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THT – The Galvnyy Mountains PvP

2022-09-15 @ 19:30 - 23:30

Mission – Invasion (CAP, Air Interdiction, CAS, SEAD, DEAD, Ground Assault)
Version / Modules:
Open Beta, Caucasus,
– Blue side: F/A-18C, AJS 37, F-14B, M-2000C, AV-8B, F-86F, AH-64, UH-1H
– Red side: F-16C, A-10C, F-5E, L-39ZA, Mirage F1CE, JF-17, MiG-21bis, MiG-15bis, Ka-50, Mi-24P, SA342L, Mi-8MTV2
Being able to coordinate with the flights and AWACS on your side.

Lineup Blue side:

ARCTIC11 (400):
ARCTIC12 (401):
ARCTIC13 (402):
ARCTIC14 (403):

(AJS 37)
FENRIS61 (404):
FENRIS62 (405):
FENRIS63 (406):
FENRIS64 (407):

ELVIS51 (100):
ELVIS52 (101):

NITRO51 (550):
NITRO52 (551):
NITRO53 (552):

QUEBEC81 (600):
(AV-8B N/A)
QUEBEC83 (602):

RAGE91 (610):
RAGE92 (611):
RAGE93 (612):
RAGE94 (613):

ZIPPY81 (670):

(AWACS – Tactical Commander)

Lineup Red side:

CRIMSON31 (410):
CRIMSON33 (412):

DUSTY41 (300):

HAWG81 (330):
HAWG82 (331):

INDY91 (500):
INDY92 (501):
INDY93 (502):
INDY94 (503):

MUSTANG41 (104):
MUSTANG42 (105):

ORCA61 (560):
ORCA62 (561):
ORCA63 (562): insop
ORCA64 (563):

PIG71 (340):
PIG72 (341):

VENOM41 (630):
(Mirage F1CE)
VENOM43 (632):

ZIPPY83 (672):

(AWACS – Tactical Commander)


The situation is dire north of the Galvnyy Mountains as Ukraine with the help of Sweeden, USA and France is pushing through Crimea and making big strides into mainland Russia. The goal for now is to establish ground control at the airfield of Krymsk. Russia on the other hand has seen this coming from miles away and have gathered together in a coalition with China, Iran, Pakistan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia and Libya in addition to bringing some rogue A10-C II which was captured in Afghanistan. Feigning a desperat retreat Russia and it’s allies have set up positions just east of Krymsk Airfield and will shortly return to resume flying operations and launch a ground assault with the goal of driving the intruders into the ocean in addition to capturing their valuable equipment in the process yet again.
Break through the enemy perimeter and capture the opponents airfield with ground troops to force them to retreat.


Get to the closest airfield, drag out some old equipment and personnel there to make it yours. Note that this will make you able to spawn more airframes.
Additionally there is loadable cargo and toops at the airfield and at the preplaced FARP closest to you.


All helicopters can drop cargo, troop capable can additionally drop troops, inside the big circle marked on the map with dashed lines or at preplaced FARPs outside of it.
Our engineers are ready to bulid new smaller FARPs inside the same big circle as well if you can just give them a lift.
Remember to supply all our FARPs with a convoy.
All pilots are authorised to command ground troops.
And let our engineers have some space while they are building our FARPs. After all your airframe make a poor cornerstone.


M.K, Sharknado, Applevangelist, Jinx, Bankler, Baconbomb, Jedi, Urist, Apollo, Tony, bucketeye, fiddler, Bambi, Fritter, Seyo, Mags, JackFlash and the Master Arms community.

Package mission:
Your mission is to make sure our ground troops get to capture our opponents airfield.
Equally your mission is also to make sure that enemy ground troops do not get to capture our airfield.

– You can use whatever airframe you want to achieve this, however be cooperative about it and coordinate with your allied flights and AWACS.
– If everyone flies CAP or SEAD enemy ground troops will have a high likelihood of slipping by on a side road proceeding to capture your airfield and by doing so force your side to retreat which means you and your side lose the mission.
– Do not be to rigid about what flights and which airframes should fly together. Having an attack helicopter flying together with a transport helicopter or a fighter providing cover for an attack plane is advisable. Coordinate this, if possible, beforehand.
– Due to the dire situation of the ongoing invasion and this mission every airframe starts hot(balance reasons).
– Use the radio menu, select F10 Other and then F# CTLD to gain access to “Manage Troops” and “Manage Crates” when you are in a helicopter to spawn, load(inside the load zone marked by the small circle on the map or at the helicopter WP2 FARP), drop and build cargo and load(inside the load zone) and drop troops.
– Additionally, troops loaded and dropped(outside of the load zone) can be extracted and dropped again and again and again. Now Hueys and Mi-8 can be OP too 🙂
– Everyone (even pilots) are allowed to command ground troop. Do not let this option go to waste. Remember to command ground troops properly so that the performance of the server isn’t dragged down by bad pathfinding(https://discord.com/channels/308882827540299776/969216126896717874/1012835231251845221).
– Read SITUATION, HELICOPTERS and CTLD SECONDARY to get a feel for the background, features and elements of the mission.

* Blue Bullseye: N 45 00.300 E 37 20.800 (Anapa-Vityazevo Airfield, marked on the map below with a blue circle.)
* Red Bullseye: N 44 58.000 E 37 59.700 (Krymsk Airfield, marked on the map below with a red circle.)

The projected advance of Blue and Red ground forces is marked on the map below with arrows.
The blue circle additionally marks WP1 for the Blue helicopters and similarly the red circle marks WP1 for the Red helicopters.

Estimated flight path of Blue and Red fixed wings.

Common Comms:
* Ch 1 Carrier Tower: 305.00
* Ch 2 Carrier Tower (AI): 264.00
* Ch 3 Package: 265.00
* Ch 4 Carrier Red Crown: 256.00
* Ch 5 CAP A: 254.00
* Ch 6 Ground: 250.00
* Ch 7 Tower: 270.00
* Ch 8 Control: 257.00
* Ch 9 AWACS Check In: 255.00
* Ch 10 CAP B: 262.00
* Ch 11 Air Force Sec Tanker: 259.00
* Ch 12 Navy Sec Tanker: 268.00
* Ch 13 Mission Specific: 269.00
* Ch 14 Navy Main Tanker (AI): 260.00
* Ch 15 Carrier Approach A: 263.00
* Ch 16 Carrier Marshal: 261.00
* Ch 17 Carrier Approach B: 267.00
* Ch 18 AWACS (AI): 251.00
* Ch 19 Carrier Overhead Tankers (AI): 253.00
* Ch 20 Air Force Main Tanker (AI): 266.00

* Weapons free on all enemy air defences
* Weapons free on all enemy ground vehicles
* Weapons free on aircraft declared bogey

TCN(on Blue side):
* UNION – 72X – CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln
* ARCO1 – 101X – KC-135MPRS at 18.000′ – Ch 14
* TEXACO2 – 102X – KC-135 at 16.000′ – Ch 20
* TEXACO4 – 104X – KC-135 at 14.000′ – Ch 11
* ARCO5 – 105X – KC-135MPRS at 20.000′ – Ch 12

Line up Blue and Red helicopters
– Blue: Anapa-Vityazevo Airfield (marked by blue circle on the map above)
– Red: Krymsk Airfield (marked by red circle on the map above)
WP2 FARP you can load cargo from.
WP3 Expected approximate position of enemy convoys.
WP4 Expected approximate position of enemy convoys.
WP5 Airfield our ground troops needs to capture.

For helicopters starting from the airfield:
– the first waypoint is instead sett to the FARP that you can load cargo from (WP2 on the list above).
For helicopters starting from the FARP that you can load cargo from:
– the first waypoint is instead sett to the first point where enemy convoys are expected (WP3 on the list above).

Blue and Red planes
– Blue: 10 klicks north-east of Anapa-Vityazevo Airfield
– Red: 10 klicks nort-west of Krymsk Airfield
WP2 Expected approximate position of enemy convoys and enemy airborn support elements.
WP3 Expected approximate position of enemy convoys and enemy airborn support elements.
WP4 Airfield our ground troops needs to capture.


19:30 - 23:30
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