Desert Gate 06-Operation Aegea

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Desert Gate 06-Operation Aegea

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Starttid / (Sluttid)
200305-19:30 (-22:30)
Sista tid anmälan.
Typ av verksamhet:
- Strike, Anti Ship, SEAD, CAP
Version + Moduler:
- OB 2.5.5 (om inte 2.6.6 blivit stabilt), F-14, F/A-18, F-16, AJS 37 & Hormuz map
- CASE III (kommer finnas flygfält som alternate och om vi får gäster som inte klarar carrier ops)
- AAR Nattetid
- Behärska det flygplan du valt, dess system och vapenleverans
- Kunna ansluta, samt visuellt följa rotechef eller grupp utan att ständigt tappa bort dem.
- Ha en rimlig förståelse för de gemensamma procedurer MA tillämpar vid start och landning (t ex, rotestarter och bryt över bas vid landning i grupp)
Teamspeak 64-bit (LADDA NER)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (LADDA NER)(INFO)
Missionfil: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)
Tacview: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)
6th mission in campaing Desert Gate. This time a new & extremely potent threat has emerged that has to be taken care of.

Mission is at night so night flying skills is essential. For Carrier ops CASEIII but alternates will be present.

You can sign up as Tomcat, Viggen, Hornet and Viper.

We welcome other communities to particiapate.

DATE: 07 June 2004
SUNRISE: 05:31 (over bullseye)
SUNSET: 18:37 (over bullseye)

Situation: Iran has threaten its nabouring countries with stand off strikes using SCUD missiles. Iranian president claimed to be ready to give the order unless coalition bombings stops and invite Iran to peace talks. The coalition will not accepts blackmail and luckily intel reports approximate where abouts of the SCUDS. They are also not 100% operative and supplies are shipped to the location as we speak.

Package ATO: Supress Enemy IADS in the Hormuz western archipelago. Destroy the SCUD batteries.

Weasel 1 F/A-18, Voodoo 2 F/A-18 (SEAD)
Viper 5 F-16, Panther 6 F/A-18 (CAP)
Will push from Hold Alpha at 01:55 and secure the AirSpace

Tiger 3 F-14
Fury 4 AJS 37
Will push from Hold Alpha at 02:00
Tiger will destroy the SCUD batteries located at Abu Musa Island
Fury will destroy ship convoy heading for Abu Musa.

Air force tanker Texaco (AO)
Navy tanker Arco (AO) & Shell (overhead)

AWACS E-2 Darkstar
_Snapshot_20200302200150_Aegea AO.png
_Snapshot_20200302200150_Aegea AO.png (1.3 MiB) Visad 312 gånger

Our Forces:

No major ground assets in the area except special forces.

Navy F/A-18C Hornet and F-14 Tomcat CVN stennis
Air Force F-16 Viper at Al Minhad
Air Force A-10 C at Al Minhad
Air Force KC-135 at Al Minhad AB
UAE Mirage 2000 interceptors at Al Minhad AB and Al Dahfra

Enemy Forces:

IADS network still intact west of Queshm SA-2 at Tunb, Sirri and Musa, Hawk at Lengeh and Kish and SA-10 at the shore north east of Kish Island.
High probability of mobile SAM and AAA in the AO. SA-8, SA-15 & SA-19
AAA is to be expected at hotspots around the AO and togeather with te convoy.

Garrisoned infantry with light armor support at Musa, Tunb, Sirri.

Estimated six SCUD batteries scattered across Musa Island.
Scudb.png (1.79 MiB) Visad 312 gånger
Expected Actions:
Expect the SAM network to be agressive. Their radar coverage is good so the'll be prepared. Garrisoned armor, infantry and SCUDs will try to hide and stay defensive.

Sea: Remains of the Iranian Navy detatched escorting convoys and patrolling close to land.

Expected Action:
Escorting cargo ships out to the islands.

F-5 and F-4 at Lar Airbase unknown number.
8 Mig-21 at Shiraz
6 F-14 at Kerman AB 6 is to believed active.
21 F-4 at Kerman AB
8 Mig-29 at Shiraz 7 is belived to be active.
Possible dispersed assets at civilan airports west of Queshm. Indications points at F-4 and F-5.

Expected Actions:
IRIAF has taken severe losses the last 48 hrs alltouhgt still a potent threat. Due to darkness we suspect small scale operations, pop up and escape intercepts. F-4, F-14 & MiG-29 are to be expected if any due to darkness.

Hard Deck: 10 000. Be aware of AAA, manpads and SAMs.

ROE: Ground assets according to task. Air threats Free if they are considered a threat to our operations.

Other: Night mission hold your assigned altitudes unless cleared by controller.


WX: 18000KT 9999 NSC 20 Q1013 RMK BLU=

- CVN Stennis N 24 59.887 E 056 59.718 BRC 154°M TCN 74X CVN ICLS 14

Take off order


Comms Plan
Kanalplan MA 2.png
Kanalplan MA 2.png (46.21 KiB) Visad 312 gånger

Special 1 250.0 Airfield
Special 2 265.0 Package/Darkstar
Special 3 257.0 SEAD channel

AI Tower:
Al Minhad AB
ATC: 121.8
NAV: VOR MIN 115.2

Tanker / KC-135 / 16000 ft / Texaco / Freq 266.000 / TCN:34Y
Tanker / KC135MPRS / 18000 ft / Arco / Freq 270.000 / TCN:45Y
Tanker / KC135MPRS / 10000 ft / Shell / Freq 253.000 / TCN:56Y
AWACS / Darkstar / Freq 251.000 (AI)


B/E: Alamo N 26 29.945 E 054 47.485

Targeted DMPIs: N/A

LZs: N/A

[SEAD] Aegean (6 flts)
Package Leader:

01410 [SEAD] Weasel1 2xFA-18C_hornet (Intraflight: 126.800 / TCN: 11Y)
Push 'Push Pt' 01:55:00 @ 28000 ft
TOT 'Tunb Island SA-2' 02:04:34 @ 36000 ft
TOT 'Bandar Lengeh Hawk' 02:10:43 @ 36000 ft
SEAD CAP 'SEAD ALPHA' 02:21:25 - 02:41:25 @ 28000 ft
Exit 'Exit Pt' 02:51:59 @ 28000 ft

ATO: Push from Hold Alpha togeather with Panther.
Supress enemy SAM at Tunb and Lengeh.
Establish SEAD CAP at SEAD Alpha.

01792 [SEAD] Voodoo2 2xFA-18C_hornet (Intraflight: 133.000 / TCN: 12Y)
Push 'Push Pt' 01:55:00 @ 26000 ft
TOT 'Abu Musa SA-2' 02:06:03 @ 34000 ft
TOT 'Sirri Island SA-2' 02:11:34 @ 34000 ft
SEAD CAP 'SEAD BRAVO' 02:17:16 - 02:37:16 @ 26000 ft
Exit 'Exit Pt' 02:54:28 @ 26000 ft

ATO: Push from Hold Alpha togeather with Viper.
Supress enemy SAM at Musa and Sirri.
Establish SEAD CAP at SEAD Bravo.

07171 [AI] Tiger3 2xF-14B (Intraflight: 134.400 / TCN: 13Y)
Push 'HOLD ALPHA' 02:00:00 @ 20000 ft
TOT 'Abu Musa Island' 02:11:03 @ 20000 ft
Exit 'Exit Pt' 02:55:31 @ 20000 ft

ATO: Push from Hold Alpha.
Search and Destroy Iranian SCUD batteries on Musa Island.
TigerScud.png (96.17 KiB) Visad 312 gånger
07982 [AI] Fury4 4xAJS37 (Intraflight: 134.600 / TCN: 14Y)
Push 'Push Pt' 02:00:00 @ 14000 ft
TOT 'Standoff/Nav Fix' 02:10:49 @ 14000 ft
TOT 'Target Area' 02:15:48 @ 14000 ft
Exit 'Exit Pt' 02:26:30 @ 14000 ft

ATO: Push from Hold Alpha.
Destroy expected convoy heading for Musa Island. Use stand off Weapons.
_Snapshot_20200302200015_Fury Tgt.png
_Snapshot_20200302200015_Fury Tgt.png (538.16 KiB) Visad 312 gånger
07766 [CAP] Viper5 2xF-16C_50 (Intraflight: 121.400 / TCN: 15Y)
Push 'Push Pt' 01:55:00 @ 24000 ft
CAP 'CAP ALPHA' 02:18:56 - 02:38:56 @ 32000 ft
Exit 'Exit Pt' 02:49:16 @ 24000 ft

ATO: Push From Hold Alpha togeather with Voodoo.
Sweep throught Musa and Sirri Islands
Establish CAP at CAP Alpha.

07525 [CAP] Panther6 2xFA-18C_hornet (Intraflight: 129.000 / TCN: 16Y)
Push 'Push Pt' 01:55:00 @ 22000 ft
CAP 'CAP BRAVO' 02:21:20 - 02:41:20 @ 30000 ft
Exit 'Exit Pt' 02:52:18 @ 22000 ft

ATO: Push From Hold Alpha togeather with Weasel.
Sweep throught Tunb and Lengeh.
Establish CAP at CAP Alpha.

To get your hands dirty and make your kneeboard. Use cf file attached Below.
(1.38 MiB) Nerladdad 11 gånger


Weasel 1 F/A-18 SEAD
1 Bankler
2 Mango

Voodoo 2 F/A-18 SEAD
1 Vingen
2 Splash

Tiger 3 F-14 BOMBCAT
1 Pilot: Jedi RIO: Översten
2 Pilot: RIO:

Fury 4 AJS-37 AntiShip
1 Qvintus
2 Vulture

Viper 5 F/A-18 CAP
1 Justin Case
2 Bejo

Panther 6 F/A-18 CAP
1 Mauen
2 JackFlash


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Re: Desert Gate 06-Operation Aegea

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F/A-18 Slots fylld. Öppnar för fler slots vid behov alternativt att Viper blir en Hornet flight.
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