THT V.47 - Born to Run

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THT V.47 - Born to Run

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FVC 2 v.47 - Born to Run
Part 2 in Filles second Vietnam Campaign
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“During the day on Monday, Washington time, the airport at Saigon came under persistent rocket as well as artillery fire and was effectively closed. The military situation in the area deteriorated rapidly. I therefore ordered the evacuation of all American personnel remaining in South Vietnam.”-President Gerald Ford. April 29, 1975.

Starttid / (Sluttid)
201911-2000 (-2200)
Sista tid anmälan.
Typ av verksamhet:
-Extraction, combat air patrol and close air support.
Version + Moduler:
-2.5 open beta + UH-1, F-5E, F-14A, Syria.
-Basic helicopter flying skills.
-Basic knowledge about your aircrafts systems.
Teamspeak 64-bit (LADDA NER)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (LADDA NER)(INFO)
Recommended skins:
* ... s/1011777/
* ... s/3312162/

Born to Run
The Viet Cong is closing up on Basel al-Assad AB fast. We believe the base will fall into their hand by the morning of the 29th. In other words, it's time to evacuate our troops in the vicinity. Chevy 1 and 2 are tasked with this. Support flights will be Cobra and Penske. Cobra will provide CAP directly above Basel al-Assad to intercept North Vietnamese bombing raids. Penske on the other hand will help to hold off the enemy ground units for as long as possible during the evacuation.

Yesterday the city north of Basel al-Assad, Latakia was bombed to smithereens. We expect Basel al-Assad to receive the same treatment. Chevy 1 and 2 can expect heavy mortar and rocket fire around the airfield during the extraction.

Chevy flights are deploying from the Tarawa which has anchored a few miles west of Basel al-Assad. You are to establish shuttle flights to and from Basel al-Assad. Personnel due to evacuate will be marking their position with smoke or flares. Beware of civilians on deck from yesterday's evacuation of Latakia.

Penske flight, scramble from Basel al-Assad. Use your armament with care and efficiency for you will not be able to refuel nor rearm. If Basel al-Assad is unserviceable or lost into enemy hands when bingo or Winchester eject west of the Tarawa.

Cobra. Deploying from the CVN-71. Note, North Vietnamese fighter-bombers are expected to fly low and fast. No tankers are available. When bingo return to the carrier.

Bronco 1 UH-1H
Bronco 1-1: BFQ
Bronco 1-2: Fille
Bronco 1-3: Punch
Bronco 1-4:

Bronco 2 UH-1H
Bronco 2-1: Shiggan
Bronco 2-2: Jax
Bronco 2-3: Qvintus
Bronco 2-4: Jinx

Cobra 1 F-14A
Cobra 1-1 (Pilot/RIO): Översten/Jedi
Cobra 1-2 (Pilot/RIO): Justin/Vapor

Penske 1 F-5E
Penske 1-1: Iron
Penske 1-2: Bankler
Penske 1-3: Vingen
Penske 1-4: GlueStick

Corvette P-51
Corvette: Apollo

Ch. 3 (Basel tower/traffic) 265.00

Time and weather:
Blues skies and calm winds. Few clouds at 3000ft. 0630 Local.

Tasking overview:
Chevy 1 Extraction.
Chevy 2 Extraction.
Cobra 1 CAP.
Penske 1 Search and destroy.
Corvette FAC.

Free fire.

* Ch. 1 Tarawa. (251.000 AM)
* Ch. 2 Common Combat Comm/Package.(264.000 AM)
* Ch. 3 BASEL AL-ASSAD AB. (265.000 AM)

* Ch. 4 CVN-71. (256.000 AM)

* Air threats: Very likely.
* Ground threats: Small arms fire and few AAA. Note SA-2s east of the mountains.
* Enemy activity is very high. 5-10nm east of Basel al-Assad AB.

*Om det ser fullbokat ut så fixar jag mer slottar vid anmälan.
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"Det är inte lätt när det är svårt. Ååå andra sidan är det inte så jävla svårt heller!"