THT 20/2 Operation Anvil 3

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THT 20/2 Operation Anvil 3

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Starttid / (Sluttid)
200220-1930 (-2200)
Sista tid anmälan.
Typ av verksamhet:
Version + Moduler:
DCS 2.5.5
-AJS37, F-14, F-16, F/A-18, L39 (Minst två per modul för att inkluderas i uppdraget)
-Kunna ditt plan och aktuella system
Teamspeak 64-bit (LADDA NER)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (LADDA NER)(INFO)
Missionfil: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)
Tacview: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)
Operation Anvil Star mission 3

Following the successful strike by NATO air toward Abkhazian coastal defenses USMC units have carried out an amphibious assault and established a bridgehead in the Sukhumi-Babushara area. This has halted the Abkhazian offensive into Georgia as they have turned their attention to defending their rear.
Abchazian air power has been largely degraded, with remaining assets evacuated to captured airfield in the east. Long-range SAM threats in the Sukhumi-Ochamchira region has been neutralized. The Russians have so far not involved themselves directly into hostilities but are expected to respond to the insertion of NATO ground forces into Abchazia.

The ground push toward Ochamchira by USMC units have been temporarily halted after they ran into a REDFOR defensive line NW of Ochamchira. The REDFOR line needs to be dislodged before it is properly fortified. Due to lack of available artillery an air strike will be conducted before another ground push. Tactical targets aimed at degrading REDFOR command and supply have also been identified.
NATO has declared a no-fly-zone for any non-allied aircraft around the AO, encompassing all areas within 50 nm of Bullseye. Any Russian aircraft within this zone is considered hostile. NATO medium-long range SAM systems have not yet been brought ashore.

Strike objectives:
1. Maintain air superiority over the AO
2. Attack REDFOR defensive line (Target Alpha) northwest of Ochamchira (Phase 1)
3. 4. Attack REDFOR staging area(primary) in Ochamchira and Main Supply Route(secondary) from Zugdidi to Ochamchira (phase 2)

Time and weather:
* September 26 - 2010
* 1600 local time
* Partially Cloudy (Cloudbase at ca 5000 ft)
* CASE 1 conditions

Tasking overview:
SABRE1 (Two/Four-ship F-14) CAP
RAPTOR2 (Two/Four-ship F/A18C) Attack enemy defensive lines northwest of Ochamchira(WP3) and provide back-up CAP.
DAGGER3 (Two/Four-ship AJS37 Viggen) Attack enemy supply staging area in east Ochamchira(WP3); Attack bridges located near Achigvara

HAMMER (Two/Four-ship GAF L39C) Interdiction on convoys along MSR.
BADGER (Two/Four-ship F16) Strike on command post and munitions depot in Ochamchira and provide back-up CAP

Detailed tasking:
Sabre - TO and push from WP1 at assigned time slots. Push from WP 1 at push time. Maintain CAP over the AO for the duration of the strike if possible or until relieved.
Raptor - TO and push from WP1 at assigned time slots. Attack defensive line at WP5, provide back-up CAP.
Dagger - TO at assigned time. Attack enemy staging area. RTB to Batumi. Rearm and attack secondary target; bridges at Achigvara
Railway bridge:

Road bridge:

Badger - TO and push from WP1 at assigned time slots. Destroy enemy command post and ammunitions depot (WP5-6). Provide back-up cap
Dagger - TO at assigned time. Attack enemy staging area.
Hammer - TO at assigned time, search and destroy convoys along the MSR east of Ochamchira.

Rules of Engagement:
Weapons free for ground units in Abchazia and air units launched from Abchazian-held airfields. Do not fire upon Russian units unless they violate the no-fly zone and/or take aggressive action toward NATO units.

Order of events overview:
1) SABRE/RAPTOR departs from Stennis, BADGER depart from Batumi, holds at WP1
2) Push from WP1, rest of package departs.
3) SABRE maintain CAP; RAPTOR attacks REDFOR defense line; Badger attacks targets in Ochamchira. Dagger takes off.
4) DAGGER attacks staging area in Ochamchira and RTB SABRE and RAPTOR maintain CAP in no-fly-zone.
5)Package RTB at 18:00 (CAP flights)

* Air threats: Third and fourth gen fighters
* Ground threats: Extensive AAA and IR SAMs around Ochamchira. Limited AAA and IR SAMs along the MSR, mainly in Gali. SA-6 sites located east of Zugdidi and near Gudauta.
* Joker: 6000 lbs
* Bingo: 3000 lbs
* QNH 29.92
AS3 Intel.pdf
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* FOCUS (AWACS) - Bankler

WP1 - NAV point, Push point for F14, F16, FA18
Bullseye - WP2 (For F14, F16 and FA18)
CAP West - WP3 for F14, F16 and FA18
CAP East - WP4 for F14(ref point FP), F16 and FA18
RAPTOR: WP5 - Target point
BADGER: WP5 - Target Alpha, WP6 - Target Bravo
DAGGER: WP1-2 Nav fix points, WP3-TGT, WP4-Batumi
Overview flights.png
Overview flights.png (1.3 MiB) Visad 449 gånger
Flight overview and comms.pdf
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Time slots:
Departure: 16:20
Push time: 16:32

Departure: 16:25
Push time: 16:37

Departure: 16:35
Push time: N/A

Departure: 16:25
Push time: 16:40

Departure: 16:45
Push time: N/A

SABRE1: 18000 at Push Point; CAP at 30000 in AO
RAPTOR2: 16000 at Push Point; CAP at 27000 in AO
BADGER 14000 at Push Point; CAP at 24000 in AO

* SABRE1: AIM-54C x 4, AIM-7 x 2, AIM-9M x 2, XT x 2
* RAPTOR2: 4x AIM-120C, 2x Sidewinder, 4X Mk83, XT
* DAGGER3: 4x BK90, XT
* BADGER4: 2x GBU-10, TGP, 4x AIM-120C,2x Sidewinder, XT

* HAMMER5: Rockets

Common Comms: (See separate AJS37 presets below)
Radio.png (15.58 KiB) Visad 449 gånger
* PACKAGE - Special 1/265
* TOWER - Special 2/250
* AWACS - Special 3/254
* AWACS AI - E/251
* ESCORT- F/270

* TEXACO - 101X - KC-135MPRS at 20.000' 253.00
* ARCO - 102X - KC-135 at 24.000' 266.00
* STENNIS - 74X (BRC Heading 018)
* Kobuleti - 67X (262.00)
* Batumi - 16X (131.00)

1-1 - Fritter/Översten
1-2 - Kola/Mauritz

2-1 - Vingen
2-2 - Bejo
2-3 - MagisterLundin
2-4 - Jaeger

3-1 - Ironsavior
3-2 - Aniron
3-3 - Vulture

4-1 Justin Case
4-2 Splash