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November 19 @ 20:00 - 21:30

2023-11-19 – 19:59


  • DOLLAR1 – P51D – Jinx, Sierra
  • HUNTER3 – Bf109 – Deadgun, BigSwede, drsoos
  • BLOODHOUND6 – Spit – Fille, Goofy, Fretz
  • RANSOM7 – P47D – Urist, Apollo, CoNa

Mission – Strike / CAP
Version / Modules:
Open Beta, WW2 Asset pack, Marianas, Spitfire, Mosquito, P-51, TF-51, P-47, Bf-109, Fw-190A8, Fw-190D9

In a fictional campaign during WW2 allied forces have recently established small bases on Guam and Rota. A detachment of RAF and USAF fighters are tasked with supporting offensive operations towards Tinian and Saipan islands in the north. US and Japanese naval forces are maneuvering around the Mariana islands and a major naval engagement is expected soon.

Allied intelligence have evaluated our photo recon misson towards AAA deployments on Aguijan, the small island south of Tinian. They have identified a small hidden port on the north side with support infrastructure that the enemy uses to resupply and repair the AAA site. Destroying this would make it very difficult for the enemy to maintain AAA prescence on Aguilan. A small marine recon team callsign TWOJAR is present on Aguilan and can provide smoke on the target as we attack.

Time and weather:
* June 1944
* 16:30
* Scattered clouds 6 000 ft
* Wind 270 / 04
* QNH 30.01


Air defence map (pdf):

LotATC Overlay (json):


November 19
20:00 - 21:30





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1. Urist P47 2. drsoos Bf-109-K4 / FW-190 3. BigSwede BF-109 4. DeadGun_SWE Bf-109 5. Fille Mossie om jag får sällskap, annars 47a 6. Apollo12 P-47 7. Fretz Spit
8. Sierra1a P-51D/Fw190-D9 9. Goofy Spit/Mossie/P-51 10. CoNa P-47 11. Jinx P-51D 12. Chewie P-51D 13. insop P-47D
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