Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

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Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av Bankler » 27 jul 2019, 13:05

Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker
10_Header.PNG (161.64 KiB) Visad 780 gånger
Starttid / (Sluttid)
190729-2000 (-2200)
Sista tid anmälan.
190729-1900 (men uppskattar anmälan så tidigt det går!)
Typ av verksamhet:
Mission - Air Interdiction / CAP / SEAD
Version + Moduler:
Open Beta, F/A-18C, F-14B, UH-1 eller Viggen
CASE 1 Recovery (för Hornet/Tomcat)
Teamspeak 64-bit (LADDA NER)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (LADDA NER)(INFO)

Package lead: Bankler

Lineup :
HAMMER 11: Bankler
HAMMER 12: Deadmeat
HAMMER 13: Mango
HAMMER 14: Vingen

HAMMER 21: Knugen
HAMMER 22: Vulture
HAMMER 23: Shiggan

(F/A-18C SEAD)
ZAP 31: Mags
ZAP 32: Kimkiller

SWEEP 41: Jackflash
SWEEP 42: Bejo

BADGER 51: Översten / Jedi
BADGER 52: Hussar

HUNTER 61: Vinci (AMVI)
HUNTER 62: Uriel (AMVI)

FENRIS 71: Magistern
FENRIS 72: Fille
FENRIS 73: Smekre
FENRIS 74: Aniron

Focus: Entropy

(CVN-74 Marshal/Airboss combined)
Stennis: Mauritz
Paddles: Mauritz

Friendly Georgian forces are now rolling in for the final push, taking back the Abkazian airports. The pro-Russian rebel enemy forces have consolidated their last troops in the area, protecting the airports in a desperate final attempt to stop the Georgian army from capturing them.

We have been tasked to soften the enemy defences around the airports enabling the Georgian ground forces roll in and capture them. The SA-10 and Russian ready-alert fighters at Sochi still provide a considerable threat. As an answer to Russian hostile acts locking patrolling aircraft up with SAM tracking radars, we have decided to make a statement by destroying their SA-10 tracking radar on Sochi.

Time and weather:
* May 11 - 2005
* 0740 local time
* Partly cloudy
* CASE 1 conditions
* FORCE QNH in area is 2992 / 1013
* Laser code: 1601

Package mission:
The package mission is to destroy as much of the enemy ground forces as possible on Sukhumi Babushara and Gudauta.

Tasking overview:
* HAMMER 1 and 2 (two/four-ships F/A-18C on AIR INTERDICTION) will attack rebel ground forces around the airports.
* ZAP 3 (two-ship F/A-18C on SEAD) will suppress or destroy the SA-10 at Sochi from the east.
* SWEEP 4 (two/four-ship F/A-18C on TARCAP) will cover the airspace in the AO.
* BADGER 5 (two-ship F-14B on TARCAP) will cover the airspace in the AO.
* HUNTER 6 (two/four-ship F/A-18C on STRIKE) will attack a bridge near Sochi, then locate/destroy enemy reinforcements.
* FENRIS 7 (two/four-ship AJS 37 on STRIKE) will attack parked vehicles on both airports.

Order of events overview:
1) Package departs from Stennis (HUNTER 6 and FENRIS 7 from Batumi)
2) SWEEP 4 and BADGER 5 establishes TARCAP
3) HAMMER 1 and HAMMER 2 hold at their respective WP2, while ZAP 3 attacks SA-10 at Sochi
4) When SA-10 suppressed, HUNTER 6 attacks Sochi bridge, then locates/destroys enemy reinforcements along Sochi-Gudauta road
5) FENRIS 7 strikes the parked vehicles at Sukhumi
6) HAMMER 1 starts attacking Sukhumi
7) FENRIS 7 strikes the parked vehicles at Gudauta, then RTB
8) HAMMER 2 starts attacking Gudauta
9) With A/G flights out of the AO, SWEEP 4 and BADGER 5 RTB
10) Package recovers on Stennis (HUNTER 6 and FENRIS 7 on Batumi)

* Bullseye: WP1 (Fenris 7 has no BE)
* Air threats: Third and fourth gen fighters and helicopters
* Ground threats: Manpads, ZSU-23 AAA
* Ready-alert fighters (MiG-21) on Sochi-Adler (34 nm NW of AO)
* SA-10 on Sochi-Adler (34 nm NW of Gudauta)
* Joker: 6000 lbs
* Bingo: 4000 lbs

* SWEEP 4: 08:00
* BADGER 5: 08:02
* ZAP 3: 08:04
* FENRIS 7: 08:05
* HAMMER 1: 08:06
* HAMMER 2: 08:08
* HUNTER 6: 08:10

* HAMMER 1 - 2: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 2, XT x 2 (double ugly), 2 x AGM-65F, 2 x Mk83 (flight lead free to adjust)
* ZAP 3: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 2, AGM-88 x 2, XT x 2 (flight lead free to adjust, minimum 2 x AGM-88/aircraft)
* SWEEP 4: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 6, XT x 2
* BADGER 5: AIM-54 x 2, AIM-7 x 3, AIM-9M x 2, XT x 2
* HUNTER 6: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 2, XT, 1 x AGM-154C, 2 x Mk20, 1 x AGM-65F, 1 x AGM-88 (flight lead free to adjust)
* FENRIS 7: AIM-9 x 2, XT, 4 x ARAK

* Weapons free on all aircraft declared hostile.
* Weapons free on all targets on the airports.
* Weapons free on enemy forces reinforcing along the Sochi-Gudauta road.
* Weapons free on naval vessels reinforcing from Sochi to Gudauta.
* FENRIS 7 weapons free on primary target.
* Do not drop bombs near the terminal buildings, to minimize collateral damage.

Common Comms: (See separate FENRIS presets below)
* Ch 1 Package: 305.00
* Ch 2 Stennis (AI, for calling lights on): 264.00 (74X, BRC 264, FB: 255)
* Ch 3 Stennis (Human airboss/marshal/etc): 265.00
* Ch 4 AI-AWACS: 256.00
* Ch 5 Backup/CAP: 254.00
* Ch 6 Stennis Backup 250.00
* Ch 14 Batumi: 260.00 (16X)
* Ch 19 Tanker: 253.00 (101X, 102X and 103X)

Flight Comms (if not using TS):
* Ch 7 HAMMER 1 AUX: 270.00
* Ch 8 HAMMER 2 AUX: 257.00
* Ch 9 ZAP 3 AUX: 255.00
* Ch 10 SWEEP 4 AUX: 262.00
* Ch 11 BADGER 5 AUX: 259.00
* Ch 12 HUNTER 6 AUX: 268.00
* Ch 13 FENRIS 7 AUX: 269.00 ("G" preset in AJS 37)

* HAMMER 1 PRI: 50 - 113Y
* HAMMER 2 PRI: 51 - 114Y
* ZAP 3 PRI: 52 - 115Y
* SWEEP 4 PRI: 53 - 116Y
* BADGER 5 PRI: 54 - 117Y
* HUNTER 6 PRI: 55 - 118Y

* ARCO - 101X - KC-130 at 15.000'
* TEXACO - 102X - KC-135MPRS at 19.000'
* SHELL - 103X - KC-130 at 12.000'

* STENNIS - 74X (BRC 264, 264.00)

* Senaki-Kolkhi (Divert Field) - 31X (261.00)
* Kutaisi (Divert Field) - 44X (263.00)
* Tblisi-Lochini (Divert Field) - 25X (267.00)
* Batumi (Divert Field) - 16X (260.00)

Detailed tasking - HAMMER 1
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - Hold (22.000’)
WP3 - ZSU-23-4
WP4 - Armor
WP5 - Truck
WP6 - Barracks
WP7 - Infantry
WP8 - Trucks (Fenris 7 TGT)

* Takeoff, check in with FOCUS, and hold at WP2 at 22.000’
* When cleared, engage targets at Sukhimi Babushara
* When winchester, RTB

Detailed tasking - HAMMER 2
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - Hold (20.000’)
WP3 - ZSU-23-4
WP4 - Parked helicopters
WP5 - Armor
WP6 - Trucks (Fenris 7 TGT)

* Takeoff, check in with FOCUS, and hold at WP2 at 20.000’
* When cleared, engage targets at Gudauta
* When winchester, RTB

Detailed tasking - ZAP 3
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - Feet dry
WP3 - Ingress (fly low)
WP4 - IP 25 nm from TGT
WP5 - TGT (SA-10)

* Takeoff, check in with FOCUS
* Follow the route
* Attack SA-10 at Sochi from the east, using the mountains as cover

Detailed tasking - SWEEP 4
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - CAP point S
WP3 - CAP point N
WP4 - Sochi-Adler (enemy airfield)

* Takeoff and establish TARCAP between WP2 and WP3
* Intercept any hostile aircraft providing a threat to the package.

Detailed tasking - BADGER 5
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - CAP point S
WP3 - CAP point N
HA - Sochi-Adler (enemy airfield)

* Takeoff and establish TARCAP between WP2 and WP3
* Intercept any hostile aircraft providing a threat to the package.

Detailed tasking - HUNTER 6
WP0 - Takeoff from Batumi
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - IP
WP3 - Target (Bridge S of Sochi)
WP4-7 - Sochi-Gudauta road

* After takeoff, hold at WP1 until ZAP 3 has destroyed SA-10
* Destroy the bridge S of Sochi (WP3), cutting the reinforcement route off
* If SA-10 is not suppressed/destroyed and ZAP 3 is winchester, you may try to engage the SA-10 yourself (attack from east provdes cover in the mountains)
* Otherwise, ignore bridge target (too risky)
* Patrol Sochi-Gudauta road and locate/destroy reinforcement convoy

Detailed tasking - FENRIS 7
WP0 - Takeoff from Batumi
WP1 - Ingress (Headland / River)
WP2 - IP (Headland)
WP3 - Target (Sukhumi)
WP4 - Ingress (Headland)
WP5 - Target (Gudauta)
WP6 - Batumi

* Follow route
* Attack trucks parked at WP3
* Attack trucks parked at WP5

* S1 Package: 305.00
* S2 Batumi: 260.00 (16X)
* S3 Stennis (Human airboss/marshal/etc): 265.00
* E AI-AWACS: 256.00
* F Backup/CAP: 254.00
* G Flight comms 269.00
* H (Guard): 243.00

Detailed tasking - FOCUS
* Guide SWEEP 4 and BADGER 5 flights on Package channel (305.00) or dedicated CAP channel 254.00 (ch 5 preset) to intercept any airborne bandits providing a threat to the package
* Guide HUNTER 6 to ground targets on Sochi-Gudata road (SPEC OPS/drone recon intel, i.e F10 map)
* Warn other flights on 305.00 if in danger
* If necessary, task HAMMER 1-2, ZAP 3, HUNTER 6 and FENRIS 7 flights on 305.00 (ch 1 preset) to intercept airborne threats

Detailed tasking - AIRBOSS
* Supervise carrier spawning and taxi.
* Spawn all Tomcats, leave them on the elevators.
* Spawn all Hornets. Aircraft spawning on the elevators remain in place. All Hornets spawning on cats taxi to the 6 pack, behind Cat 2.
* If problems arise, spawn Tomcats on backup carrier.
* Launch ONE CAT AT A TIME (5 seconds intervals) in 1, 2, 3, 4 (right to left) order.
* If we miss the takeoff time because of delays (spawning problems or whatever), try to still maintain the ~2 minute launch interval between each flight.
* On RTB: Stack flights in the overhead pattern over Stennis (lowest fuel state at 2000, then 3000, then 4000 etc) and give charlie calls to bring them down.
* If workload allows, provide paddles
10_OverviewUpdated.PNG (4.01 MiB) Visad 630 gånger
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10_Target_01.png (421.54 KiB) Visad 733 gånger
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10_HunterTgt.png (1.64 MiB) Visad 630 gånger
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Re: Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av Mauritz » 27 jul 2019, 20:17

Fel i briefen, F-14 kan inte spawna på catten vid senaste försök

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av Bankler » 27 jul 2019, 21:13

Mauritz skrev:
27 jul 2019, 20:17
Fel i briefen, F-14 kan inte spawna på catten vid senaste försök

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av Bankler » 27 jul 2019, 21:20

Pretty important. Please read it mmkay. :)

Regarding difficulty settings and such:

* F10 map is set to "MAP ONLY".
* F2 external view (own aircraft) is enabled. Feel free to take some nice screenshots and put in this thread after the event. (If you hate this, simply don't use it and please don't make a deal out of it, same goes for the labels mod file)

* SRS for comms between flights and AWACS.
* TS or SRS for flight internal comms (flight lead decides)
* Callsigns (i.e Brawler 1-1 etc) are used even around the carrier (not side numbers).

Death and respawn
* Normally, if you get shot down or crash, you are out.
* However, if you disconnect because of network problem or CTD during the early part of the mission, or if you die or get damaged before or just after takeoff (for any reason) you may respawn in the same slot and join the action (if your buddies have already dropped their firecrackers, just form up and join the recovery, don't go to the target, it'll take too much time).
* Otherwise, if you die, you MAY:
1) Join SRS in AWACS mode and follow the action on the F10 map, drinking beer.
2) Take on the tower/marshal and/or LSO role (join SRS in AWACS mode), or even AWACS if we don't already have one.
3) Respawn in an airfield-standby slot, staying out of the action, practicing field landings or so (not at the carrier).
4) Step away, spend some time with the family, and join up for the debriefing.

Carrier spawn
* Stay in the main TS channel until you're cleared to spawn (Bankler (or AWACS, or Tower) will supervise it).
* If one of the pilots has to respawn because of problems, the flight will wait for him, on the carrier. Don't launch until you're all ready to go.
* DCS carrier spawn is a nightmare, but we'll try to make it happen. Be patient.

1) Tomcats spawn and remain where they are.
2) Hornets spawn. The ones spawning on elevators remain where they are.
3) Remaining Hornets spawn. They start the engines and immediately taxi to the six-pack behind cat 2 and finish their cockpit setups there.

* After the mission. We'll debrief in TS. If you can't or don't want stay for that, please at least let us know (PM Bankler in Discord).

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av Mauritz » 27 jul 2019, 22:15

  • Spawning is organized on TeamSpeak. Stay in the channel until you're spawned & cleared to switch to your flights channel.
  • You do not have to call for engine start, you are cleared immediate.
  • Do not check-in on Button 3, use Button 6 for inter-flight deck comms or your Flight's channel
  • Do not touch your wings! If you use auto-start, DON'T!
  • If you've spawned on the elevators, you'll be there until you call for taxi to the CAT
  • If you're on a catapult, and not one of the last in the spawn-order, start one engine immediately and call for taxi on Button 3. You'll likely be directed to the sixpac. See Taxi instructions below.
  • If you're on a catapult and briefed to start first, call-in on Button 3 when ready for hookup. DO NOT forget to remove the wheel chocks

  • Call-in on Button 3 when you are ready to Taxi. There is no buddy system, you call in for yourself.
    Call should be structured like so: BOSS --> Modex/Callsign --> Position --> Intention --> Request (if applicable) You'll then be instructed with a Destination and Remarks (if any), acknowledge with Readback.
    e.g. "BOSS, Tophat 408 on elevator3, launching at 52, ready for taxi, request Covey with 402" (402 should then be next on the channel to call for taxi)
  • If you are on a CAT at spawn and need to taxi away; state that you're intending to park.
  • Parking on the Sixpac starts just behind the Cat2 JBD, facing starboard, with the tail just outside the Cat3 Safe-shot line. Each subsequent aircraft parks on the stern side of the last. The further stern you are parking the more you should angle your nose to the right (towards the island) so there's enough space on the Street to taxi past you. (See Graphic Below)
    The deck should look something like this:
    ► Visa Spoiler

  • CASE I if good VFR. Will brief CASE III if light or clouds are low enough.
  • Covey Launch permitted if requested. (CASE I Only)
  • Once you're hooked on the shuttle, you have 30 seconds to GET. OFF. MY. BOAT. (You're holding up the steam to my espresso machine, and Daddy needs his espresso or he'll get cranky)
  • Perform a Clearance Turn when you come off the Cat
  • Stay at 500ft
  • Maintain 300kts IAS
  • Stay on BRC heading until your read 7nm to Father (i.e. TACAN). Now you're outside of my Carrier Control Zone, and you are not welcomed back until you intend to land.
  • If you find yourself about to dock your nose inside another aircraft's nozzle, no homo, declare Callsign --> "BYE FELICIA", engage your burners & climb to 2500ft. You are now outside the CCZ and can proceed.
  • You're now in the Carrier Control Area, Climb on Course at MIL power, adjusting pitch to maintain 300kts IAS, until you're at your assigned block altitude for departure.
  • Now you can do whatever you want, as long as you want to do is to stay within your altitude block until you're outside of the Carrier Control Area (50nm around Mother)
  • After that I don't care what you do, go flirt with Focus, see if I give a damn. Don't fucking call me, saying you've made a mistake and want to go back to the way things were. WE'RE DONE!


  • Declare your intention to return to Mother with Focus to verify that there are no further taskings for your flight.
  • Contact Marshall on Button3 upon entering the CCA at 50nm. Declare Chicks, Position, Lowest-state, & any malfunctions (Alibis)
    e.g. Soon™
  • You'll be cleared in the stack, sent to the Tanker, or sent to holding outside the CCZ
  • When approaching mother stay either at your Block-altitude or Port-Holding altitude ("Stack") for Case I, or your assigned Holding altitude for CASE II & III.

Port-Holding ("The Stack"):
  • We will apply Zip-Lip rules when there is No Marshall or only One controller in the tower.
  • Report "See-me" on Marshall Frequency at 10nm at the earliest or when you have visual with mother.
  • If Zip-Lip you will be given an expected Charlie-time & instructed to push tower on Button 2 or Button6
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Re: Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av jonasd » 29 jul 2019, 15:39

late cancel on my part :(
cant make it tonight

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av Knugen » 29 jul 2019, 22:29

HAMMER 2-1, F-18, Air Interdiction
Vi startade som sist ut och följde planen enligt forumtråden fram till anfall. Med AGM-65 samt Mk83 fick vi bra effekt på Gudauta med flera mål utslagna. Innan vi hann återsamlas så blev jag av Focus dirigerad att angripa fientlig jakt i området, av vilka en sköt ner HAMMER 2-3. Två MIG-21 sköts ner innan HAMMER 2-1 och 2-2 samlades upp för att återvända till MOTHER.

Vad var bra?:
Planering och ledning. Både AIRBOSS och FOCUS hade stenkoll vilket verkligen höjer upplevelsen. Uppslutningen ska också berömmas, det är alltid skitkul när vi blir så här många. Sist men inte minst BANKLER som orkar lägga ner mycket tid och möda för att vi ska få ha kul tillsammans.
Vad var dåligt och hur kan vi förbättra detta?
Jag behöver slipa på mitt radiosnack kring CASE 1. Inget negativt att anmärka om gruppen eller andra grupper.
Feedback på uppdraget:
Två tummar upp

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av Bejo » 29 jul 2019, 22:53

Removed link due to very bad resolution of said pictures.

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av Översten » 29 jul 2019, 23:19

Badger 5-1, F-14B Tomcat, TARCAP
- Vi startade och gick mot vår station angels 30. Vi fick tidigt kontakter som vi flög in mot vi bröt av efter SA-10 hot, vår tvåa gick vidare men blev nedskjuten efter att han skjutit fox 3 som tog Migen. Vi åkte in och ut ur SA-10 launch zone där vi blev utjagade när den sköt mot oss. Vi tog en ny position vid Gaudata till knock it off kom.
Vad var bra?:
- Vår flight höll ihop till vi blev ensamma vilket var bra. Många mål slogs ut. Bra comms både marshall och awacs.
Vad var dåligt och hur kan vi förbättra detta?
- Hela package taktiken var bristfällig så vi fick ingen effekt i SA-10 vilket medförde flera förluster för flera flighter och begränsade CAPen mycket. Vi borde öva koordination med push time och ToT när operationerna blir så komplexa. Vi borde ha haft en Escort för SEADen.
Feedback på uppdraget:
- Inget fel på uppdraget. Tack Bankler!
"Håll spaken still så kommer helikoptern stå still"

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 10 - Rainmaker (29 juli)

Inlägg av Mags » 29 jul 2019, 23:45

ZAP 3-1, F-18, SEAD
Vi startade utan problem och följde rutten mot kusten och sedan genom bergen mot W4 och W5. Vi möttes av två MiG-21 vilket överrumplade oss lite. Vi vände och gick defensive, följda av migarna. Jag ville inte sätta oss i en A2A-situation med A2G-last som var viktig för mission och det var nog ett bra beslut till att börja med.

Men här begick jag också mitt första misstag som lead för dagen - i sättet vi gick defensive på. Vi borde ha rört oss direkt mot TARCAPen i full EBK för att ge dem en chans att intercepta migarna. Istället flög vi runt i dalarna och lyckades komma ännu längre bort från CAPen.

Migarna verkade komma närmare och jag gjorde bedömningen att de skulle hinna upp oss på grund av högre hastighet i deras A2A-konfiguration. Här begick jag misstag nummer två för dagen! Vi vände upp och sköt mot Migarna vilket visserligen gick ganska bra men resulterade i att Kimkiller blev nedskjuten av en träffad men operativ MiG-21. Misstaget var alltså att vända upp. Vi borde ha fortsatt i dalarna i EBK och rört oss mot CAPen. Migarnas engagement-avstånd i den höga hastigheten på låg höjd och kalla mål var väldigt kort och de hade nog aldrig kunnat ta ett effektivt skott i dalarna.

Hur som helst. Den överlevande MiG-21:an kraschade till slut i ett berg. Svettig av adrenalinet återupptog jag mission och rörde mig genom dalarna mot Sochi (W5). Väl framme fick jag varken nails eller spike från SA-10:an och kunde därför inte skjuta några AGM-88. Jag gjorde ett ytterligare pass men ingen låsning då heller. Såg bara early warning radars (S) på RWR:en.

Nu i efterhand tror jag att jag egentligen hade bränsle till en till passering men det kändes skakigt på grund av att ytterligare MiG-21:or hade lyft från Sochi och jag redan hade förbrukat halva min klena A2A loadout. Så då blev det RTB och mission failure, vilket omöjliggjorde andras missions vilket kändes tråkigt!

Vad var bra?:
Mission, ledning, kommunikation! Och AWACS! Kanonbra med entropy och Mauritz!

Kimkiller flög exemplariskt som rotetvåa och höll formation perfekt och agerade bra taktiskt. 5 flares av 5 möjliga!

Vad var dåligt och hur kan vi förbättra detta?
Borde kanske haft en mer konkret TOT för SEADen! Kanske även en mer robust SEAD-flight med antingen dedikerad escort eller ytterligare individer, med tanke på att SEADen var ganska viktig för uppdraget.

Jag hade ingen plan för hur vi skulle hantera eventuellt fientligt flyg vilket var dåligt. Det tar jag med mig.

Vi borde ha skjutit AMRAAMs maddog (utan lås) mot miggarna för att minimera exponeringstiden mot dem. Skyller på rostiga A2A-skills.

Feedback på uppdraget:
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We're in the pipe, five by five!

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