19:30 - 22:30 THT Hardcore Night.

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19:30 - 22:30 THT Hardcore Night.

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Kommer att ändra briefingen så småningom. I det stora kommer det vara detsamma som nedan men det blir natt genom hela uppdraget, FP farten blir 400kts, vi kommer flyga rotevis med olika TOT. Tipps: öva low-level mörkerflygning med NVG bland berg o dalar efter HSI's FP-route!

Roland the Thompson Gunner

Starttid / (Sluttid)
20190131 19:30 (-22:30)
Sista tid anmälan.
20190130 19:30
Typ av verksamhet:
-Low level, deep night strike. Night CASE III landing ops.
Version + Moduler:
-PG (beta), FA-18C.
-Kunna, CASE III app, AAR, mata in 9 WP's i "sequence" (tar max 2min, alltså inga koordinater, alla WP's är inlagda) , TOT funktionen i F-18, låg-flyga med NVG bland berg efter HSI's FP-route.
Teamspeak 64-bit (LADDA NER)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (LADDA NER)(INFO)
-Kan gå igenom att mata in 9 WP's i "sequence" , TOT, o low-level NVG flygnings tipps i förväg.
Missionfil: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)
Tacview: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)


USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74). Strait of Hormuz. December 10, 2004.3:rd month of deployment, VFA-113.

All of us are envy of the guy's participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom. We want to be where the real action is, to help out, to contribute with our skills, be hero's. Instead, we're stuck in the Strait of Hormuz doing the usual surveillance & training shit, it's getting on our nerves, some times the Navy really suck's!
We just finished a game of poker, when "Toaster" & "Spook" our CO & XO entered & declared that our squadron is having a meeting in our VFA-113's briefing space, effective immediately!

-Gentlemen, the CO said, your squadron has been assigned a highly secretive & very important mission, a deep strike into Iran. You'll be airborne in 2h's. I want to emphasize that the authorization of this mission came from the Commander in Chief himself. The President & his stab are in direct contact with us as we speak & they'll be following this mission live from DC. You may not speak about this operation to anyone outside this room, ever! We'll take care of all the formalities later at the debrief. Good luck gentlemen!

The Ship's Intelligence Commander was next in line. -All right, here's what I can share. We & our allies have been after this high value Al-Qaeda target for some years now. He's hard to catch, many attempts have failed. He's the brain behind several terror attacks in Europe & in the Middle East. He's personally responsible for war-crimes, torture, rape & killing of civilians. As well as the numerous intelligence members of US, Coalition Forces & Allies who's been caught, tortured & killed by this man. For the past & future atrocities this man is guilty of. We own it to every victim & their families to eliminate him.
As we speak, he's in Iran on a way to a meeting.
By the stroke of luck one of our moles, recognized the target in Iran. Our mole happens to be in the entourage responsible for the target's transportation. We got this information only 3h's ago, as the mole's communications are very restricted & difficult. Therefore, the hastiness, the window of opportunity is very small. They'll be moving on a road, about 5-10 unknown vehicles. The mole will find a reason to distance himself from the column at the TOT, a good distance behind the vehicles. We'll have a 4-minute window to strike.
The mole can't be hurt under any circumstances, he's a to valuable asset & we need him in Iran for further operations. He's one of our guy's! He's taking an enormous risk with this operation. But given such a chance to eliminate the target is very unlikely to present itself again, it's worth the risks.

-Looks like we're gonna see some action tonight fella's, the XO said with a grin on his face. It's a moonless night with 2700' overcast & good visibility. 70% of the Air Wing will be airborne before us. Launching a mock-up attack sortie on Bandar & Quesam airfield's. In hope to get the Iranian's busy with them instead of us, while we sneak in low. We'll be last & first on the boat.
We'll have limited CAP only when feet-wet, feet-dry & we'll be on our own. The CSG's Prowlers, Seahawks & Ships will provide ECM & Jamming of radars & comm's. Hornets & Tomcats will do the airfields & CAP. We've been doing this once a month so the Iranians shouldn't be surprised or overreacting.
The FP has already been prepared. Let's go over the pre-brief.
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a. MISSION: Operation "Roland", Deep low-level night strike, 10 December 2004. Strike-Package "Gator" x2 F-18's, "Goose" x2 F-18's.
TIME ON DECK December 10 2004, 01:48:30Z, 05:48:30L (GMT/Zulu+4 ). All navigation times in the F-18' are in Zulu time (Z).

b. WEATHER: CVN74 230130Z 08010KT 9999 OVC027 25/20 Q29.92 NOSIG.

c. TASKING: Destroy a column of unknown vehicles between WP 13-14, on TOT: 02:30:00Z, at GS 450Kts. NOTE: DO NOT engage the single Vehicle detached behind/in front the column.

d. EXECUTION: Strike-package will be in their jets at 05:48:30L (01:48:30Z).
TOT "Gator" 02:30:00Z. TOT "Goose" 02:31:00Z. 1 minute spacing between flights.
20min is estimated for: Start-up to WP1 Push time. Including sequence WP's 15-23, input TOT. Set up Stores. Go over launch & re-join procedures (below 500'). Launch of the boat no later then 02:05:00Z. Note: CASE III dep. is not desired.

Gator will line up on cat-3/4 , Goose cat 1/2. Launch when ready, but no later then 02:05:00Z. Hold between CV74 & (Push) WP1. Adjust time to overfly WP1 at 02:08:30Z, 450kts, match the TOT HUD Indicator & continue to WP2 .When the indicator shows to left"behind" reduce power & vice versa.
Fly between 150-250 AGL, when possible, in a Trail-formation. Follow route-track as precisely as possible.
5nm before WP12 climb to 400' AGL. Execute the attack above 300' AGL, salvo with an interval of 250'.
Follow route-track to WP23 at 150-250 AGL . Bingo = 1500Ibs.
Join up with Arco & Texaco, ≈15nm North of CV-74, Angels 13 & 15).
Execute CASE III recovery.

Restrictions: Radar & Flare/Shaft using is strictly forbidden, only allowed when engaged & by enemy A2A or A2G radar. A2A on own initiative is not allowed.

FP: ETE (estimated time enroute) at 450kts from WP1- TOT WP13 =00:21:30.
ETE from WP1 to WP23 =00:37:55. Follow route-track as precisely as possible.
WP23 = "Home free" (Friendly G2A cover).

FP CONSIDERATIONS: Follow route-track as precisely as possible. The Lowest Ground to Cloud clearance is between WP 7-8 & WP 17-18, position well on track before entering them, other WP's are not a factor AGL wise.

e.ARMAMENT: 4x MK-20 Rockeye, 2x AIM-120C, 2x 9X.

f.INTEL: Threats. Iranian SA-2/6/8/, EWR, Corvettes, F-14, F-4, Mig-29.
The FP takes in consideration Iranian A2G/A2A treats & that maximum masking by terrain will be achieved. As long as flown in reasonable parameters. Chances of detection is small, considering the "mock-up" attack by the rest of the Carrier Group. If detected by A2G or A2A treat the recommendation is to follow the FP & stay as low as possible & escape on route.

g. Communication & NAV: All freq. are the same on COMM1/2.
Stennis: TACAN 69X, ICLS 1X, BRC 090.
Marshall/RedCrown/Paddles: Button 1.
Arco: 10X, 15 000', Button 3.
Texaco: 20X 14 000', Button 4.

h. Timeline:
01:48:30Z: Aviators in jets (Cold&Dark) "Mission Start".
02:05:00Z: Latest Launch time.
02:08:30Z: WP1- "Push" (-1min for "Goose")
02:30:00Z: WP13 TOT, "Gator". 02:31:00Z TOT, "Goose"
02:46:25Z: WP23 "Home free".
xx:xx:xxZ: Refuel (Estimated Fuel Remaining at Tanker ≈ 2000Ibs)
x:xx:xxZ: Land.
Estimated mission time is 01:30h.

End of briefing.

Övrigt: För att lättare interagera med HSI under låg-flygning. Bind som HOTAS:
"Left MDI PB 12" = WP increase.
"Left MDI PB 13" = WP decrease.
""Left MDI PB 8 = Scale down
Förståelse av taktiken med lågflygning, se videon 4min framåt: https://youtu.be/g1JbNZ0K0Es?t=210
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Re: 19:30 - 22:30 THT Hardcore Night.

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Nice, Vingen! Drömmer fortfarande mardrömmar om första försöket! Svårt! :) Ser fram emot revansch!

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