Training Tuesday - Kutaisi ops (23/6)

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Training Tuesday - Kutaisi ops (23/6)

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Start / (Stop)
200623-2000(1800z) (-2300)
Sign up before.
Planned activities:
Group departures and arrivals at Kutaisi
Version + Moduler:
Latest Open Beta, most modules available if requested.
Required knowledge:
Basic handling of requested module
Teamspeak 64-bit (LADDA NER)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (LADDA NER)(INFO)
Missionfil: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)
Tacview: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)
Kutaisi_CTA_v0.5.png (2.87 MiB) Visad 473 gånger
Game Plan

To fully staff the air traffic control at Kutaisi airport and have groups of aircraft arriving and departing throughout the event in order to train pilots and controllers, both from MA and IAF. We will utilize the Airport Procedures described in our wiki.


Start Up and Taxi
Groups of four aircraft or less will start up at Kutaisi, clearance for engine start is not required. GND might or might not be active, if not contact TWR. Taxi using 300 feet separation between aircraft, see images attached below.
Taxi distance 300 ft 1 p.jpg
Taxi distance 300 ft 1 p.jpg (1.56 MiB) Visad 467 gånger
Taxi distance 300 ft 3 p.jpg
Taxi distance 300 ft 3 p.jpg (450.04 KiB) Visad 467 gånger

Take Off and Join Up
Take off from runway 07 in pairs using the technique described in a previous session, delay the second element by 15 seconds. Perform a careful rejoin with the first element and form up in a Finger Four formation.

Expect Exit East followed by westerly turn to self position for Entry West, use the lakes scattered north to south to align for final approach, we have attained approval to fly slightly north of Entry West.

Kutaisi_kb_02 Visual Pattern.jpg
Kutaisi_kb_02 Visual Pattern.jpg (1.27 MiB) Visad 473 gånger
This is the intended plan. It is likely that this will be revised during the event due to congestion. ATC may ask you to extend your pattern or to proceed "between Senaki control zone and R99", if you are uncertain how to follow that instruction just ask for assistance and ATC will gladly help you!

Echelon Left
At some point flight lead will command Echelon Left in order to setup for the right hand overhead break, this is preferably done once established on the final approach towards the runway.

Overhead Break
Follow the overhead break procedure described under the topic "About Overhead Breaks" in Banklers previous briefing. Plan to use the entire runway and vacate to the right using taxiway E. Prepare for another take off and if able, swap positions within the flight and inform ATC.

Kutaisi_kb_01.png (1.02 MiB) Visad 467 gånger

UGKO 231050Z 07008 9999 SCT058 25/13 Q1020/30.12/765

Radio Channels

1Carrier Tower305.00
2Carrier Tower, AI264.00
4Carrier Red crown256.00
5AWACS Backup254.00
6Human-controlled Airfield, Ground250.00
7Human-controlled Airfield, Tower270.00
8Human-controlled Airfield, Approach257.00
14Navy Main Tanker260.00
15Carrier Approach A263.00
16Carrier Marshal261.00
17Carrier Approach B267.00
18AWACS, AI251.00
19Carrier Overhead Tankers253.00
20Air force Main Tanker266.00


S.1 = Ch. 6
S.2 = Ch. 7
S.3 = Ch. 8

Line Up

Kutaisi ATCC:
Ground: Smoker
Tower: Knugen
Aprroach: Apollo

Devil 1 F/A-18C:
-1: JackFlash
-2: Kinglevel
-3: Kimkiller
-4: Vapor

Echo 2 F-16C:
-1: Jax
-2: Mags
-3: Shiggan
-4: Losanti

Empress 3 F-16C:
-1: Yuval
-2: ViFF
-3: Arkady
-4: Zed

Enfield 4 F/A-18C:
-1: Amir
-2: Yohay
-3: Didi
-4: Rewind

Fork 5 F-16C:
-1: Hollywood
-2: Dima
-3: Grumpy

Fenris 6 AJS37:
-1: M4ueN
-2: Ironsavior
-3: Smekre
-4: Lt_Nasty

Hawg 7 A-10C:
-1: Lynx
-2: Wallgren
-3: Alon
-4: Daniel
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