BMS 4.33 Update 3

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BMS 4.33 Update 3

Inlägg av Giant » 29 dec 2016, 23:28 ... -Installer
Besides the various bugfixes, the changes in Update 3 are a direct consequence of feedback we got from some bigger MP sessions. Hence we hope that you find the changes adding some "comfort" or "sanity" for MP events --- and yes, we know that there is still plenty of room for improvement!

Generic Information & Known issues:

- The build number string in the Falcon UI will read "4.33.3 (x86/x64) Build 16068" after the update

- The shortcuts in the start menu and on your desktop will NOT be renamed to U3, they will still read "Falcon BMS 4.33 U1" after the update, feel free to rename them manually


- (no changes)


- (no changes)


- "Falcon BMS.cfg" config file:
* Added new option g_nTacPeriodicSaveMinutes (default 0/off), see code log for details
* Added new option g_bInitBUPfromDTC (default 0/off), see code log for details
* Added new option g_nJpegCompression (default 90), see code log for details
* Added new (experimental!) option g_bStrictFogOfWar (default 0/off), see code log for details
* Removed obsolete option g_bSkipAggregationBWCheck

- IVC Client: updated to version 1.3.6, see code log for details

- "IVC Client.ini" config file:
* Added "selfblock" option (default 0/off), see code log for details
* Removed obsolete "noblock" option, see code log for details

- UI changes:
* For the "time compression" drop down box in the mission screen, added a new entry "HALT", see code log for details
* For the flight planning/waypoint UI windows, sorted the contents of the drop-down boxes "Action", "Enroute Action", "Formation", "Role" and "Airbase" alphabetically
* Resorted the "Skill" drop-down box to have the highest skill at the top, lowest at the bottom
* Added flight callsign and role label to TE mission schedule (same as in Campaigns)

- Updated devicedefaults.txt with Thrustmaster Combined (HOTAS Warthog Throttle + Stick)

- Fixed S-60 battalion not firing

- Fixed gunLocation, gunYaw and gunPitch variables for B-52D/G, Tu-16, Tu-22 and Tu-95

- Fixed NVG issue with Mirage 2000 cockpits and nVidia drivers


- UI changes:
* The "Set by HQ" boxes in the various info windows will stay hidden now unless it's an own team unit (or editing the TE)
* The "Join" button in the squadron info window will stay hidden now unless it's an own team unit (or editing the TE)
* In the map context menu for air units, "Join" will only work for own team units
* Adjusted the map view options to have "Battalions" selected by default (was "Divisions" before, but the map showed "Battalions" anyway)
* Fixed OOB "Info" & "Find" buttons for divisions
* When backing out of the wait screen again after having committed to RAMP/TAXI/RUNWAY, the clock will be set to STOP automatically now
* For the "time compression" drop down box in the mission screen, added a new entry "HALT". This one can only be set by the server. It acts as a "force stop" entry, i.e. "HALT" will set the time to stop like the normal "Stop" entry, but at the same time forces the stop setting to all clients as well, effectively overriding any client running clock. Clients which already are in 3D will be paused as well. Once the server chooses another setting (Stop, x1, x2, ...) the normal timing functionality is resumed, i.e. clients in the UI will take precedence over any server "Stop" setting again, clients in 3D will resume (set to x1).

- IVC Client version 1.3.6:
* Removed obsolete "noblock" config option
* Fixed regular "blocking sound" playback, i.e. clients who PTT themselves will not hear the blocking sound anymore by default (as it is in real life)
* Added config option "selfblock" (default 0/off), which will allow clients who PTT while others are already talking (and hence cause a "block" for everyone) to actually hear the blocking tone themselves, i.e. make themselves aware that THEY are causing a blocking (this is not like in real life, but can be helpful for radio discipline in bigger groups)
* The "normal" blocking tone (i.e. block caused by others) does now honor all the usual radio noise/sound filtering options
* The "selfblock" blocking tone (i.e. block caused by ourselves) will not be filtered, as it is played "locally" (this helps distinguishing between "local" and "remote" blocks)
* Fixed UHF/VHF volume not being adjusted anymore when changing COM1/2/Intercom/AIvsIVCBalance from within BMS

- Added new config option g_nTacPeriodicSaveMinutes (default 0/off). If set, it specifies the time in minutes between automatic saves for tactical engagements. Works similar to the existing campaign autosave, however the save name prefix is fixed to the original TE title.

- Added new config option g_bInitBUPfromDTC (default 0/off). If set to 1/true, the Backup UHF presets will be initialized to the same values as set in the UFC DTC instead of the usual hardcoded internal values, for convenience.

- Added a new config option g_nJpegCompression (0-100, default 90) which can be used to adjust the JPG screenshot quality/compression, if desired.

- Added new (experimental!) config option g_bStrictFogOfWar (default 0/off), controlled by the server in MP, if set:
* Unit "Orders" and "ETA" information will only be available for own team/allied/friendly units, otherwise they are "Unknown"
* In the OOB list, the "Find" and "Info" buttons will only be active for own team/allied/friendly or properly identified units (or otherwise "known" units, e.g objectives are always known and located, info about battalions is always available, but find only if identified etc.)
* The "Find" button in the squadron info window will only be active for own team/allied/friendly or properly identified units
* Map icons for moving battalion objects which have NOT been identified and are not own/allied/friendly will be hidden
* In the map context menu for air units, "Recon" and "Status" will only work for own/allied/friendly or identified units
* NOTE: These features are considered "experimental" because they surely will expose flaws or false values in our current "spotted/identified" functionality both in the code and the database, so if you want to use them in MP, it is advisable to fully test the missions upfront to avoid player frustration (and feedback about glitches is welcome!)

- Screenshots will now be encoded and saved asynchronously. This should get rid of the micropauses/stutters that happened when taking screenshots (which have been abused to "evade" missiles in MP). As a side-effect, the PNG size has been reduced, and the JPG quality has been increased. Note: currently only works for 32bit color settings, 16bit will fail with an on-screen error message but BMS will continue to run.

- When firing at a radar locked friendly A/C with the gun, the target will now only respond with a "are you insane?" or similar call when you actually shoot in the correct direction and are close enough to be noticed (this fixes the "just shoot a single bullet while having a target locked to identify whether it's friendly or not" exploit)

- Fixed waypoints sometimes jumping to previous numbers when advancing them

- Fixed AI wingman sometimes running away for landing after getting an "Attack my target" command from the player

- Fixed ACM Modes were not properly reset if the locked target was destroyed

- Fixed antenna elev tick mark going out the scope at extreme values

- Fixed 1-bar scan elevation to properly point where the antenna knob tells it to

- Fixes for displays when radar is in AA mode and in EXP:
* Ghost cursor, scan pattern are now displayed correctly in the HSD
* AA cursor bullseye is now correct
* Bullseye & Steerpoint symbol are now in the correct position on the FCR

- ACM-BORE adjustments:
* TMS Up will now slave the FCR LOS to the HMCS instantly, and not after 0.5s
* Holding TMS Up will now inhibit target acquisition whether HMCS is on or not

- Fixed HSD Scan volume when radar is in AG mapping mode

- Fixed FCR AG scanning pattern when azimuth scan is less than 6 and scan is off center

- Fixed ACM Slew HUD indications to display the altitude bracket correctly in the HUD & FCR

- Fixed ACM 20*30, 10*60, and Slew to lock a target directly the first time the beam hit the target

- Fixed space-stabilized modes (ie: CRM, ACM-Slew) didn't get a proper target elevation when target pitch (yes, pitch) was too high or too low

- Fixed CMS-Left & Slap Switch dispensing as usual when in BYP

- Removed unnecessary UFC power check & UFC fault check for dispensing with CMS-Up

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Re: BMS 4.33 Update 3

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Nice hoppas FO funkar nu :)

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