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Propellersöndag V28 – Recover the English pilots.

2023-07-16 @ 20:00 - 22:00

2023-07-16 – 20:00

Mission –  Rescue / A/G
Version / Modules:
Open Beta, WW2 Asset pack, Normandy, Spitfire, Mosquito, P-51, TF-51, P-47, Bf-109, Fw-190A

Background and situation:
It’s been a couple of weeks since we lost Lord Apollo and Sir Mink during Operation Rhubarb.
Yesterday’s memorial service was abruptly interrupted when the pleasantly surprising news came that they had miraculously survived the crash and had recovered at the French Resistance.

The problem is that these English pilots are not so easy to hide…
(They are driving the French crazy)

We have therefore planned to pick them up at night with short notice.
The French resistance has given us position where they will set up Renault´s to mark the field for pickup with lit headlights.
However, the Germans are suspicious and search, so this must be done quickly.
We have received reports that the Germans have strengthened their air defenses in all villages.
So this must take place at night, good planning is required.
We are also waiting answer from the French if they are able to provide us with some guidance in the night like an signal fire.

Secondarily, it is also possible to retrieve duke Troll and sir Knugen who had technical problems and had to make an emergency landing. (Depends on how many of us there are)
Also their Mosquito is still in an not destroyed so if possible it´s possible for other aircrafts to perform A/G operation to destroy it before the Germans can find it and copy our technology.

If relatives of these want to participate, it goes well so Apollo’s brother Artemis, Mink’s cousin Mård. As well as Troll’s secound cousin Vätten and Knugen’s son Pirnsen are welcome to participate.

Time and weather:
* 20 June 1943
* 11:00 PM
* Scattered clouds 8 000 ft
* Wind

The French resistance will help up with the navigation, they will launch a flare at 23:40 at in a safe spot to enter the coast line N 49°38,42 E 0°9,14

We are also expecting an attack the same day at the industry area on the south west  So we are expecting heavy fire in the area that might help us with the navigation, (they will most likely be occupied with putting out fire so we are not expecting the area to be hot) N 49°28,16 E 0°33,17

The pickup point for the the pilots and the field will be manned at 23:55-00:05 by the French resistance.
They have informed that they will turn on the headlights when they hear us coming. N 49°5,44 E 0°47,49

The Mosquito have been located and the French resistance will try to launch an illumination bomb when they hear incoming flight´s but only one since they know that the enemy is also looking in the area.
Location of Mosquito  N 49°17,3 E 0°42,42


20:00 - 22:00
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