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Operation Watchtower

July 11 @ 19:30 - 22:00

Operation Watchtower

4 x AJS37 Viggen, 4 x F-4 Phantom, 4 x OH-58 Kiowa

1 x Mission Commander / Intelligence analysts


The primary objective of Operation Watchtower is to conduct an aerial reconnaissance mission to locate enemy units at Krymsk Airforce Base. The mission will focus on identifying the exact positions of enemy bombers, transport planes, and helicopters. Additionally, the mission will locate any nearby Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) defenses, specifically the SA-6 and SA-10 systems, which might interfere with the subsequent strike mission, Operation Breaching-Tower.


  • SAM Threats: SA-6 and SA-10 systems have been active in the area.
  • Air Threats: No enemy air threats expected.
  • Manpads: Presence expected at cities and bases.
  • AAA Threats: Radar-guided Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) is likely located at Krymsk Airforce Base.


  1. Reconnaissance Helicopters:
    • Start Position: Frontline FARP DK45 south of Holmskiy.
    • Equipped with advanced sensors for ground and air target identification.
    • Countermeasure capabilities for evading detection and potential threats.
  2. Fighter Jets:
    • Start Position: Maykop Airforce Base.
    • Equipped with high-resolution cameras and radar systems.
    • Capable of high-speed ingress and egress, minimizing exposure time over the target area.
    • Countermeasure systems for electronic warfare and threat evasion.

Mission Phases:

  1. Pre-Mission Preparation:
    • Briefing of pilots and crews on mission objectives, routes, and ROE.
    • Verification and testing of sensor and countermeasure systems.
    • Coordination with AWACS and other support units for real-time intelligence sharing.
  2. Ingress:
    • Helicopters and fighter jets will approach Krymsk Airforce Base at low altitude to minimize radar detection.
    • Maintain radio silence to reduce the chance of detection by enemy electronic surveillance.
  3. Reconnaissance:
    • Upon reaching the target area, deploy sensors to locate and identify the positions of enemy bombers, transport planes, and helicopters.
    • Utilize infrared and night vision capabilities if the mission occurs under low visibility conditions.
    • Conduct a thorough sweep to ensure no assets are missed.
  4. SAM Defense Identification:
    • Identify and mark the positions of SA-6 and SA-10 SAM sites within a 10 km radius of Krymsk Airforce Base.
    • Locate any radar-guided AAA and potential Manpad positions that could threaten Operation Breaching-Tower.
  5. Egress:
    • Once reconnaissance is complete, the helicopters and fighter jets will return to base using pre-planned routes to avoid enemy detection and engagement.
    • Maintain readiness to deploy countermeasures if engaged by enemy air defenses.

Rules of Engagement (ROE):

  • Sensors and countermeasures only; no offensive actions are authorized unless directly engaged and necessary for self-defense.
  • Avoid civilian areas and infrastructure to minimize collateral damage and civilian casualties.


  • Enemy Engagement: In case of enemy air defense engagement, deploy countermeasures and perform evasive maneuvers to exit the threat zone.
  • Technical Failures: If a sensor or countermeasure system fails, abort the mission and return to base. Do not proceed with incomplete reconnaissance capabilities.
  • Weather: Monitor weather conditions closely. If conditions deteriorate beyond safe operational limits, delay or abort the mission.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Detailed intelligence on the exact locations of enemy bombers, transport planes, and helicopters.
  • Comprehensive mapping of SA-6 and SA-10 SAM defenses near Krymsk Airforce Base.
  • Identification of radar-guided AAA and potential Manpad positions.
  • Actionable intelligence to facilitate the planning and execution of Operation Breaching-Tower.

Command and Control:

  • Mission control will be based at [Insert Base Name], with real-time communication links to all reconnaissance units.
  • AWACS support will provide an overarching view and early warning of potential threats.
  • Report all contacts and findings directly to the mission commander.


  • All units will debrief immediately upon return to base, providing detailed reports and sensor data.
  • Intelligence analysts will compile the information to create a detailed map and threat assessment for Operation Breaching-Tower.

Closing Remarks:

Ensure all equipment is in peak operational condition, and all personnel are briefed and ready. This mission is critical for the success of Operation Breaching-Tower. Maintain strict adherence to the ROE and prioritize the collection of accurate and comprehensive intelligence.

Good luck and Godspeed.


July 11
19:30 - 22:00
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