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Black Hawg Down

April 18 @ 19:30 - 22:30

RSVP: 24 04 17 – 12:00 (please sign-up asap though, as it makes things easier to plan)
Activity: Mission – Strike, SEAD/DEAD, CSAR
Theatre: Syria
Modules: F/A-18C, F-14B, F-16C, F-15E, AJS 37, A-10C, AH-64D, UH-1H, Redfor MiG-21 / MiG-29
Prerequisites: Case 3 departure for Navy flights, AAR


F/A-18C Package BEAGLE Strike ARCTIC11 (400): Bankler ARCTIC12 (401): Padde ARCTIC13 (402): ARCTIC14 (403):

F/A-18C Package BEAGLE DEAD BENDER21 (404): Leka BENDER22 (405): Pita BENDER23 (406): Deadlift BENDER24 (407):

F/A-18C Package BEAGLE TARCAP CRIMSON31 (410): Bouncer CRIMSON32 (411): Moose CRIMSON33 (412): CRIMSON34 (413):

F/A-18C Package BEAGLE TARCAP DUSTY41 (300): Frefeh DUSTY42 (301): Enska DUSTY43 (302): DUSTY44 (303):

F/A-18C Package BEAGLE BARCAP KRAKEN21 (304): Straffan KRAKEN22 (305): Niklas (Nick-Click) KRAKEN23 (306): KRAKEN24 (307):

A-10C Package RETRIEVER HAWG81: DrSoos HAWG82: Tomte55 HAWG83: Kingtiger


AH-64D Package RETRIEVER RAGE91: Asken / BFQ RAGE92: Ulvar / Arrow RAGE93: RAGE94:

F-16C Package SHEPHERD INDY91: Hofftari INDY92: Troll INDY93: INDY94:

F-16C Package SHEPHERD JESTER11: Pahi JESTER12: Sandpatch JESTER13: JESTER14:


F-15E Package SHEPHERD HITMAN31: Agaton / Deadgun HITMAN32: WeX / Nillefix HITMAN33: HITMAN34:

F-14B CAP ELVIS51 (100): ELVIS52 (101): ELVIS53 (102): ELVIS54 (102):

F-14B CAP MUSTANG61 (104): MUSTANG62 (105): MUSTANG63 (106): MUSTANG64 (107):

AJS 37 Strike FENRIS61: CoNa FENRIS62: Iquences FENRIS63: FENRIS64:

AJS 37 Strike GRIM71: GRIM72: GRIM73: GRIM74:

M-2000C Strike QUEBEC81: Chewie QUEBEC82: Fille QUEBEC83: QUEBEC84:


Airport Ground: Tower: Control:

Carrier Marshal: Tower: LSO:


1.1 Overview

September 2015. Operation Inherent Resolve. US forces are supporting rebel activity in northeastern Syria, operating out of bases in Turkey.

Recently, Russian forces have entered the conflict, supporting the Assad regime. Tensions are high.

On the evening of September 29th Hawg8, Rage9 and Nitro5 are on a routine CAS and MEDEVAC mission when they are ambushed by previously unknown SAM assets attached to Syrian government forces, possibly with covert support from Russia. Hawg81 and 84 are hit, with 84 making a hard emergency landing near enemy lines while the rest of the flight make it to a rebel-controlled airbase at Tabqa. Remaining rotary wing assets are unable to perform SAR due to the SAM threat and retreat to another rebel-controlled base at Tal Siman.

The ditched pilot, callsign Carebear, activated his emergency beacon and we read it moving north. Hopfully, this means he is alive but attempts at direct radio communication have been unsuccessful. The fact that he is on the move also indicates the presence of enemy troops but we’ve been unable to confirm this. Satellite photo reconnaissance has been unavailable throughout the night due to cloud cover.

The pilot must be rescued ASAP and if the airframe is still intact, the classified equipment in it must be destroyed. It will be a race against time as the Syrian Army is probably already in the area, with reinforcements known to be advancing from the western side of the Euphrates. With daylight approaching, it will be more difficult for Carebear to stay hidden and the Syrian Air Force will most likely be out in greater numbers to interfere with the rescue.

To complicate matters further, the political situation is quickly and unexpectedly deteriorating with Turkey declaring their bases off limits for launching offensive operations into Syria – probably a move by President Erdogan to gain favor with Russia. This throws a wrench in our planning as most of our assets are based there. We will now have to settle for what assets are available at Ramat David. Also, a carrier strike group (CVN-72) is being rushed in from the western Mediterranean. They are advancing under total EMCON to maintain the element of surprise.

1.2 Area of operations

All of Syria. Northern Lebanon (Syrian Army has control of Rene Mouawad air base). Note that Turkish airspace is strictly off limits for offensive operations, emergency diverts only. Also, do not operate within 20 nm of the Russian forces which have established themselves in Latakia and Bassel Al-Assad.

1.3 Time and weather

* September 30 – 2015
* 05:00 local time (first light around 06.00)
* SCT 8/10 FEW/SCT 24/26
* Wind 265 / 6
* FORCE QNH 2992 / 1013

1.4 Air threats

MiG-21, MiG-29, Mi-24, Mi-8

The Syrian Air Force is on high alert but has limited all-weather capability. A few patrols are bound to be airborne or on alert around the clock but most of their fighters and helos will be grounded until daybreak.

Air assets are known to be based In Aleppo, Rene Mouawad, Tiyas, Palmyra and Damascus.

The Russians have a significant presence at the air base of Bassel Al-Assad and the nearby port and city of Latakia. Their ambassador has bluntly stated that they will not defend the Syrian regime should we attack but he assures us that they will act in self defense if “their” airspace is violated.

1.5 Ground threats

Strategic air defenses consist of SA-2 in Damascus and Rene Mouawad, SA-10 in Palmyra and Aleppo, SA-11 in Tiyas and a Russian SA-11 in Latakia. All airfields have fixed and/or mobile AAA.

Mobile SA-6 and SA-19 units cover the Syrian government offensive in the Euphrates region.

We have no specific intel on SHORADS such as SA-8 but they should be expected near fixed installations. MANPADS are ubiquitous.

1.6 Friendly forces

Syrian rebel forces control much of the region east of the Euphrates river. AAA and MANPADS cover is available around the Rebel stronghold in Kharab Ishk as well as the Tal Siman and Tabqa airbases.

Syrian Army forces have been reported near the friendly rebel base at Kharab Ishk. It will likely be attacked before dawn. A small support convoy is moving from Tal Siman to reinforce but we still expect them to be seriously outnumbered and in need of air support.

A small detachment of the British SAS, callsign Bravo 2-0, is serving as advisors to the rebel forces. If we can establish communications with them, they might serve as a contingency plan for getting Carebear out of the hot zone.

In the south a Patriot battery has been forward deployed to the Golan Heights east of Kiryat Shmona.

Tankers with HAVCAP support will be flown in from Iraq to support the mission.

1.7 Civilian/3rd part

Civilian air traffic is grounded.


Rescue the downed pilot and destroy the airframe.

Assist Rebel forces in repelling the Syrian Army’s offensive east of the Euphrates.

Let the Syrian regime know they messed with the wrong guys.


3.1 Commander’s intent

Rescue the pilot. No one gets left behind!

DEAD vs the SA-6 and the SA-19 near the crash site to enable CSAR.

BAI vs any Syrian Army assets east of the Euphrates.

Destroy the bridge over the Euphrates river NE of Manbij (Grid DA25) in order to delay the main thrust of the Syrian Army’s advance.

Inflict maximum casualties on the Syrian Amy and Air Force, in the air and on the ground.

3.2 Packages

The mission contains three packages. Package Leads will be responsible for individual flight tasking.

RETRIEVER – Warthogs, Apaches and Hueys based out of the divert airfields in northeastern Syria, tasked with CSAR and BAI. Package Lead is Hawg83 (Kingtiger)

BEAGLE – Hornets out of CVN-72 tasked with deep penetration Strike, DEAD and Escort to facilitate the CSAR mission and halt the Syrian Army’s advance. Package Lead is Arctic11 (Bankler).

SHEPHERD – Vipers and Strike Eagles out of Ramat David, tasked with SEAD/DEAD and offensive counter-air to prevent the Syrian Air Force from interfering with the CSAR mission. This will also serve as a diversion to allow BEAGLE safe ingress. Package Lead is Hitman31 (Deadgun)

Forces not part of any package:

Viggens and Mirages from Ramat David will crater the runways at Damascus and perform SEAD/DEAD vs the SA-2 system located in that area.

3.3 Order of events

Mission starts at 05:00 (sunrise is at 06:25, first light expected around 06:00).

At 05:05 naval assets will launch a pre-emptive cruise missile strike to disable the Rene Mouawad airbase, SA-2 site and EWR. TOT 05:10. Expect brevity TRITON confirming their destruction. This should allow safe ingress for package BEAGLE.

Viggens and Mirages take off from Ramat David ASAP to disable the SA-2 system in Damascus and crater the runways there, reducing the threat against package SHEPHERD

Package SHEPHERD takes off from Ramat David ASAP to conduct offensive counter-air engaging any airborne Syrian fighters as well as taking out those still on the ground at Tiyas and Palmyra. SEAD/DEAD vs SA-11 in Tiyas and SA-10 in Palmyra.

05:20 Package RETRIEVER takes off from Tal Siman (rotary wing) and Tabqa (fixed wing). Recon and conduct BAI vs Syrian government forces that have already crossed the Euphrates and are moving towards Rebel positions. After confirmed DEAD, proceed with CSAR.

05:20 (Est) Package BEAGLE begin departure from Mother. Low-level incursion into the Euphrates area. Primary objectives are DEAD vs the SAM systems that downed Hawg84 and the destruction of a key bridge across the Euphrates in grid DA25. BEAGLE is also expected to provide air cover for RETRIEVER during CSAR.

06:00 TOT for BEAGLE’s primary objectives



07:10 Charlie

3.4 Rules of engagement

As per SPINS
Addition: ROE A with regards to Russian forces in Latakia and Bassel Al-Assad

3.5 Acceptable level of risk

As per SPINS

3.6 Flight tasking

Notes to all flights:

Avoid a 20 nm zone around Latakia. If violated, expect a shooting war with Russia.

Avoid Turkish airspace for offensive actions. Emergency diverts to Gaziantep or Sanilurfa are authorized.

All airfields in Iraq and Jordan are available for diverts and refueling but not rearming.



Primary objectives:

CSAR – rescue our pilot! Report HOMECOMING on success.

Strike – locate the airframe of Hawg84 believed to be in grid DA35, and destroy it once you have confirmation that the pilot is elsewhere. Report BONFIRE on success.

Secondary objectives:

BAI vs Syrian Army forces. Primarily those approaching the rebel base at Kharab Ishk and those that may threaten the CSAR mission but any and all Syrian forces are considered a viable target.


Carebear’s emergency beacon is transmitting on AM 2.000 MHz. SIGINT places him in a 10-mile square encompassing grids DA26-27 / DA36-37. He should have red smoke and flares to mark his position as you approach.

Package BEAGLE is tasked with silencing the SA-6 and SA-19 known to be in that area. TOT 06:00, expect brevity LIGHTS OUT confirming their destruction



Wp1 Hold
Wp2 Rebel
Wp3 Cross
Wp4 SW Duck
Wp5 NW Duck
Wp6 NE Duck
Wp7 SE Duck
Wp8 Entry

Rage9 & Nitro5

Wp1 Rebel
Wp2 Cross
Wp3 SW Duck
Wp4 NW Duck
Wp5 NE Duck
WP6 SE Duck
Wp7 Base



Primary objectives:

Strike the bridge at N 36°37.932′   E 38°12.197′ – report SHOWSTOPPER on success

Destroy SA-6 and SA-19 near the crash site, likely within 10 nm NE or E of target bridge. Orbital assets will be used to determine their exact location, expect updated intel during startup or en route.

Provide air cover for package RETRIEVER during CSAR.

Secondary objectives:

Resources allowing, you have permission to attack the Syrian air base at Aleppo. It is, however, the most fortified Syrian stronghold at this time so avoidance may be better than confrontation.


Target bridge is a solid piece of engineering, choose munitions accordingly

CAP cover is available during early ingress and late egress but beyond that, this is a self-escorted mission.

If you are detected early, it is likely that significant forces will scramble from Tiyas, Palmyra and Aleppo to Intercept you.

  • Do not depart until TRITON.
  • EMCON procedures: Radar OFF and zip-lip on open radio (datalink and MIDS are considered safe) until you are at least 20 nm inland.
  • Intel suggest staying as low as possible to avoid detection. Near the target area the Euphrates river valley should provide cover.

Arco1 will fly in along the border between Syria and Iraq. ETA 06.10 to set up tanker track approx 60 nm east of your objective.

Arco5 will remain feet wet to service Elvis and Mustang.

Expect deteriorating AWACS cover as you move further inland.

Waypoints (all BEAGLE flights):

Wp1 Ingress
Wp4 IP
Wp5 TGT Bridge
WP6 Crash site (estimated)
Wp7 Aleppo runway
Wp8 Aleppo SA-10 Tracking Radar
Wp9 CAP West
Wp10 CAP south



Primary objectives:

Strike the airfields at Tiyas and Palmyra, including their SAM-sites, reducing the Syrian Air Force’s ability to interfere with RETRIEVER and BEAGLE. Since this is in part a diversion, we want them to see you coming. High altitude ingress with at least one flight.

Offensive counter-air vs any Syrian Air Force assets in your AO, whether on the ground or in the air.


Although not listed as an explicit objective, your package is expected to deliver the message “You reap what you sow”. Inflict maximum damage on Syrian Army and Air Force assets.

Limited BGM-109 resources are at your disposal. Suggest targets to Mission Command.

If the Syrian Air Force gets off the ground we hope they will engage you, not RETRIEVER or BEAGLE. Plan your escort / CAP accordingly. If available, additional CAP resources from CVN-72 (Mustang4 and Elvis5) will take up CAP around Al Qusayr.

To cover your rear, Mirage and Viggens from Ramat David will strike Damascus (SA-2 and airbase).

Wp1 Tanker
Wp2 SA-10 TR (Palmyra)
Wp3 SA-11 (Tiyas)
Wp4 Landing (Ramat David)

Not part of package



Primary objective:
SEAD/DEAD vs SA-2 Damascus
Disable runways at Damascus airport and strike targets of opportunity in your AO

Wp1 SA-2 Tracking Radar
Wp2 Damascus Runway NE
Wp3 Damascus Runway SW



4.1 Airfield operations

* Ramat David
* TCN: 84X
* Active runway: 27

4.2 Carrier operations

* CASE 3 departure, CASE 1 recovery
* Departure radial: 060
* BRC: 301
* Departure time: After TRITON
* Departure sequence: PL decides
* Charlie time: 07:10

As per Carrier Ops SPINS

4.3 Tankers

As per Aerial Refueling SOP
Arco1 will orbit 60 nm east of CAP N, on station 06:00
Arco5 will remain feet wet off the coast of Tartus, on station 05:40
Texaco2 and 4 will orbit near H4 (Jordan), on station 05:30


5.1 Commander

* Mission commander is STINGRAY
* Mission commander deputy is ARCTIC11

5.2 Frequencies

As per Comms SOP

5.3 Authentication

As per Authentication SOP

5.4 Freq flow (Ramat David)

7, 9, 8/10, 7
Remain on Tower (ch 7) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical South (ch 8) or CAP South (ch 10). Use Tower (ch 7) for recovery.

5.4 Freq flow (Tal Siman and Tabqa)

9, 3/13
(No manned Tower, manage takeoff and landing on intra-flight comms. Go to Check in (ch 9) when flight is airborne. Expect Tactical North (ch 3) and monitor Mission (ch 13) for Bravo 2-0.

5.5 Freq flow (Carrier flights)

1, 9, 3/5, 16, 1
Remain on Tower (ch 1) during startup and departure. Go to Check in (ch 9). Expect Tactical North (ch 3) or CAP North (ch 5). Use Marshal (ch 16) and Tower (ch 1) for recovery.

5.6 Brevity

* TANGOUNIFORM – Mission declared successful
* NIGHTFALL – Abort mission
* TRITON – SA-2 and airfield Rene Mouawad out of action, safe to depart Mother
* HOMECOMING – Pilot rescued
* BONFIRE – Hawg84 airframe destroyed
* SHOWSTOPPER – Euphrates bridge destroyed
* LIGHTS OUT – SA-6 and SA-19 near crash site destroyed

5.7 Bullseye

N 34°38.00′ E36°33.00′ (lake SW of Homs)


BHD Overview



240417: Updated lineup, RWY for RMD, tankers’ time on station, waypoints for BEAGLE, overview map, radio plan
240416: Updated lineup and SHEPHERD waypoints
240414: Updated maps, lineup, BEAGLE waypoints, tanker info and Freq flow
240413: Updated lineup and Bullseye
240411: Updated lineup
240407: Updated lineup with Quebec8. Added waypoints for Hawg8, Rage9 and Nitro5. Updated friendly forces with contingency plan for RETRIEVER.



April 18
19:30 - 22:30
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