or THT missions. The goal is to help facilitate events on Wednesdays centered around helicopters.

A mission will be set up in accordance with how many people turns up.

There are basically 3(later 4) types of missions for us to chose between:
1. Ground vs ground, bases 12+ km apart (you can fly)
2. Training missions where you can spawn in side quests and units.
3. Ground, helo, SAM, SEAD vs Ground, helo, SAM, SEAD, bases 12-16 km apart..

You can control ground assets in your coalition in every mission.
No bomb or artillery are allowed to hit the enemy FARP.(Due to DCS glitches and balance.)

Your priority when flying fixed-wings is in the following order:
2. CAP against enemy fixed-wings.
3. CAS
4. CAP against enemy helicopters.(Do not engage enemy helicopters unless there is no other viable targets.)

PvP Rules for MA Rotor Wednesday(to make light air frames more viable and match-ups more balanced):
1. No proxy fuse enabled on weapons.
(Show me your skill, not your proximity fuze vs HMG)
2. Set F10 map to fog of war
(so that you se your own coalition, but only spotted enemies on the map. This to make commanding ground units more viable).
3. Ground units that take control over the enemy FARP or make it neutral wins the battle for their coalition.
(When this happens it’s better to declare victory and start a new game if time permits.)
4. Do not shoot at or from a helicopter on a FARP. When spawning at your FARP fly away as soon as possible.
(This gives newly spawned in players a fighting chance. When on the attack you’re close to winning in this scenario anyway.)
5. Spawn in all your ground units(F10, other, “Spawn Player Army”) at the start of the mission on your own FARP.
(Spawning ground units in the middle of the map instead of at your FARP or Airbase at mission start takes away the realism.)
6. Only one set of AAA per 10 players per coalition is allowed.
(This is due to balance and realism reasons. Not every mission got AAA, but in all missions you can spawn in SAMs.)
7. When flying an attack helicopters you are not allowed to spawn in armor.
(Due to balance.)
8. Spawn exception: Transport and light helicopters are allowed to spawn in their light(HMG) units when landing in a built-up area or a forest instead of having to spawn them on their FARP at mission start. This is to simulate the transport/light helicopters bringing rearmament to troops out of ammunition lurking in the area from before.
Additionally, these light(HMG) units are not allowed to be spawned inn from closer than 7 km to the enemy FARP in this manner.

PvP Victory is achieved by your ground units capturing or making the enemy FARP neutral.
Or in some cases by taking out tents, generator and fuel depots on the enemy FARP.

If you don’t have Combined Arms from before, now is the time to try it out using the trial period.

Example of, but not limited to, layout of a map:


21:00 - 22:15
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