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Operation Cardhouse Part 2

2023-11-02 @ 19:30 - 22:00

RSVP: 23 11 02 – 19:30 (please sign-up asap though, as it makes things easier to plan)
Activity: Mission – CAP, Air Interdiction
Theatre: Marianas
Modules: F/A-18C, F-14, F-15E, F16C, AJS 37, A-10C, AH-64
Prerequisites: None


F/A-18C TALD / Strike ARCTIC11 (400): Bouncer ARCTIC12 (401): Colakaktus ARCTIC13 (402): Straffan ARCTIC14 (403): SirToadie

F/A-18C SEAD / Strike BENDER21 (404): Frefeh BENDER22 (405): coRb BENDER23 (406): Salinho BENDER24 (407):

F/A-18C Strike CRIMSON31 (410): Creedarn CRIMSON32 (411): Fretz CRIMSON33 (412): CRIMSON34 (413):

F/A-18C CAP DUSTY41 (300): DUSTY42 (301): DUSTY43 (302): DUSTY44 (303):

F-14B CAP ELVIS51 (100): ELVIS52 (101): ELVIS53 (102): ELVIS54 (102):


AJS 37 Strike GRIM71: GRIM72: GRIM73: GRIM74:

A-10C Air Interdiction HAWG81: JackFlash HAWG82: BigSwede HAWG83: HAWG84:

F-16C Escort / TARCAP INDY91: Pahi INDY92: SiveFa INDY93: INDY94:

F-16C SEAD JESTER11: Moldy JESTER12: Sandpatch JESTER13: Ovidius JESTER14:

F/A-18C FAC-A KRAKEN21 (304): KRAKEN22 (305): KRAKEN23 (306): KRAKEN24 (307):

F/A-18C CAP LION31 (310): LION32 (311): LION33 (312): LION34 (313):

F-14B CAP MUSTANG61 (104): MUSTANG62 (105): MUSTANG63 (106): MUSTANG64 (107):

UH-1H Transport NITRO51: NITRO52: NITRO53: NITRO54:

AH-64D Air Interdiction RAGE91: RAGE92: RAGE93: RAGE94:

AH-64D Air Interdiction SALTY11: SALTY12: SALTY13: SALTY14:

Ka-50 Air Interdiction ORCA61: ORCA62: ORCA63: ORCA64:

A-10C Air Interdiction PIG71: PIG72: PIG73: PIG74:




F-15E Strike HITMAN31: Wex / Deadgun HITMAN32: Nillefix / Ulvar HITMAN33: HITMAN34:

F-15E Strike CYLON51: CYLON52: CYLON53: CYLON54:


Airport Ground: Tower: Control:

Carrier Marshal: Tower: LSO:


1.1 Overview

After the latest clashes, enemy forces are on the retreat on Rota Island. We already got a foothold in Rotas southwestern tip, and managed to clear Mount Sabana which is an important stronghold and provides a view over most of the island. Enemy forces still hold Rota Airfield. After the fall of Mount Sabana, enemy forces are actively preparing a retreat from Rota. An amphibious landing ship is on its way to Rota, and forces begin to move north.
As the enemy CV is pretty limited in operations and their air group took heavy losses, it can be considered as out-of-action as it is now. To complete cut off the remaining forces from air support, command has decided to strike Saipan airport. Saipan airport is the more important airport as Tinian has very few parking and maintenance spaces and hardly allows for large scale operation.
Our CAS capabilities are still dedicated to Rota, with the focus of clearing the airport as an important logistics hub to undermine any enemy attempt to regain the initiative.

1.2 Area of operations

North and northwest of Guam.

1.3 Time and weather

* July 21 – 2016
* 06:00 local time
* Scattered (8200′-15000′)
* Wind 015 / 10
* QNH 2972

1.4 Air threats

J-11, Su-33, JF-17, Su-25
Expect departures as scramble intercepts on the way to the target. It is highly probable that the enemy will try to intercept any attempt to get close to Saipan, as it is the only remaining enemy stronghold after the situation on Rota turned around.

1.5 Ground threats

Rota: AAA, MANPADS, ATGM, CIWS on amphibious landing ship. Rumor has it that there might be an SA-8 or similar.
Saipan: Saipan airport features an SA-10, guarded by SA-15 and SA-19. Tinian has at least a SA-11 group (including a search radar), also, an EWR has been placed on Tinian, and the airport has additional SA-19. Might have MANPADS as well.

1.6 Friendly forces

We have some blue forces in the southwestern tip of Rota. An Aleigh Burke class ship is guarding the mechanized infantry group which will head for Mount Sabana to further secure gains.
The Aleigh Burke will also provide air cover up to about 40nm from Saipan.
Other than that are we the only blue forces in the AO.

1.7 Civilian/3rd part

Nothing. Minimize civilian damage.


1. Cover Guam.
2. Clear Rota island as far as possible. Our goal is to take back the airfield and to degrade enemy forces as much as possible.
3. Destroy the following on Saipan airfield:
– Runway
– Hangars in the middle of the field
– Fuel depot in the north of the field


3.1 Commander’s intent

Mission goal is to take pressure away from our troops on Rota by further degrading enemy troops on Rota, and securing our foothold in Rotas southwest. To establish total air superiority and completely deny enemy aviation, air command has decided to take out Saipan airfield as this will effectively remove enemy aviation besides strikes from the mainland and their very limited CV in the AO. This will be a first step to regain the whole region.
It will be necessary to take out their air defense in the same approach.

3.2 Packages

The mission contains 2 packages, callsign WAYMAKER, consisting of HAWG 8 and RAGE 9, and HOMERUN, consisting of all other flights.
WAYMAKER will clear ROTA, while HOMERUN will attack SAIPAN airfield.

3.3 Order of events

Both packages work independently. While WAYMAKER is working its way towards mount sabana, HOMERUN will make sure that there will be no further enemy aviation by taking out Saipan airfield.
There are two main operating areas on Rota. The enemy has begun to move its forces towards the northern tip to retreat them, an area that is not visible from Mount Sabana. This will be the target area for the A-10s, while RAGE 9 will work on the airfield.
Be prepared for having a ship north of Rota, probably featuring short range air defenses.
Overview on the situation and plan on Rota:

The strike on Saipan will be executed as follows:
1. The F/A-18 will initiate the attack with at least a dozen TALD in the direction of the SA-10 site. Be advised that the push point is inside the range of the SA-10, decoys should be dropped on this point, but not very far behind that point.
2. When the SA-10 starts firing, a couple of HARM will follow in PB mode against the emitters 10, BB, CS- at least one HARM per emitter. This task will be done by JESTER flight.
3. As Saipan is within range of the SA-11, it will be necessary to at least take out the SA-11’s search radar (“SD” on the HARM / RWR) as the TEL’s own radar will not reach to Saipan, allowing us to strike Saipan without having to take out the whole site. The SA-11 will be engaged by JESTER1 with the F-16’s and their HTS combination, as the exact position is unknown.
4. As the strike package is pushing, the attack will be covered by several HARM on the remaining threats, which might be SA-15 and SA-19. Other high-altitude systems as the SA-10 and SA-11 are not to be expected in the area. This is a common task of ARCTIC1, BENDER2 and JESTER1 with any ordnance remaining.
5. Strike Saipan airfield, in particular the runway, hangars and fuel depots. This is the main task for CYLON5 and CRIMSON3 flight. Expect high altitude delivery due to the remaining air defense.
6 (optional, unlikely). Depending on the availability of airframes, amount of losses and the ammunition left, the secondary target is a small command post in the north of Saipan that would be completely without protection while we are there. Striking it would provide an opportunity to remove the head of the command chain (Update: Not planned currently).
7 (optional, unlikely). Absolute bonus is sinking any ships going to Rota for resupply or evacuation of enemy forces. The enemy is running something like a ferry service, with about one trip every few hours- expect the next amphibious landing ship around 8 AM local time.

3.4 Rules of engagement

As per SPINS
Weapons free if not friendly.

3.5 Acceptable level of risk

As per SPINS

3.6 Flight tasking
Package HOMERUN (Lead: CYLON51)

* Depart
* Employ TALD against SA-10
* Be ready to take out remaining air defenses

Loadout: FL decides (SEAD / Strike)

1 Bullseye
2 Push Point
3 Saipan
4 Tinian
5 Somewhere near carrier

* Depart
* Employ TALD against SA-10
* Be ready to take out remaining air defenses

Loadout: FL decides (SEAD / Strike)

1 Bullseye
2 Push Point
3 Saipan
4 Tinian
5 Somewhere near carrier

* Depart
* Proceed to holding point and wait until SEAD strike clears the way
* Strike Saipan airport

Loadout: FL decides (Strike)

1 Bullseye
2 Holding Point
3 Push Point
4 Saipan
5 Tinian

* Depart
* Attack SA-10 and SA-11 on order from PL

Loadout: FL decides (SEAD)

1 Bullseye
2 Push Point
3 Saipan
4 Tinian
5 Andersen

* Depart
* Establish TARCAP

Loadout: FL decides (TARCAP / ESCORT)

1 Bullseye
2 Push Point
3 CAP Point B (hold south of line 2-3 as long as SA-10 is active)
4 Saipan
5 Tinian
6 Andersen

* Depart
* Proceed to holding point and coordinate the SEAD strike before the main strike
* Strike Saipan airport

Loadout: FL decides (Strike)

1 Bullseye
2 Holding Point
3 Push Point
4 Saipan
5 Tinian
6 Andersen


* Depart
* Push to Rota Airfield

The main goal of HAWK8 are units retreating from the airfield towards the evacuation zone, as these are not visible from Mount Sabana, as well as units that can’t be reached by Rage 9 but pose a threat to those, A secondary task is supporting RAGE with information about units, a use as A-FAC is optional.
If you decide to engage enemy ships going to Rota, be advised that the chinese amphibious landing ships carry a close-in weapon system (capable AAA) so either attack from altitude, behind, or a safe distance.
Be advised that the enemy might bring in other mobile SAM systems to cover the retreat.

Loadout: FL decides

2. Mount Sabana
3. Rota Airfield

* Depart
* Push to Rota Airfield

The main target for RAGE 9 is the airfield itself and to render using it unusable as a logistics hub. There are still some troops left on the airfield, even if their situation is pretty bleak after we disabled most of the air defenses. They are down to a couple of AAA and MANPADS as air defense, or using their ATGM against helicopters. Still, even though Mount Sabana provides a nice view on the airport, palm trees pose a real challenge to helicopter operations.
Still, they might bring in other mobile SAM systems to cover their retreat.

Loadout: FL decides

2. Mount Sabana
3. Rota Airfield


4.1 Airfield operations

* Andersen AfB
* TCN: 54X
* Active runway: 06

4.2 Carrier operations

* CASE 1
* BRC: 38
* Departure time: 06:20
* Departure sequence: ARCTIC1, BENDER2
* Charlie time: 08:00

As per Carrier Ops SPINS

4.3 Tankers

As per Aerial Refueling SOP


5.1 Commander

* Mission commander is STINGRAY
* Mission commander deputy is ARCTIC11

5.2 Frequencies

As per Comms SOP

5.3 Authentication

As per Authentication SOP

5.4 Freq flow (Airfield flights)

7, 9, 3/5, 7
Remain on Tower (ch 7) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical (ch 3), CAP A (ch 5) or CAP B (ch 10). Use Tower (ch 7) for recovery.

5.5 Freq flow (Carrier flights)

1, 9, 3/5, 16, 1
Remain on Tower (ch 1) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical (ch 3), CAP A (ch 5) or CAP B (ch 10).
Use Marshal (ch 16) and Tower (ch 1) for recovery.

5.6 Brevity

* TANGOUNIFORM – Mission declared successful
* NIGHTFALL – Abort mission
* COFFIN – SA10 taken down

5.7 Bullseye

N 13 29.10 E 144 47.850



Area of operations

Targets on Saipan Airfield

Situation on Rota

View from Mount Sabana

JTAC has reports about several units parked on the airport.


19:30 - 22:00



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