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ThT – Operation Focus

2023-02-02 @ 19:30 - 22:00

RSVP: 23022 – 19:30 (please sign-up asap though, as it makes things easier to plan)
Activity: Mission – Strike, Escort
Theatre: Syria
Modules: F/A-18C, F-14B, AJS 37, F-16C, Mirage F1
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of selected aircraft, CASE1 for F18/F14


F/A-18C ARCTIC11 (400): Bankler ARCTIC12 (401): Frefeh ARCTIC13 (402): JackFlash ARCTIC14 (403): Blichten

F/A-18C BENDER21 (404): Leka BENDER22 (405): Apollo BENDER23 (406): Johnny BENDER24 (407): Bouncer

F/A-18C CRIMSON31 (410): CRIMSON32 (411): CRIMSON33 (412): CRIMSON34 (413):

Mirage F1 BADGER41 : Knugen BADGER42 : Urist BADGER43 : Jinx BADGER44 :

F-14B ELVIS51 (100): Nillefix | Troll ELVIS52 (101): Bambi | Deadgun ELVIS53 (102): ELVIS54 (102):

AJS 37 FENRIS61: Goofy FENRIS62: Qvintus FENRIS63: Ironsavior FENRIS64: Lt_Nasty

AJS 37 GRIM71: GRIM72: GRIM73: GRIM74:

F-16C INDY91: Mags INDY92: Pahi INDY93: Moldy INDY94: Ulvar



Airport Ground: Tower: Control:

Carrier Marshal: Tower: LSO:


1.1 Overview

Following a coup in Syria by a hardline faction of the Syrian military, Israeli intelligence assess that a Syrian attack on Isreal is being planned. The decision has been made to launch a surprise attack on Syrian airfields, decimating the Syrian air force’s ability to launch attacks of their own for the foreseeable future. The attack will be conducted together with US Navy aircraft operating out of the eastern mediterranean and AJS-37s operating out of Cyprus.

Notes –
1. The mission is set in 1983, and any weapons entering service after that date are prohibited. Otherwise, each FL is responsible for choosing the loadout they believe to be most suitable.
2. To reduce the risk of detection, the mission will be executed in complete radio silence, from the very start. No radio transmissions are to be made between flights, packages or between GCI/Flights, with two exceptions – a) GCI may issue a ‘NIGHTFALL’ call, in which case all flights are to abort and RTB and b) If you need to alert another aircraft of an urgent threat, such as an hostile aircraft or a MANPAD launch. Flights/Packages must therefore ensure that ALL members of their package understand what the plan is beforehand. Note – intraflight communication (within the same group) is permitted, either on Simple Radio or TS, and each flightlead decides whether they want to use this or go radio silent. IRL, hand signals can be used which isn’t possible in DCS. Radio silence is maintained until landing.
3. Each flight lead (or package lead) will be responsible for planning their loadout, waypoints, fuel and attack on their own, and if two flights in the same package plans separately they need to ensure that they are aware of each other’s gameplan. Again, no clarification can be done once spawned in.

1.2 Area of operations

South- and northwestern Syria. Terrain mostly flat desert, with a coastal mountain range.

1.3 Time and weather

* July 07 – 1983
* 06:30 local time
* Scattered (7500′-11500′)
* Wind 268 / 6 knots at ground, 268 / 14 knots at 1600 feet.
* QNH 2992 / 1013

1.4 Air threats

MiG-21, MiG-25

MiG-21s & MiG-25s have been reported. Only few aircraft on training sorties are expected to be airborne.

1.5 Ground threats

ZSU-23 Shilka, MANPADS, SA-2. AAA and MANPADS are expected at all targets. SA-2s are expected covering major cities and possibly at airfields, and it is recommended that all flights fly no higher than 300 feet AGL to reduce risk of being spotted by SA-2.

1.6 Friendly forces

N/A, we are the only blue forces in Syria.

1.7 Civilian/3rd part

Expected around major civilian airports, all bogeys must be visually identified before engaging.


The attack will consist of three packages launching a simultaneous strike on three different Syrian military airfield. Priority targets are aircraft on the ground, runways and other airfield infrastructure in that order. All already airborne Syrian military aircraft may be engaged.


3.1 Commander’s intent

Inflict maximum possible material damage on the Syrian Air force.
Friendly radar coverage over Syria is limited, especially at low altitudes. Do not expect to rely on GCI once over the border. Monitor the package channel regardless in case of NIGHTFALL.

3.2 Packages

The mission contains 3 packages with the following division of aircraft:
‘Hammer’ – Mirage F1, F16, based out of Ramat David, to target Khalkhalah Airbase in Southern Syria
‘Mace’ – F14 & F18, based out of the USS Abraham Lincoln, to target Shayrat Airbase in Western Syria
‘Lance’ – AJS37, based out of RAF Akrotiri, to target Abu al-Duhur Airbase in Northern Syria

3.3 Order of events

Each package is to commence their attack on their designated target at 07:45LT. It is critical that all aircraft in each package adheres to this time on target, as if one package is to early the Syrian air defenses on other airfields will be put on high alert, thus endangering the other packages. All packages are to cease their attacks and RTB no later than 07:50.

3.4 Rules of engagement

Weapons free on all aircraft in the air that have been visually confirmed to be Syrian Air force. Weapons free on all aircraft, ground equipment and other ground targets on or around each target airfield.

3.5 Acceptable level of risk

As per SPINS

3.6 Flight tasking
Package Hammer (Lead: TBD)

Loadout: FL decides
Waypoints: As per FL planning

3.6 Flight tasking
Package Mace (Lead: TBD)

Loadout: FL decides
Waypoints: As per FL planning

3.6 Flight tasking
Package Lance (Lead: TBD)

Loadout: FL decides
Waypoints: As per FL planning

4.2 Carrier operations

* CASE 1
* BRC: 264
* Departure time: As per FL Planning
* Departure sequence: As per FL Planning
* Charlie time: 08:30

As per Carrier Ops SPINS
BRC: 264

4.3 Tankers

As per Aerial Refueling SOP


5.1 Commander

* Each package is led by a package lead. Due to enforced radio silence and poor radar coverage, no centralized control can be effective. Flights are to monitor the package channel at all times.

5.2 Frequencies

As per Comms SOP

5.6 Brevity

* NIGHTFALL – Abort mission. May only be given by GCI

5.7 Bullseye

N 42 15.00′ E 42 03.00′


19:30 - 22:00
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1. Knugen F16 / Mirage 2. insop AWACS (observatør) 3. frefeh F/A-18C 4. JackFlash FA-18 5. Blichten F/A-18C 6. leka F/A-18C 7. Apollo12 F/A-18C, AJS or ZIPLIP AWACS 8. Goofy AJS37 9. Urist AJS37 / (Mirage F1) 10. Bambi F-14 11. Moldy F-16, AJS vid behov men ej lead 12. DeadGun_SWE F-14B RIO / AJS 37 13. pahi F-16C 14. Troll F14 Pilot/Rio Mirage F1 15. Bankler F/A-18C 16. Qvintus AJS37 (ej FL), annars F-16C (ej FL)
17. Johnny F/A-18C (ej FL, helst radiotyst flight) 18. Lt_Nasty AJS37, ej FL 19. Bouncer F/A-18C 20. Ulvar F-16C 21. Mags F-16C 22. -= J i n x =- Mirage F1 om jag slipper FL 23. ironsavior AJS 24. Hagman AJS37, inte FL 25. bucketeye F-14 RIO 26. Glaucus AJS37 27. Tony AJS37 (om det går att klämma in) 28. Loggert Awacs kaffe kokning 29. Fritter F-14B, ersätter Nillefix 30. g_stall AJS-37 finns risk för sent avhopp… 31. Arrow F/A-18C eller F14 pilot i värsta fall 32. STRAFFAN FA-18C
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