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CASE 1 Recovery Procedures

2021-06-08 @ 19:30 - 22:30

21 06 08 – 19:30 (please sign-up asap though, as it makes things easier to plan)
Training – CASE 1 recovery procedures (server open for other training as well)
Version / Modules:
Open Beta, Caucasus, any aircraft
General CASE 1 knowledge (know the general idea, can trap). Read through the  CASE 1 wiki article.

(F/A-18C Training)
ADDER11 (300): Jasnisse
ADDER12 (301): Voyager
ADDER13 (302): Pling
ADDER14 (303): Punch

(F/A-18C Training)
BEAVER21 (304): Apollo
BEAVER22 (305): WeX
BEAVER23 (306):
BEAVER24 (307):

(F/A-18C Training)
CAMEL31 (310): Loki
CAMEL32 (311): Vapor
CAMEL33 (312):
CAMEL34 (313):

(F/A-18C Training)
DEVIL11 (410): Lirc
DEVIL12 (411): Mallet
DEVIL13 (412):
DEVIL14 (413):

(F/A-18C Training)
ZODIAC51 (574):
ZODIAC52 (575):
ZODIAC53 (576):
ZODIAC54 (577):

(F-14B Training)
CHEETAH41 (500):
CHEETAH42 (501):
CHEETAH43 (502):
CHEETAH44 (503):

(F-14B Training)
GYPSY61 (504): Bambi
GYPSY62 (505): Fritter
GYPSY63 (506): Bucketeye
GYPSY64 (507):


Increase our skills in performing a smooth large-scale CASE 1 recovery, nailing timing, situation awareness and comms.

Rounding off a mission with a solid CASE 1 recovery is great because:
1) It’s nice to survive after a mission.
2) It’s nice when everybody lands within a short window of time, so that people don’t need to sit around and wait for others to land before we can start the debriefing.

1) Before we start flying, we’ll quickly go through the procedures in the step brief, covering the most common pitfalls and such.
2) There will be a charlie time (i.e when the first aircraft is expected to show up in the groove) and prebriefed stack altitudes.
3) Everyone will start airborne approx 75 nm from the carrier.
4) Each flight should setup their aircraft following HAIL-R.
5) Flights check in with marshal at 50 nm and perform CASE 1 recovery.
6) When everyone is down, we’ll make a very quick halftime debrief, and then we do it all again!

We’ll go through the Tacview and evaluate how smooth things went. Special attention will be directed towards:
1) Did we make safe but swift descends and commences in the stack to keep the tempo at a good pace?
2) Did we have enough SA to not cut each other off when entering the pattern?
3) Were we strict enough in avoiding downwind extensions?
4) Were bolters handled in a correct fashion? (i.e turn right aligning with BRC, climb to 600′, turn left into pattern WHEN CLEAR, i.e last downwind aircraft is behind you 30-45 degrees).


19:30 - 22:30





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1. Loki F/A - 18C 2. Bambi Mjauu 3. Creedarn Fa19 / jas73 4. Bankler F/A - 18C / Marshal / Tower / LSO 5. Lirc F/A-18C 6. WeX F/A-18C 7. JackFlash Hornet 8. Vapor F/A-18C 9. Justin Case F-14B
10. Fritter F14 11. Pling F/A-18C 12. Knugen ATC 13. Mallet F/A - 18C 14. Apollo F/A-18C 15. PuNcH Hornet, försöker hinna. 16. Jasnisse F/A-18C 17. Voyager F/A-18
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