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Allied Force ep 1 (by Merman)

2022-01-27 @ 19:30 - 23:00

Merman from Nosig generously shares a mission with us, that they flew a couple of weeks ago. The missions has been slightly adjusted to align with Master Arms SOP.

This will be a challenging mission, primarily aimed at intermediate and senior participants. Rookies are feel free to sign up as well, and may join if there’s room.

(AJS 37 Strike)
BADGER81 (450): Qvintus
BADGER82 (451): Creedarn
BADGER83 (452): Ironsavior
BADGER84 (453): Emil
BADGER85 (460): Nasty
BADGER86 (461): Moof
BADGER87 (462):
BADGER88 (463):

(F/A-18C Strike)
RHINO91 (400): Bankler
RHINO92 (401): Merman
RHINO93 (402): Paawman
RHINO94 (403): Wallgren

(F/A-18C CAP)
SPARROW51 (404): Punch
SPARROW52 (405): Jaeger
SPARROW53 (406): Lillfilly
SPARROW54 (407): Leka

(F/A-18C CAP)
DUSTY41 (300): Giant
DUSTY42 (301): Bouncer

(F-14B CAP)
HAWK71 (100): Bambi / Jedi
HAWK72 (101): Super / Översten

(F-16C CAP)
BUZZARD61 (510): Justin Case
BUZZARD62 (511): Ulvar
BUZZARD63 (512): Mags
BUZZARD64 (513): Moldy

(F/A-18C SEAD)
EAGLE41 (410): Jasnisse
EAGLE42 (411): Pling

(F-16C SEAD)
VULTURE31 (500): Agaton
VULTURE32 (501): Arco

(Ka-50 Escort)
SPIDER11 (560): JackFlash
SPIDER12 (561): Shiggan
SPIDER13 (562): Troll
SPIDER14 (563): Insop

WASP21 (550): BFQ

(A-10C Escort)
PIG71 (340): Baconbomb
PIG72 (341): Kingtiger




Sierra (F-16)
DeadGun (A-10)
Johnpapa (F/A-18)
Gus (F/A-18)

DATE: 1999-03-28 TIME: 07:00
Situation – Operation Allied force EP1

To get even sections/divisions, slots might be added to the current flights, in order to make room for reserves.


A couple of weeks ago the peace talks failed in France, and as a result of this NATO’s military committee has decided to carry through a humanitary intervention in Yugoslavia to stop their offensive in Kosovo.
The last few days, bombing and SEAD-missions have been carried out, and yesterday the unthinkable happened. Vega 3-1, an F-117 Nighthawk flown by Lieutenant Colonel Darell “Dale” Zelko, got shot down over Ruma by a SA-3. His emergency beacon is localized in the western edge of Ruma, code name Kislovodsk. To be able to carry out a rescue mission, FARP Rome has been established with a helicopter unit as close as the current situation allows. We have knowledge of a SA-3 system in the area that needs to be taken out before we can proceed with the rescue.
NATO’s plan is to take out the Novi-Sad EWR-station with Tomahawk missile. This EWR is belived to be the main search radar in enemy SAM-defence. If the early warning radar is taken out we should have a small gap in time before the integrated defense network units come back online. This also provides the golden opportunity to strike at additional targets that until now would have been under the cover of the SAM network. A large strike force will fly to Novi-Sad (code name Pyatigorsk) to take out military targets as well TV- and Telecom-buildings.
Intel says that Yugoslavian fighter jets operate in the area. Establishing a CAP-barrier is key to secure air superiority.
NATOs aircraft units operate out of Aviano, Italy, codename Anapa, and Carrier strike group 9 with CVN-71 and -74 situated in the Adriatic sea. There is also two A-10C located at Craiova air base in Romania, 80 nm east of the AO.

LIPA 280250Z 02104KT 10SM BKN140 BKN280 11/01 Q1013 NOSIG=

Bullseye: Sukhumi Babushara
Tomahawk missiles are expected to hit the EWR at 07:55

FARP Rome – Helo
Roadbase – RWY 12-30
Aviano (Italy) RWY 22
Craiova (Romania) RWY 26

CSG-9 BRNG 341°, 28 kts
CVN-71: 66X, ICLS 6, BRC 341
Case 1 conditions
0855 Recommended Navy RTB
0910-0920 Expected Marshal check-in
0930 Charlie

Marshal Stack
4k’ Dusty4 (2), Hawk7 (2)
3k’ Sparrow5 (2), Sparrow5 (2)
2k’ Rhino9 (4), Eagle4 (2)

(CVN-74: ICLS 7)

* ROUGH RIDER – 66X – CVN-71 USS Theodore Roosevelt
* ARCO1 – 101X – KC-135MPRS at 18.000′
* TEXACO2 – 102X – KC-135 at 16.000′
* SHELL3 – 103X – KC-135MPRS at 8.000′ (Overhead)
* TEXACO2 – 104X – KC-135 at 14.000′
* ARCO5 – 105X – KC-135MPRS at 20.000′

Common Comms
* Ch 1 Carrier Tower: 305.00
* Ch 2 Carrier Tower (AI): 264.00
* Ch 3 Package: 265.00
* Ch 4 Carrier Red Crown: 256.00
* Ch 5 CAP A: 254.00
* Ch 6 Ground: 250.00
* Ch 7 Tower: 270.00
* Ch 8 Control: 257.00
* Ch 9 AWACS Check In: 255.00
* Ch 10 CAP B: 262.00
* Ch 11 Air Force Secondary Tanker: 259.00 (Texaco4)
* Ch 12 Navy Secondary Tanker: 268.00 (Arco5)
* Ch 13 Mission Specific: 269.00
* Ch 14 Navy Main Tanker (AI): 260.00 (Arco1)
* Ch 15 Carrier Approach A: 263.00
* Ch 16 Carrier Marshal: 261.00
* Ch 17 Carrier Approach B: 267.00
* Ch 18 AWACS (AI): 251.00
* Ch 19 Carrier Overhead Tankers (AI): 253.00 (Shell3)
* Ch 20 Air Force Main Tanker (AI): 266.00 (Texaco2)

Rescue Lieutenant Colonel Zelko from hostile territory.


Package “Sandy” (CSAR)
Lead: SPIDER11 Sandy Actual
SPIDER1 (4x Ka-50), Secure route for WASP
WASP2 (1x UH-1), Locate and extract Lieutenant Colonel Zelko
PIG7 (2x A-10C), Support rescue operation

Package “Volt” (SEAD)
Lead: EAGLE41 Volt Actual
VULTURE3 (2x F-16), DEAD against known SAM-systems
EAGLE4 (2x F/A-18), Escort and Standby SEAD against any unknown SAM-systems.

Package “Hunter” (CAP)
Lead: BUZZARD61 Hunter Actual
SPARROW5 (4x F/A-18) , Establish CAP as per WP
DUSTY4 (2x F/A-18) , Establish CAP as per WP
BUZZARD6 (2x F-16), Establish CAP as per WP
HAWK7 (2x F-14), Establish CAP as per WP

Package “Hammer” (Strike)
Lead: BADGER81 Hammer Actual
BADGER8 (4x AJS37), Strike against communication centre, Novi-Sad
BADGER8 (4x AJS37), Strike against weapons factory, Novi-Sad
RHINO9 (2x F/A-18), Strike against telecom facilty, Novi-Sad


Package “Sandy” (CSAR)
Lead: SPIDER11 Sandy Actual

SPIDER11, 12, 13, 14
Mission: Escort and protect WASP during CSAR

WP1-2 – Route
WP3-5 – Possible location

Mission: Locate and extract Lieutenant Colonel Zelko, Return to FARP Rome.

Lieutenant Colonel Zelko will fire a flare and green smoke when WASP gets close. Land by the smoke and call for Lieutenant Colonel Zelko.

Expected resistance: ground troops, ZU-23, SA-3
You are in Yugoslavia, all contacts can be hostile.

PIG71, 72
Mission: Support the rescue operation by attacking any hostile ground forces in the AO

WP1-2 Ingress
WP3-7 Estimated CSAR location

Package “Volt” (SEAD)
Lead: EAGLE41 Volt Actual

Mission: Attack known SAM-systems in and around Novi-Sad to secure future operations. BDA from target area is required at debrief.

WP1-2 Navigation around Croatian airspace
WP3 – Holdpoint, eventual Potenital time for tanking, wait for push time
WP4 – Fence IN
WP5 – SA-3
WP6 – SA-3
WP7 – SA-3
WP8 – SA-3
WP9 – ZU-23 installation
WP10 – SA-6
WP11 – SA-3
WP12 – SA-10
WP13 – Fence OUT
WP14 – Landing Aviano

EAGLE41, 42
Mission: Escort VULTURE flight. TOO-SEAD if needed.

WP1 – Holding, potenitally refuel, wait for push time
WP2 – Fence IN
WP3 – Target Area
WP4 – Fence OUT
WP5 – Bullseye
Recover at CVN-71

Expected Resistance: SA-2, SA-3, SA-6, AAA.

Package “Hunter” (CAP)
Lead: BUZZARD61 Hunter Actual

SPARROW51, 52, 53, 54
DUSTY41, 42
Mission: Establish CAP.

WP1-2 – CAP station
WP3 Bullseye
Recover at CVN-71

Mission: Establish CAP.

WP1-3 – Navigation around Croatian airspace
WP4-5 – CAP station
RTB to Aviano

HAWK71, 72
Mission: Establish CAP.

WP1-2 – CAP station
Recover to CVN-71

Breach of hostile air space has been approved.
ROE: IFF declared BANDIT
Expected resistance: MiG-29 Fulcrum, MiG-21 Fishbed, MiG-23 Flogger, G-4 Super Galeb
Distance from T/O to CAP station: ~200 nm

Package “Hammer” (Strike)
Lead: BADGER81 Hammer Actual

BADGER81, 82, 83, 84
Mission: Take out communication centre.
BADGER85, 86, 87, 88
Mission: Take out weapons factory.

B1-2 – Steerpoints around Croatia
B3 – Roadbase, wait for push time
B4-5 – Low-level flying
B6 – Steerpoints to target
B7 – Target area
B8-9 – Low-level flying
LMÅL – Landning Aviano
You will need to reuse steerpoints to navigate home around Croatia. Roadbase has a large amount of fuel available.

AJS 37 Nav points:
Aviano 9001
Roadbase 9022

RHINO91, 92
Mission: Take out Telecom facility. Take out military buildings by Oval.

WP1 – Fence IN, wait for push time south of WP
WP2 – Telecom facility
WP3 – Military buildings
WP4 – Fence OUT
WP5 – Bullseye


Note: These limits are not enforced in the mission in order to cover for technical problems. You will have to sync among flight to not break the limits.

4x AIM-120B
0x AIM-120-C5
100x AIM-54A/C
100x AIM-7E/F/M/MH
100x AIM-9B/L/M/P/P5
100x RB-24/J
100x RB-74
2x AGM-154A
8x AGM-154C
100x AGM-65A/B/D/E/F/G/H/K/L
4x AGM-88C
8x RB-05A
8x RB-75A/B/T
100x all rockets
64x M/71
32x M/71 HD
8x CBU-87/97/103/105
20x Mk-82/AB/SE
20x Mk-83
20x Mk-84
5x AGM-62
6x GBU-10
10x GBU-12
8x GBU-16
2x GBU-31-1/2/3/4
4x GBU-38

8x AIM-120B
0x AIM-120-C5
100x AIM-54A/C
100x AIM-7E/F/M/MH
100x AIM-9B/L/M/P/P5
4x AGM-154A
2x AGM-154C
4x AGM-65A/B/D/E/F/G/H/K/L
4x AGM-88C
100x all rockets
20x CBU-87/97/103/105
20x Mk-82/AB/SE
20x Mk-83
20x Mk-84
16x AGM-62
8x GBU-10
4x GBU-12
2x GBU-16
4x GBU-38

Road base
Only fuel


19:30 - 23:00





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