Övningstorsdag - Fiskekroken del 6 (2 juli)

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Övningstorsdag - Fiskekroken del 6 (2 juli)

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Typ av verksamhet:
Carrier quals
Version + Moduler:
Senaste Open Beta, F/A-18C, F-14B, Supercarrier
CASE 1 Recoveries (någorlunda)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (LADDA NER)(INFO)

Carrier Qual-excercise! Each participants will be put into a 2-4 ship flight and perform CASE 1 landing practice.

* Staying on button 1, take off following the usual CASE 1 departure routine.
* Airboss will now give you an altitude in the (controlled) overhead stack.
* You will be directed when to descend in the stack, all the way down to 2000'.
* When you receive your "your signal is charlie" call, commence, switch to button 15 and perform a normal CASE 1 recovery, with hook down.

* If you trap, stay put until the score board is presented, then taxi. Refuel to 75%, then get ready to launch from cat 1 and cat 2.
* If you bolter:
** If fuel > 4000, go up to the stack and wait for your wingman to join you.
** If fuel < 4000, enter the bolter pattern and try to land again. Or respawn. Whichever is most convenient.

* Do not waste time going to the tanker! Refuel on deck, or respawn. No AAR today!

* Ch 1: Union Tower
* Ch 15: Approach / LSO

Qualification, huh(?):
* Yeah, we call it qualification and consider you "carrier qualified" if you meet certain standards. This doesn't have any practical meaning. You're still welcome to participate on carrier based missions and so on regardless. This is just for fun and friendly competition. We will post and manage a list of everyone who get qualified on Discord though, along with the score on your best valid pass! So yeah, why not try to get in the top of that list? :)

* We'll be using the Bankler's CASE 1 Trainer script.
* To get qualified you need to perform two "valid passes" with at most one invalid pass between them. In other words 2/3 success rate, with unlimited number of attempts. (For instance, if you run five attempts, and 1,2 and 4 were fails, but 3 and 5 was valid, you are qualified)
* For a pass to be valid you need to:
** Catch any wire
** Get 40+ points
** Don't extend the downwind
** Don't settle at the ramp (F-14 drivers, be careful not to force the aircraft down with DLC, it will trigger the script to call out settle)