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Activity: Mission - Air Interdiction
Theatre: Syria
Modules: AH-64, UH-1, Gazelle, MI-8 (2-ships required)


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Militants based in Syria has moved across the border into the northern Baalbek-Hermel Governorate region of Lebanon. Due to an intelligence failure the inadequately reinforced army units in the region has been unable to mount an effective defence and the region has been overrun.

We have reports of two Lebanese army vehicular patrols that have been attacked. The survivors are pinned down and need air support.

The army has retained control over the town of Nabi Osmane and the nearby army barracks. There is an urgent need to evacuate high value personnel from the area.

One of the patrols reported that they were attacked on the road east of Ainata-Al Ariz. The other attack took place in Toufiqiyeh village.

Militants have taken positions in some civilian buildings in the settlements in the region.

The risk of enemy presence can be expected within 8 km south of WP 1 and 2.

Ground threats
Mainly infantry and HMG-mounted technicals. The militants are expected to be in possession of a small number of armored vehicles, technical-mounted ZU-23, and MANPADS


A combined mission to provide air support to the attacked patrols as well as cover the evacuation convoy will be conducted.

Elements of the Lebanese Air Force (LAF) 8th and 15th squadrons has been assigned to the mission. Foreign army aviation units stationed in the region have been assigned to assist the LAF.

Take off from Rayak in force as soon as possible.
Proceed to WP 1-2 and destroy militants attacking the vehicular patrols. Hostiles may be encountered enroute, targets of opportunity may be attacked unless it involves any significant delays.
Proceed to WP 3, report on station when ready.
Escort the evac convoy through Checkpoints Alpha-Bravo-Charlie.

Further notes on execution

Package comms will be on 305

LAF elements (Gazelles and Hueys) should take point to lower risk to assisting US assets (Apaches).

Avoid target fixation on mission trivial targets, f.e. isolated militant infantry outside of target objectives.

Stand-off weapons (Hellfire) should mainly be reserved for high threat targets.

The use of high explosive weapons against civilian buildings should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Landing pads are available at the barracks and can resupply LAF flights if necessary.

Weapons free on all confirmed hostilies. Avoid HE damage to civilian structures.

Waypoints (all flights)

WP1 – East of Ainata-Al Ariz
WP2 – Toufiqiyeh village
WP3 – Nabi Osmane barracks
WP4 – Checkpoint Alpha
WP5 – Checkpoint Bravo
WP6 – Checkpoint Charlie

Acceptable level of risk
MEDIUM for LAF elements, LOW for Apaches
As per SPINS