Kul läsning

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Kul läsning

Inlägg av zebra » 08 jan 2019, 21:04

Hej där,

För några år sedan kom jag över lite kul läsning på nätet, skrivet av en pensionerad brittisk stridspilot. Jag kan inte bekräfta källan, men en tid innan jag läste detta hade jag lärt känna en svensk pensionerad AJ37-pilot som berrättade om när de hade utbyte med britterna. Faktum var att svenskarna flög lägre och snabbare med Jaguaren (2-sits) än vad britterna själva gjorde. (enligt svenskens utsag). Hur helst, lite kul läsning följer nedan.

Historier om Viggen:

A real life story: during an exercise in the Netherlands, there was a 2 V 2 fight between two American F-15's and two JA37D's. Thanks to the superior fighter link of the Swedish aircraft, they won with 2-0.

Edit: AviationNews, oct. 2013 has an extended article about the Viggen, by Jan Jørgensen.

There is also a Jaguar Pilot cited, recalling his experience in Viggens:

Mike Rondot was a SEPECAT Jaguar pilot with the RAF’s 41(F) Squadron when he flew the Viggen on an exchange visit to F6 Wing at Karlsborg during 1984.
The unit took four Jaguars, including a T.2 trainer, to Sweden where Viggen pilots were flown in the T.2. Rondot twice experienced flights in the Swedish aircraft and got to fly it from the rear seat of an SK37 within a wider Viggen introduction and now, almost 30 years later, he still raves about the aircraft’s capability and outright performance.
Recognising that the two-seater offered limited capabilities compared to the frontline variants and finding its forward looking periscope very difficult to use, Mike nevertheless gained tremendous respect for the Viggen which, he says, “was light-years ahead of anything the RAF had”. The jet’s avionics and ease of operation were particularly impressive. He explains: “Even then they were flying with an effective intra-flight data link, so that the leader of a four-ship formation knew the fuel and weapon loads of all his aircraft. “The fuel gauge worked on percentages, with two needles, one representing fuel remaining and the other, slaved to the navigation system, fuel required to return to base. The gap between the two needles represented combat fuel, when the two needles met it was time to go home, so pilots always knew their exact fuel state.

” The Viggen received criticism during its career for its perceived ‘short legs’, since fuel capacity was limited and Swedish operational doctrine did not include inflight refuelling. Its clever gauge did much to alleviate pilot concerns over fuel, but Rondot reports that the extraordinary way in which the Swedes flew the Viggen also gave it more reach than might have been expected. “We flew at 420kts and 250ft [76m] in the Jaguar,” says Mike, “but the Swedes flew everywhere at 600kts and they routinely trained down to 10m [33ft].

The Viggen went an awfully long way in a short time because its pilots were operating at much higher speeds than the rest of us. The airspeed indicator was calibrated in km/h, but since they flew so fast, pilots used the Machmeter instead. They were limited to Mach 0.9 until a position to the north where the population thinned out and they could accelerate to 0.95. Even then, they only stopped at Mach 0.95 because of peacetime constraints.

I experienced this extraordinary flying – it was like being fired from a gun!” Mike Rondot was also impressed with the Viggen’s weapon system: “All of the weapons were forward firing, apart from the cluster bombs, which is great for a ground-attack pilot because you don’t want to overfly your target if possible!”
He was also staggered by the capabilities of the JA37’s powerful Oerlikon KCA cannon. “Flying the Jaguar or Hunter air-to-air, you began ranging for the ADEN cannon at 700 yards [640m], fired at 300 yards [274m] and broke out [pulled out of the attack] at 100 yards [91m]; you could break out later, but it was very dangerous.
Minimum break-out distance for the air defence Viggen was 1,000m [1,094 yards] and gravity drop over that range was just 1 mil – the gun fired a huge round too!”

Those destined to fly the Viggen were chosen on their aptitude for the jet and its modes of operation, so there was very little ‘wastage’ in the training system. Mike remembers the Viggen pilots as exceptional: “They could fly the Jaguar from the back seat lower and faster than I could from the front. I was no slouch, but I couldn’t fly the Jaguar at 30ft at 550kts. The two Swedes I flew were quite happy to do so. It was a very unsettling, almost surreal, experience.” And Mike’s final impression of his Viggen trips? “Mind-numbingly fast!”

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Re: Kul läsning

Inlägg av Pocket » 08 jan 2019, 22:56

Har också läst det där nånstans. Sköj!
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Re: Kul läsning

Inlägg av Goblin » 14 jan 2019, 17:52

Jodå, det var en artikel i en av försvarsmaktens interna tidningar om jag mins det hela rätt :)
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