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Irbid insurgency

2023-04-20 @ 19:30 - 22:00

A western coalition is in place in Israel, and a carrier group is stationed at sea. In the city of Irbid in Jordania a violent insurrection is in progress, creating a confusing situation with several fighting factions. Our intel suggest even parts of the Jordanian military forces might be involved on opposing sides. Joint command has decided to send in the cavalry in order to stop the fighting in the urban areas. Due to the confusing situation with some warlords supporting the western alliance, some violently opposing it and some remaining neutral, with little or no visual difference between them and uncertainty around the allegiance of every squads of Jordanian military forces in the area, joint command has issued orders to engage only elements that are openly hostile towards us.

The mission is straightforward but not simple; engage identified enemy targets with as little collateral damage as possible.

Joint command intelligence expects no high caliber AA units in Irbid, and none of the openly hostile factions have access to manpads or SAMs. However there are plenty of technicals with mounted machine guns and small arms on both sides.

Elements of the Jordanian air force may defect and try to engage our forces, but only light fighters or helicopters are available, all modern fighters are secured by troops loyal to the Jordanian government, who will not engage joint command forces.

Lastly the Jordanians and Syrians does not want us to stray too far into their airspace and them needing help with the ongoing insurrection is a big enough embarrassment as it is. Hence do not stray to far from the fighting area into the Jordanians or Syrians air territory since both have declared publicly that they retain the right to shoot down any fighter violating their airspace.

RSVP: YY MM DD – 19:30 (please sign-up asap though, as it makes things easier to plan)
Activity: Mission – CAS, Strike, Strike/CAP
Theatre: Syria
Modules: F/A-18C, F-16, F-14B, AJS 37, A-10C, AH-64, Ka-50, UH-1H(gunship), Mi-8, Mi-24, SA342L etc. (Bring the airframe you want.)
Prerequisites: None


HUNTER (Lead Urist) F/A-18C Strike/CAP ARCTIC11 (400): Apollo ARCTIC12 (401): Sahlino

AJS 37 Strike FENRIS61: Goofy FENRIS62: Gluestick

A-10C CAS HAWG81: KingTiger HAWG82: BigSwede HAWG83: Decoy

F-16C Strike/CAP INDY91: Pahi INDY92:

SEEKER (Lead Deadgun) Ka-50 Strike/CAP ORCA61: Insop ORCA62: Vulture

AH-64D CAS RAGE91: DeadGun RAGE92:

Mi-8 CAS XENON61: PuppysWorth XENON62:



1.1 Overview

Insurgency has overtaken Irbid. Our mission is to help our allied rebels get control over the situation.

1.2 Area of operations

Around Irbid and Between Irbid, Ramtha and north of YA69. The fighting is most likely taking place in populated areas and on roads.
Do not fly into the SAM coverage of the Jordanes or Syrian airfields which is shown marked on the map bellow since Jordan and Syria will see this as an act of war.

1.3 Time and weather

* May 01 – 2021
* 09:30 local time
* Scattered (7500′-11500′)
* Wind 320 / 10
* FORCE QNH 2992 / 1013

1.4 Air threats

F-5, L-39, UH-1H, SA342L, Mi-24, Mi-8

We expect plenty of friendly airsupport from King Hussein and Tha’lah.

1.5 Ground threats

Jeep, APC

It will be hard to differenciate friendly rebels from enemy rebels. We are to act like UN, do not shoot unless shot upon.
Enemies might appear unexpectedly from populated areas.

1.6 Friendly forces

We and our allied rebels are work together in the AO.

1.7 Civilian/3rd part

Neutral rebel forces in the AO shall not be attacked.

Civilian traffic is active in the area, especially inside the Irbid.


Eliminate enemy rebel forces in and around Irbid to the best of your abillity without afflicting civil, neutral or allied casualties.

The mission is aimed to be a low cost operation so try to stick to the cheapest possible weapon system like MMP APKWS.
GBU-12, Vhikrs, Hellfires and such are acceptable.

HUNTER2 is to bring a total of 2-4 AA missiles per fixed wing, Aim-9L and/or Aim 120B in case things get sour with the Jordanis and Syrians helping us taking out the insurection.
Ka-50 is to bring a full set of Iglas.
Mi-24 is to bring a full set of 9M220O and/or R-60M.(In case you just bring 2 R-60M make sure that they are mounted on the left pylon.)


3.1 Commander’s intent

To clear out all enemy rebels. At the least to give our allied rebels as good of a fight chance that we are able to give them.

3.2 Packages

The mission contains 4 packages, callsign SEEKER1 and SEEKER2, and HUNTER1 and HUNTER2.

3.3 Order of events

Fly to hold position and and await orders from command to start engaging enemy rebels in and around Irbid.

This operation is divided into 2 phases which will be conducted chronologically: Fly to your respective holding area then conduct CAS and Multirole.

SEEKER1 and SEEKER2 will fly to their holding position which is center of millitary grid YB51

HUNTER1 will fly to its own holding position which is center of millitary grid YA49

HUNTER2 will fly to its holding position which is center of millitary grid YB40

When package is given clearance from command that package start providing CAS in the AO.

3.4 Rules of engagement

As per SPINS
Addition: Weapons free on all enemies who turns their guns towardes you.

3.5 Acceptable level of risk

As per SPINS


4.1 Airfield operations

* Ramat David
* TCN: 84X
* Active runway: 33
* Departure via Exit Hayim
* Approach via Entry Amos Lake

4.2 Carrier operations

* CASE 1
* BRC: 264
* Departure time: 09:30
* Departure sequence: ELVIS5, ARCTIC1
* Charlie time: 12:00

As per Carrier Ops SPINS

4.3 Tankers

As per Aerial Refueling SOP


5.1 Commander

* Mission commander is STINGRAY
* Package SEEKER lead is STINGRAY
* Package HUNTER lead is TBA

5.2 Frequencies

As per Comms SOP

5.3 Authentication

As per Authentication SOP

5.4 Freq flow (Airfield flights)

7, 9, 3/5, 7
Remain on Tower (ch 7) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical (ch 3) or CAP A (ch 5). Use Tower (ch 7) for recovery.

5.5 Freq flow (Carrier flights)

1, 9, 3/5, 16, 1
Remain on Tower (ch 1) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical (ch 3) or CAP A (ch 5). Use Marshal (ch 16) and Tower (ch 1) for recovery.

5.6 Brevity

* TANGOUNIFORM – Mission declared successful
* NIGHTFALL – Abort mission


19:30 - 22:00





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