Liberation: Jordanian Defense Day 1

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Liberation: Jordanian Defense Day 1

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Liberation: Jordanian Defense Day 1

Fredag 30 april 20:30
Air Tasking och flight-planering börjar 20:30, mission-start ca 21:00. Man måste inte vara med på planeringen.
Moduler: F-14, F-16, F-18, A-10, UH-1H. Andra moduler på begäran men inte för nära mission start.
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With the madness of the Syrian regime worsening, claims have been made to the northern part of Jordan, including the King Hussein Air Base. Syrian forces are moving towards the border.

Due to a catastrophic rocket attack earlier this month, most Jordanian aircraft are inoperable. Only a handful of A-10Cs and UH-1H are airworthy. The EU, Israel, USA and UAE have pledged air assets which will be transferring to King Hussein Air Base, armed.

Jordanian ground forces are heavily outnumbered and in dire need of supporting airstrikes.

Syrian fighter aircraft are operating aggressively in the entire region.


Defend Jordan from the Syrian invasion. Push back Syrian forces across the border.

Aircraft operational at King Hussein: A-10C, UH-1H
Aircraft transferring from Europe/Israel/UAE/CVN-72: F-16C, F/A-18C, F-14


A no-fly-zone is in place. Weapons free on all non-cooperating aircraft in Jordan and Syria.
Weapons free on Syrian ground forces.

About the mission format

This will be a Liberation-based mission. Liberation is a dynamic campaign engine that generates missions to be flown in DCS, the outcome of which affects the campaign greatly.

Expect less planning and less detailed tasking than usual. However, waypoints and kneeboards are generated by the Liberation engine.

Expect to improvise and adapt to a chaotic situation.
We're in the pipe, five by five!