Georgia On My Mind 01 - Back In The Village (måndag 22 april)

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Georgia On My Mind 01 - Back In The Village (måndag 22 april)

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Georgia On My Mind 01 - Back In The Village
"White flags shot to ribbons,
The truce is black and burned,
Shellshock in the kitchen,
Tables overturned."
Back in the village - Bruce Dickinson

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Starttid / (Sluttid)
190422-1900 (-2130)
Sista tid anmälan.
Typ av verksamhet:
Mission - Carrier deployment (Inflygning, AAR, CASE 1, Bomb practice)
Version + Moduler:
Open Beta, F/A-18C, F-14B
CASE 1 Recovery, AAR
Teamspeak 64-bit (LADDA NER)



Package lead: Deadmeat

Devil 1-1: Deadmeat
Devil 1-2: Bankler
Devil 1-3: Magistern
Devil 1-4: Mango

Devil 2-1:
Devil 2-2:
Devil 2-3:
Devil 2-4:

Dog 1-1: Vingen
Dog 1-2: Angel
Dog 1-3: Granwe
Dog 1-4:


Georgia, May 1, 2005. Georgia has initiated a more intimate relationship with NATO during the recent months, allowing US Air Force base deployment and Patriot SAM sites in the country. As a reaction to these events, Russia has taken an aggressive stance, activating its southern air defense network and moving ground troops towards the border. As diplomats failed to deescalate the situation, pro-russian rebels just seized control of the major airports in Abkhazia and there has been smaller skirmishes in South-Ossetia.

The US has provided Georgia with a large number of F-5E as a force multiplier to their own crumbling fleet of fighters. They have also deployed two squadrons of USAF F-16Cs and one squadron of F-15Cs along with AWACS and aerial refuelers to support the country against its powerful neighbor.

A carrier battle group, lead by CVN-74 John C. Stennis has just arrived at the area. Marine and Navy fighter squadrons of F/A-18Cs and F-14Bs from MAG-11 and CVW-7 are enroute to deploy on the carrier starting preparation exercises in case the need to protect NATO interests in the country should arise.

Time and weather:
* 1530 local time
* Clear weather

Package mission:
Transfer from north-west Turkey to CVN-74 to join up with the rest of MAG-11 and CVW-7 for deployment supporting Georgia against the Russian hostilities. Land on Stennis. Then perform a short training sortie refreshing bomb dropping skills and any other things flight lead decides.

Tasking overview:
* DEVIL 1 and DEVIL 2 flights (four-ships F/A-18C) will transfer from Turkey to CVN-74, then perform a dumb bomb training sortie.
* DOG 1 (four-ship F-14B) will transfer from Turkey to CVN-74, then perform a dumb bomb training sortie.

* Air threats: Third and fourth gen fighters and helicopters
* Ground threats: SA-11 site North-East of Stennis
* CASE 1 conditions
* Joker: 6000 lbs
* Bingo: 4000 lbs

* DEVIL 1 and 2: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 2, XT x 3
* DOG 1: AIM-7 x 2, AIM-9M x 2, XT x2

* Do not engage unless hard-locked by enemy fighter

* Ch 1 Package: 305.00
* Ch 2 Stennis: 264.00 (74X, BRC 268)
* Ch 3 Backup: 265.00
* Ch 4 AI-AWACS 256.00
* Ch 19 Tanker: 253.00 (101X, 102X and 103X)

Detailed tasking - DEVIL 1, DEVIL 2, DOG 2:
WP0 - Start (airborne) at 1530
WP1 - Tanker point (TCN: 102X, 36000 ft)
WP2 - CVN-74
WP3 - Target range

* Refuel at WP1
* Fly to CVN-74 and recover ~1610
* Change loadout for bomb practice
* Practice race-track bombing at WP3
* Practice any other tasks the flight lead decides

Detailed tasking - OVERLORD:
* Provide AWACS support for package on Ch 1 (305.00)
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