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2023-07-19 @ 19:30 - 22:00

RSVP: 2023-07-19 – 19:30

Activity: Mission – Anti-ship

Theatre: Caucasus

Modules: Mi-24, Mi-8, KA-50, SU-25, L-39C

Prerequisites: None


The relocation of Russia’s naval forces from Sevastopol to Novorossiysk was driven by a combination of geopolitical, strategic, and operational factors. This decision aimed to optimize the deployment of naval assets and maintain a robust maritime presence in the region.

Geopolitical Context:

Annexation of Crimea: The annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 led to a shift in the geopolitical landscape of the region. As a result, Russia’s control over the Crimean Peninsula, including the naval base in Sevastopol, became more pronounced.
Strategic Considerations:

Security of the Black Sea Fleet: The Black Sea Fleet, based in Sevastopol, has long been a critical asset for Russia’s strategic interests in the Black Sea region. However, concerns about the vulnerability of Sevastopol due to its proximity to potential conflict zones necessitated the need for a more secure operational base.

Enhanced Operational Flexibility: Relocating naval forces to Novorossiysk provided a more strategically advantageous position. Novorossiysk, located further east along the Black Sea coast, offered increased operational flexibility and reduced exposure to potential threats, enabling more effective surveillance and control over the region.


The objective of Operation Siren Song is to deploy our helicopter units to search for and neutralize enemy naval drones attempting to infiltrate Novorossiysk bay in the Black Sea. The primary goal is to eliminate all hostile drones and ensure the protection of our friendly ships within the area.

Intelligence reports indicate an increased presence of enemy naval drones operating in the Black Sea region. These drones pose a significant threat to our naval forces and must be neutralized to maintain control of Novorossiysk bay. The drones are anticipated to approach from various entry points and attempt to breach our defenses undetected.


Helicopter Deployment:
a. Deploy Mi-24 (IVAN), KA-50 (IGOR), Mi-8 (BORIS) helicopters from Novorossiysk air base to designated patrol areas within Novorossiysk bay.
b. Arm helicopters with rockets, guns, and electro-optical systems for target acquisition and tracking.
c. Deploy SU-25 (NIKITA) and L-39C (ANASTASIA) as additional support.

Patrol and Reconnaissance:
a. Establish a systematic patrol pattern across the bay to maximize coverage.
b. Helicopters will conduct visual and additional sensor scans to detect any enemy naval drones in the area.
c. Maintain constant communication with SPUTNIK to gather real-time intelligence regarding drone sightings.

Identification and Engagement:
a. Upon detection of enemy naval drones, assess the threat level and prioritize targets based on proximity to friendly ships.
b. Engage hostile drones using rockets and guns, aiming to neutralize them before they reach the bay.
c. Exercise caution to avoid collateral damage to friendly vessels and infrastructure.

Coordination and Support:
a. Maintain continuous communication with naval command SPUTNIK for situational updates and intelligence sharing.
b. Coordinate with NIKITA and ANASTASIA for additional support.

Command and Control:

Operation Siren Song will be under the overall command of SPUTNIK.
Air support coordination will be facilitated by SPUTNIK.
Regular situation reports and updates will be provided to SPUTNIK.

Administration and Logistics:

Appropriate logistic support will be provided to ensure the sustained operational readiness of the helicopter units.
Refuel and rearm can be conducted at Novorossiysk or Gelendzhik


Operation Siren Song will commence at 1645 hours on the designated date and continue until the threat has been neutralized or further orders are received.
Remember, the success of Operation Siren Song depends on precise execution, effective coordination, and swift action. Our objective is to safeguard our naval assets and maintain control of Novorossiysk bay. Good luck and stay vigilant.

This document is classified TOP SECRET. Unauthorized disclosure is strictly prohibited.




19:30 - 22:00
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