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Genesis 14 – Murders in the Rue Morgue

2023-01-05 @ 19:30 - 22:30

RSVP: 23 01 04 – 19:30 (please sign-up asap though, as it makes things easier to plan)
Activity: Mission – Air Assault, CAS, CAP
Theatre: Syria
Modules: UH-1H, F/A-18C, F-16C, F-14B, AJS 37, A-10C, AH-64, Ka-50
Prerequisites: UH-1H: Skilled in loose formation maneuvering. JTAC, A-10C, Ka-50, AH-64D: CAS experience


F/A-18C Strike ARCTIC11 (400): Blichten ARCTIC12 (401): Frefeh ARCTIC13 (402): Bouncer ARCTIC14 (403): Straffan

F/A-18C CAP BENDER21 (404): Lirc BENDER22 (405): Badger BENDER23 (406): Arrow BENDER24 (407):

F/A-18C CAP CRIMSON31 (410): CRIMSON32 (411): CRIMSON33 (412): CRIMSON34 (413):

F/A-18C CAP DUSTY41 (300): DUSTY42 (301): DUSTY43 (302): DUSTY44 (303):

F-14B CAP ELVIS51 (100): ELVIS52 (101): ELVIS53 (102): ELVIS54 (102):

AJS 37 Strike FENRIS61: Adrian FENRIS62: Hagman FENRIS63: Nasty FENRIS64: Glaucus

A-10C CAS HAWG81: Kingtiger HAWG82: BigSwede HAWG83: HAWG84:

F-16C CAP INDY91: Moldy INDY92: Ulvar INDY93: INDY94:

F-16C CAP JESTER11: Arco JESTER12: BucketEye JESTER13: JESTER14:

UH-1H Air Assault NITRO51: Justin Case / Ovidius NITRO52: Shiggan / Riker NITRO53: Goofy / Scaniax NITRO54: Bankler / Cyberseal


Ka-50 CAS ORCA61: JackFlash ORCA62: Insop ORCA63: Troll ORCA64: Puppysworth

F-16C CAP VENOM41: Mags <3 VENOM42: Pahi <3 VENOM43: VENOM44:



Airport Ground: Tower: Control:

Carrier Marshal: Tower: LSO:


1.1 Overview

3 weeks ago, Navy and Marine special forces captured the high-value target Abdel Ibrahim, Daesh leader. CIA interrogations have been successful and have resulted in intelligence suggesting another scheduled meeting of Daesh high-ups, this time in the town of Agrabaa.
Over the last few days, undercover CIA operators in Agrabaa have located 8 buildings in the town hosting the majority of the Syrian town’s Daesh forces. Early this morning, they also confirmed the suggested meeting is indeed taking place in the NE parts of the town.
The CIA operation has also provided intel of the location of a large Daesh training camp SE of Agrabaa.

We have decided to launch a raid this morning, storming the buildings where the meetings take place, in order to capture any high value targets of opportunity. Simultaneously, we will launch a strike on the Daesh training camp.
Just before the package takes off, Syrian officials will be notified about the raid, a ceasefire will be offered and Syria will be told to keep their military aircraft at least 40 nm away from the AO. Since Daesh is a common enemy, Syria is expected to accept and honor the terms, but we can’t be certain.

1.2 Area of operations

Agrabaa city, mostly made up of 2-4 story buildings. The surrounding ground is mostly flat desert. A large hill to the NW (location of Stalker1).

1.3 Time and weather

* June 21 – 2021
* 06:30 local time
* Scattered (7500′-11500′)
* Wind 268 / 2
* FORCE QNH 2993 / 1014

1.4 Air threats

MiG-21, MiG-25, MiG-29, Su-24

MiG-21, MiG-25, MIG-29 and Su-24 squadrons at Palmyra confirmed to be on high alert. Intel estimates that the Syrian Air Force will have light routine CAP over Syria and can launch 4-8 fighters in short succession from Palmyra. Additional fighters can reinforce from other bases after a timespan of 20-30 mins from first engagements.

1.5 Ground threats

SA-6, BRDM-2, small arms fire

Two confirmed active SA-6 sites at Mezzeh and Damascus

In Agrabaa, heavy small arms fire is to be expected. RPGs are not confirmed but not unlikely.

North of Agrabaa, Ural trucks and occasional BRDM-2s have been spotted.

1.6 Friendly forces

N/A, we are the only blue forces in the AO.

1.7 Civilian/3rd part

No civilian air traffic.
Agrabaa is a civilian town. However, every building at least 5 blocks in every direction from target MONKEY is confirmed to be used by Daesh forces, and are considered valid targets. Outside this perimeter, collateral damage must be minimized.


Nitro5 flight of four UH-1H helicopters will enter the town from the W, following the main road (callsign “Rue Morgue”) to perform a quick touch-and-go next to the meeting facilities (Target “Monkey”), dropping off a detachment of Navy SEALs (callsign “Sailor”) to storm the buildings. The SEALs will later be picked up by an allied convoy of Humvees and flatbed trucks (callsign “Detective”).
Just before the helicopters enter the town, Arctic1 flight of four F/A-18C will drop GPS guided bombs on each of the eight Daesh buildings (Targets “Lady1” through “Lady8”).
At the same time the bombs hit Lady targets, Fenris6 flight of four AJS 37 Viggen will hit the Daesh training camp (Target “Razor”).
Two-ship A-10 Hawg8 and four-ship Ka-50 Orca8 will stand by W of Monkey, ready to assist with the help of JTAC Stalker1, located just NE of the town.
A number of CAP flights will be dispatched to the AO to provide cover from any Syrian air threat, though it is unlikely that they will engage given the situation.


3.1 Commander’s intent

Capture any high value targets of opportunity at MONKEY. Strike Daesh training camp RAZOR.

3.2 Packages

The mission contains 1 package, callsign WOLFPACK. All flights are part of package WOLFPACK.

3.3 Order of events

Package takes off around ~07:00

CAP flights on station 07:15

Arctic1 hits Lady1-8 at 07:30

Fenris6 hits Razor at 07:30

Nitro5 enters the town from the W, right after the bombs go off (ideally at 07:30) and follows the main road (Rue Morgue) east

Nitro5 drops off Navy SEALs (Sailor1 through Sailor3) at “Monkey”

Hawg8 and Orca8, with support from JTAC Stalker1, takes out any targets of opportunity near the town from 07:30 to 08:00, causing a distraction while convoy Detective enters the town to evacuate Sailor.

Package RTBs to recover at 08:30

3.4 Rules of engagement

As per SPINS

3.5 Acceptable level of risk

As per SPINS

3.6 Flight tasking
Package WOLFPACK (Lead: ARCTIC11)

* Depart 07:00-07:10
* Hold at HOTEL (WP1) at 25000’
* Push at 07:25
* Hit target LADY1-8 at 07:30

Loadout: 2 x GBU-31 (details up to FL)

1. Hold HOTEL
2-9. Target LADY1 through LADY8
10. Nitro target MONKEY

* Depart 06:55-07:05
* Check in with STINGRAY
* Establish CAP on assigned track
* Remain on station until ordered to RTB by STINGRAY

Loadout: FL decides

1, 2. CAP N
3, 4. CAP M
5, 6. CAP S
7. Nitro target MONKEY

* Depart from Kiryat Shmona
* Navigate to Agrabaa and prepare to enter W to E via the main road
* Enter city immediately after GBU impacts (07:30)
* Insert Sailor on the main street at MONKEY
* Extract

* Depart 07:00-07:10
* Hold at HOTEL (WP1) at 1500’
* Push at 07:25
* Hit target RAZOR 07:30

Loadout: FL decides

1. Hold HOTEL
2. Ingress (bridge)
3. Ingress (bridge)
4. Target RAZOR
5. Bullseye

* Depart
* Hold at CAS Hold INDIA (WP2) at 15000’
* Check in with Stalker1 and provide CAS.

Loadout: FL decides

1. Hold HOTEL
2. Point INDIA
3. Point JULIET
4. Nitro target MONKEY

* Depart from Kiryat Shmona
* Hold at point JULIET (WP3)
* Check in with Stalker1 and provide CAS

Loadout: FL decides

1. Hold HOTEL
2. Point INDIA
3. Point JULIET
4. Nitro target MONKEY


4.1 Airfield operations

* Ramat David
* TCN: 84X
* Active runway: 33
* Departure via Exit Hayim
* Approach via Entry Amos Lake

4.2 Carrier operations

* CASE 1
* BRC: 264
* Departure time: 06:55
* Departure sequence: ELVIS5, ARCTIC1, others
* Recommended marshal time: 07:50-08:00
* Charlie time: 08:20

As per Carrier Ops SPINS

4.3 Tankers

As per Aerial Refueling SOP
Remark: Texaco4 and Arco5 not available


5.1 Commander

* Mission commander is STINGRAY
* Mission commander deputy is ARCTIC11
* Package WOLFPACK lead is ARCTIC11

5.2 Frequencies

As per Comms SOP

5.3 Authentication

As per Authentication SOP

5.4 Freq flow (Airfield flights)

7, 9, 3/5, 7
Remain on Tower (ch 7) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical (ch 3) or CAP A (ch 5). Use Tower (ch 7) for recovery.

5.5 Freq flow (Carrier flights)

1, 9, 3/5, 16, 1
Remain on Tower (ch 1) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical (ch 3) or CAP A (ch 5). Use Marshal (ch 16) and Tower (ch 1) for recovery.

5.6 Brevity

* TANGOUNIFORM – Mission declared successful
* NIGHTFALL – Abort mission
* ARMAGEDDON – Initiate air assault and CAS (called by Arctic11 when bombs have impacted, ideally at 07:30)
* THUMPER – Nitro5 air assault successful
* SMOKED – Nitro5 air assault unsuccessful/aborted

5.7 Bullseye

N 33 20.00′ E 35 46.50′




19:30 - 22:30





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